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Partnership Opportunities in Drug Delivery 2018: What to Expect 5 Min Podcast

The 8th Annual Partnership Opportunities in Drug Delivery (PODD) event will take place on October 18-19, 2018. PODD is designed with 3 purposes: To present a strategic level program for pharma and biotech biz development professionals with a thorough overview of the latest drug delivery technologies available along with an update on deals and opportunities.To provide drug delivery with a platform to present their technologies and get the latest insights on what the delivery and formulation...


All of Us Research Program, a Nation-wide Initiative from the NIH

Podcast guest, Elise Felicione, who is currently a Scientific Collaborator at the Scripps Translational Science Institute is playing an integral role under the direction of Dr Eric Topol on a nation-wide initiative from the NIH. The initiative is called All Of Us, a US Precision Medicine program that aims to enroll a million Americans and follow them for 10 years, during which time participants will contribute biological, environmental, and lifestyle data. One-third of participants will...


Reimagining Clinical Trials with Entrepreneur, Dr Ben Liu, CEO, Trialspark

During his graduate work, Dr Benjamine Liu observed the many bottlenecks that get in the way of clinical trials slowing the development of new treatments for patients. This challenge inspired him to launch Trialspark. Trialspark partners with doctors to create FDA compliant trial sites within their existing practices (like Airbnb), unlocking the 98% of patients and doctors not involved in trials today and democratizing access to research treatments. In this podcast discussion with Ben, we...


Blockchain Opportunities for Patient Data Donation and Clinical Research

Patients are at the center of research and their data is the foundation for clinical innovation. However, significant barriers exist that inhibit the secure and efficient sharing of patient data. In this podcast, Craig Lipset, Head of Clinical Innovation, Pfizer, Munther Barra, Head of New Clinical Paradigm, Pfizer and Aditya Kudumala, Principal, Deloitte discuss blockchain as a catalyst to significantly change how we can access and use data to improve patient lives. Where is the patient...


Mobile in Clinical Trials Podcast: 3 1/2 Minutes on What to Expect

Welcome to the 5th annual Mobile in Clinical Trials podcast. In this quick fire podcast, you will get a brief overview on what to expect. The conference takes place in Boston on Sept 24th, the day before DPharm. It is researched and produced by the Conference Forum and is chaired by: Daniel Karlin, MD Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Tufts University and Former Head of Clinical, Informatics, and Regulatory Strategy, Digital Medicine, Pfizer Inc Mobile and digital tools are the future of...


What to Expect at Rational Combinations 360° 2018 - 5 Min Overview

Rational Combinations 360° addresses business aspects, clinical advancements and scientific data in IO combination strategies. The rapid advancement in our understanding of human cancer immunity and immunotherapy combinations is nearly impossible for individual scientists to comprehend. Only together, as an engaged and interactive scientific community, can we hope to enable a patient’s immune system to eradicate cancer. Rational Combinations 360° addresses the following plenary topics over...


How to Innovate in the Drug Delivery Space

Talk given at Drug Delivery West, May 21-22, 2018 How to Innovate in the Drug Delivery Space ? What does the innovation process look like ? The barrier to the innovation process and how to overcome them ? Summary of disease space ? Good design and engineering practices ? How to salvage something that goes wrong? ? How do you find the unknown unknowns? ? Does it feel right? Uri Baruch Head of Drug Delivery, Cambridge Design Partnership


Key Trends in Drug Delivery: Expert Perspective

Opening talk at Drug Delivery West, 2018 Key Trends in Drug Delivery: Expert Perspective Randall Mrsny, PhD Professor's Chair, Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, University of Bath


How Takeda Used One or More of the Various Patient Engagement Frameworks

There are many frameworks and models that exist from various organizations on aspects of patient engagement and may be challenging to navigate through when applying to your own initiatives. In this session, Takeda will walk the audience through how they used multiple patient engagement frameworks to create an internal R&D Patient Engagement Guide tailored for their drug development teams from discovery through marketed products. The audience will learn how the guide has help build support...


How Patient Research Advocates are Driving R&D: A Patient Case Study

How Patient Research Advocates are Driving R&D: A Patient Case Study In this session, patient and research advocate, Geraldine Blavat will walk the audience through 10 steps on how patient input is integrated through the entire clinical development continuum including: Developing the Study Concept Secure Funding Preparing the Study Protocol Creating Study Procedure Implementing the Study Monitoring the Study Analyzing the Data and Interpreting Results Disseminating Study Information FDA...


