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CFDS Episode 025: Playing With Spirits

Playing With Spirits A pretty crazy story last week's episode From Depression To Diva Episode 19 A simplified definition of Santeria Drumming, dancing and spirit possession Enter the Orishas Knock, knock, knocking at my brain's door Messages from the spirit world Shango and the sweat lodge Episode 19 My most amazing discovery...that happened today! How my skeptic son started his day today Why I'm telling you this story Episode 10 Principles to increase intuition and...

Duration: 00:22:28

CFDS 024: From Suicidal To Sensational

From Suicidal To Sensational My inspiration for this story The first time I was depressed Playing dolls house with a child psychiatrist Then I discovered theater But then along came the guy... A whirlwind relationship A powerful connection The beginning of the end The suicide attempt Is depression hereditary? What happened to Jean Would you know this about me if you met me? Talking therapy Antidepressant drugs Hypnotherapy Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) Neurolinguistic...

Duration: 00:23:18

CFDS 023 Nikki Harman: From Homelessness To Mindfulness

From Homelessness To Mindfulness Nikki's story Losing everything Packing your life away Life in a B&B Being kept out of the way So close yet so far from the beach A cottage for the winter Life at school Homeless even with a roof over your head No dad and no money Things start to get better at first A harrowing trip home from school Trying to think like an adult Back on solid ground Foraging for food A slow recovery with people to talk to Trying to do the right...

Duration: 00:39:25

CFDS Episode 022 The Body Whisperer: Adventure Was My Missing Nutrient

Hi everybody, I'm Barbara Fernandez, the Rocking Raw Chef, here with my Clean Food, Dirty Stories: one to entertain, the other to inspire. I help people stamp out stress, depression and fatigue over at, and today's title is: Adventure was my missing nutrient Fiona's story A different way to grow up Into the military A different world The perfect job in travel Import, export and video cameras Time to go travelling A pink-haired rebel going round the world How...

Duration: 00:44:06

CFDS 021: How Not To Date As A Single Mom (And Still Find Love Anyway)

Description: How Not To Date As A Single Mom (And Still Find Love Anyway) Our guest, Heather Craik Heather's story Rebuilding a business Time to start dating again Trials of Tinder Interesting people...or not really Is Tinder worth it? Enter the former lover A long distance relationship hated Trying out Bumble Kissing a black hole When you're perfectly happy on your own Being your own person Self-affirmation Along comes the right guy Being clear about what you want What...

Duration: 00:34:17