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Cliff Notes - Ep 9 - Joe Reynolds MTDCNC marketing UK mfg

Joe Reynolds is an experienced engineer with a specific expertise in cutting tool and machine tool management. All round cutting tool knowledge from design and manufacture to application and sales, in the boardroom or the shop floor. Marketing skills, CNC machine tool marketing, generation of sub contract machining from a range of industries including F1, aerospace, automotive and power generation. Plus genuinely a nice guy, was great to catch up and have a chat with him again. Read more...

Duration: 00:20:28

Cliff Notes Ep7 Analytics adds another dimension to UX with Luke Hay

Luke Hay, Analytics and UX Consultant with over 15 years industry experience in all forms of website management. Talks with me about his new book Researching UX - Analytics: Understanding is the Heart of Great UX . By the end of this book, you'll have a strong understanding of the important role analytics plays in the UX process. It will inspire you to take an "analytics first" approach to your UX projects. Buy the book Read more at Twitter @hayluke...

Duration: 00:28:34

Cliff Notes - Ep 6 - Getting Digital Manufacturing into production line with Physical Digital

Steve Fletcher, Business Development, Physical Digital. The big change is the use of Digital Manufacturing, collecting and using data intelligently through the manufacturing process and the products life cycle. Standardisation of systems and workflows especially within the Design, measurement and RE space. Read more at Twitter @p2dme Contact Tristan at Tweet at This episode of Cliff Notes: Ask a leader Podcast. Tristan...

Duration: 00:35:55

Cliff Notes - Ep 5 - Kewazo, building scaffolding robots for Industry 4.0

Ekaterina Grib, Business Development & Marketing at Kewazo, With a vision to develop robotic-based systems controlled by Artificial Intelligence. The pilot system will evolve from scaffolding assembly system into a frame of swarm robotics that will change not only the way of common large and medium size buildings construction Read more at Twitter @kewazoRobotics Contact Tristan at Tweet at This episode of Cliff Notes: Ask a leader...

Duration: 00:29:04

Cliff Notes - Ask a Leader : Chapter 1 : Marcus Blankenship

Marcus Blankenship, Management consultant, trainer and executive coach for software managers and leaders. He helps you hire the right people, create the right culture, and setup the right process which achieves your goals. Read more at Contact Tristan at Tweet at This episode of Cliff Notes: Ask a leader Podcast. Tristan Bailey talks to Dave Delaney about his career with 14 years in Jeld-Wen,...

Duration: 00:22:04