Fireside Chat: Lessons Learned from a Drug Delivery Pioneer and Risk-Taker

John Patton, PhD, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman with Dance Biopharma and Ann Daugherty, PhD, Senior Manager, Drug Delivery with Genentech present the closing talk at Drug Delivery West, held May 21-22, 2018 in San Francisco. In this talk they discuss the lessons learned from drug delivery, what to be aware of in the future, and how to improve drug delivery methods.


Utilizing a Device Platform Technology across Multiple Therapeutic Categories

Panel: Utilizing a Device Platform Technology across Multiple Therapeutic Categories Most pharma and biotech companies realize the need and benefit of having a platform device technology. The challenge then becomes figuring out how to utilize the device to deliver different types of drugs for various indications such as rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, and rare diseases. Moderator: Paul Jansen Former Associate VP Sanofi and Board Member and Senior Advisor, Haselmeier Panelists: Donna French,...


Addressing R&D Challenges using Drug Delivery Technologies

The expert panel of scientific leaders from industry will discuss current formulation and delivery challenges for therapeutic areas (ophthalmology, immunology, oncology infectious disease, and neurodegenerative area disorders). Each panelist will address a specific disease area and discuss the role of drug delivery in the treatment of disease. The panel will also cover currently available delivery technologies and where improvement is needed. Moderator: Ann Daugherty, PhD Senior Manager,...


Panel: Hitting the "Reset" Button on Direct-to-CNS Delivery

The expert panel will address the scientific and business challenges and opportunities in this space. Panelists will discuss the difficult nature of providing therapies for diseases of the CNS, covering both device and chemistry-enabled technologies. They will also address questions such as: Can devices take us where chemistry has not?What advances being made in the field of chemis conjugation technologies?Why is intrathecal, intracerebroventricular and intraparenchymal delivery relevant...


Current and Emerging Drug Delivery Needs in Oncology

Drug Delivery Needs in Oncology Due to the increasing number of parenteral biologic therapies that are administered intravenously, the already high pressure on infusion capacity and healthcare resources is expected further increase. A change from intravenous to subcutaneous dosing has been shown to reduce dosing complexity and overall drug administration related costs. There is keen interest in technologies that facilitate subcutaneous administration and potentially enable drug...


Building Blocks of IO Clinical Trials - Part 2

Building Blocks of IO Clinical Trials - Part 2 In this episode of Pharma Talk Radio, we continue with Part 2 of the Building Blocks of IO Clinical Trials session led by Andy Lee, SVP and Head of Global Clinical Trial Operations and his team at Merck from the 5th annual IO360° conference. In this final part of the recorded session, we continue to address clinical trial design and operations including: Supply Chain Management and Complexities of Biologics Data Management Project Management...


Building Blocks of IO Clinical Trials - Part 1

Building Blocks of IO Clinical Trials - Part 1 In this episode of Pharma Talk Radio, we feature Andy Lee, SVP and Head of Global Clinical Trial Operations and his team at Merck who spoke at IO360° in February 2018 on the Building Blocks of IO Clinical Trials. The Merck operations team detailed a day in the life of IO trial functions, how to work collaboratively and effectively, to advance the development of IO therapeutics. This is Part 1 of a 2 Part recording. Part 1 delved into: A...


Endpoints News Industry Report on IO Collaborations and Trends

Endpoints News Industry Report on IO Collaborations and Trends In this episode of Pharma Talk Radio, John Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of Endpoints News, reviewed the build up of the immuno-oncology space over the past few years at the IO360° conference that took place February 2018. Mr Carroll discussed the impact the large amount of money and the extraordinary numbers that have been invested in the space, have had on collaborations. He also shed light on the natural limitations and...


CTTI Report - Mobile Clinical Trials Program: Recommendations on Novel Endpoints

Mobile Podcast Series #2 CTTI Findings are in from their Mobile Clinical Trials Program: Recommendations on Novel Endpoints CTTI's Mobile in Clinical Trials program was launched three years ago to propose recommendations that clarify the pathway for developing novel endpoints for use in clinical trials from data generated using mobile technology. Jennifer Goldsack shares recommendations and insights from their findings on: Developing an internal process for identifying endpointsStrategies...


How a Mobile App Can Offer Unique Value in Assessing Patient Reported Outcomes

Podcast on Mobile in Clinical Trials Series #1 How a Mobile App Can Offer Unique Value in Assessing Patient Reported Outcomes Crescendo Biosciences's CIO, Alex Bangs, reports on how a human-centered design approach was used to create MyRA, an award-winning app for patients living with RA. This podcast comes from the 2017 Mobile in Clinical Trials US event. The next Mobile in Clinical Trials conference is May 15-16 in London and then September 24 in Boston. Mobile is the annual update on...