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The BBC's flagship technology programme. How digital technology affects our lives around the world. Gareth Mitchell explores the latest digital news and trends.






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Google’s Proposed New San Jose Tech Village

In San Francisco, the tech community continues to face an angry backlash for pushing out locals, artists and the elderly. Meanwhile, 50 miles south, Google plans to partner with the City of San Jose to build a tech village dubbed "The Grand Central Station of the West." Alison van Diggelen reports on a tale of tech in two cities. Robotics researchers at Johns Hopkins University have created a fixed-wing, unmanned vehicle that can autonomously operate underwater and then propel itself fast...

Duration: 00:30:14

Are You in Danger of Becoming Addicted to Television?

In a special edition, Click looks at the future of TV – specifically how content providers and marketing companies need to get the experience right, so that we keep coming back. So who is getting it right? The Facebooks and the Amazons or are the challengers already stealing our attention? And what about the role of empathy? The professionals are tuning into us and our moods as much as we are into their content. Click is joined by a panel of experts, Ida Olsen, Oisin Lunny and Fabian...

Duration: 00:33:45

Polite Robots That Make Way on the Move

Autonomous robots with “socially aware navigation,” are being road-tested by MIT researchers to keep pace with foot traffic while observing these general codes of pedestrian conduct. Click talks to one of the researchers, Michael Everett. A coffee machine with a life of its own is dispensing coffee to punters with an ethical preference. Roland Pease reports on the Edinburgh University researchers looking into bitcoin and ethical trading Brighton Digital Festival this year with has a focus on...

Duration: 00:38:55

Helping Sex-Trafficking Victims with Bitcoin

A new tool developed by Rebecca Portnoff and colleagues at University of California, Berkeley ferrets out sex-traffickers. Portnoff describes how it uses machine learning to spot common patterns in suspicious ads and then uses information from bitcoin payments to help identify who placed them. This September, the first Deep Learning Indaba - a shared space to learn, to share, and to debate the state-of-the-art in machine learning and artificial intelligence – will take place in South Africa....

Duration: 00:41:03

Blockchain technology cleaning the Niger Delta

Environmental devastation in the Niger Delta as a result of oil exploration has lasted decades, with drilling and spills seriously affecting the eco-system and livelihoods of those living in the region. An NGO believes the answer to the problem is Blockchain, the technology underpinning cryptocurrency. The pirates of today aren’t like Blackbeard or Charles Vane. Now, in the 21st century, it’s Pirates 2.0. Hackers armed with a computer, safely on land but with the potential to cause mayhem to...

Duration: 00:36:17