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Drug Delivery Global Health Challenge

This discussion was presented at the inaugural Drug Delivery West conference in 2018. One of the key challenges in global health is ensuring safe and effective delivery of life saving interventions to remote and non-clinical settings. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation invests in technologies, which will help achieve this goal. Learn about an RFP they are launching to indentify new ideas for delivering lyophilized products and how you can participate. Presented by David Robinson, PhD,...


Patient Perspectives on Drug Delivery Needs Present and Future

This panel, presented at the inaugural Drug Delivery West conference in 2018, provides patient perspectives on what they want from drug delivery technologies. These case examples provide insight that every technology can benefit from and lessons learned through our patient representatives. Co-Moderators: Valerie Bowling, Patient Advocate and Executive Director, Drug Delivery West Sudeshna Dutta Ray, Senior Engineer, Advanced Device Technology and Innovation, Amgen Panelists: Cynthia...


What are the Regulatory and Ethical Concerns of Integrating Care and Research?

In this discussion, CRAACO co-chair, Katherine Vandebelt, Chief Ecosystem Officer, Reify Health, Inc, and Alison Bateman-House, PhD, MPH, MA, Assistant Professor Division of Medical Ethics, NYU Langone Health, consider what lines are being drawn in the integration of clinical care and clinical research. More specifically: Research and care or treatment are separate spheres in the regulatory and ethical worlds. What happens when they are brought together?Are there ethical barriers that need...


How Can We Work with Medical Practices to Offer Patients Clinical Trials?

In this discussion, stakeholders from medical practices, hospitals, service providers, and patient advocacy discuss how medical practices can offer clinical trials to patients. Including: Infrastructure and supportHow to establish physician championsHow to influence leadership supportContacting patients Moderated by: Jennifer Byrne, Founder, Greater Gift Initative Panelists: Judy Hung, MD, Director Trial Innovation Unit, Division of Clinical Research, Massachusetts General Hospital Jeff...


Why Are Clinical Trials Not Typically a Care Option?

Murray Abramson, MD, VP Clinical Operations, Biogen and Jeff James, CEO, Wilmington Health, discuss the blockers and enablers to making clinical research a care option. Discuss includes: What are the blockers or conflicts (laws, culture, behaviors, etc) that prevent clinical research from becoming a care option?What is the difference between a movement and an initiative - how should be think about clinical research as a care option? Benefits?What are the enablers or requirements to...


How to Move Clinical Research into Communities That Would Truly Benefit

Jonathan Jackson, PhD, Director CARE Research Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Jim Kremidas, Executive Director, Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) sit down for a frank discussion on the benefits of offering clinical research in underserved communities. Many communities, whether affected by race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic lines, are underrepresented in clinical research. How can offering these care options enhance access to other resources in a broader sense...


Lessons Learned from a Veteran Biotech and Investor MD

Chief Medical Officer Summit co-chair, Jim Roach, and prominent biotech investor, Elizabeth Stoner, sit down for a fireside chat to discuss what investors are seeking when investing in a biotech company, particularly traits of a Chief Medical Officer. Stoner shares her insights on longevity, key qualities of an effective CMO, and how her perspective as a biotech veteran and former director of clinical development across biopharma both large and small is affecting her investment decisions in...


Case Study: Preparing for the Challenges of Late Stage Trials

Mark Currie, President of R&D at Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, shares his amazing journey driving a product from establishing the foundation for the discovery of linaclotide by Ironwood scientists and leading every aspect of linaclotide's development and regulatory review. He shares his thought processes, pressure points, and lessons learned in leading the R&D team to get a product successfully to market. For more information on the Chief Medical Officer Summit and details for the 7th annual...


Should Patients Have the Right to Try?

In this podcast, Dr Alison Bateman-House, Assistant Professor, Division of Medical Ethics at NYU Langone Health, discusses the debate of compassionate use and the right to try. It dives into the implications, both positive and negative, of opening up that door.


Best Practices in Communication and PR Strategy

In this podcast, Raju Joshi, Managing Partner at Clinical Partners Group and Dr Zain Kassam, CSO at Finch Therapeutics, discuss how CMO's can more effectively communicate with CEO's, CSO's, and Clinical Operations executives in order to prove a comprehensive summary of the science and business aspects of the company. You can join us at the 7th annual Chief Medical Officer Summit happening April 4-5, 2019 in Boston. To learn more visit


Translating Patient Insight and Patient Experience Internally into Deliverables

Mary Stober Murray, Associate Director, Diversity and Patient Engagement for BMS, discusses applying quality systems framework (structure, processes, outcomes) to patient engagement initiatives to help create clinical development deliverables that meet industry goals while aligning with patients needs. Mary Stober Murry will be joining the 6th annual Patients as Partners US program on March 11-12 at the Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District Hotel in Philadelphia to lead a roundtable...


Progress and Future Outlook of Cancer Immunotherapy

In this podcast, we were joined by Mr Charles Graeber, award-winning journalist and author who recently published The Breakthrough: Immunotherapy and the Race to Cure Cancer along with Dr James Gulley, Head of the Immunotherapy Section and Director of the Medical Oncology Service at the Center for Cancer Research within the National Cancer Institute. Together Mr Graeber and Dr Gulley delved into the significance of this moment in science, what the progress has been and explore what is next...


Panel: Engaging Patients By Giving Them their Data

This podcast features a panel previously recorded at the 5th annual Patients as Partners US program on Engaging Patients By Giving Them their Data. The panel, moderated by David Leventhal, Director of Clinical Innovation for Pfizer, discussed: • What information and data do patients want during a clinical trial? • What initiatives is pharma currently doing to support this? • What impact will it have if patients have access to their data? Additional panelists included: Jenny Ahlstrom, Myeloma...


Mobile Technology in Clinical Trials: Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative

Les Jordan, Working Group Member and Cindy Geoghegan, Team Lead for CTTI, the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative, share findings from a multi-stakeholder project undertaken by the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative to better understand patient perspectives on mobile technologies in clinical trials. The survey, conducted amongst 100 patients across multiple therapeutic areas, evaluated the ways patients would be willing to use mobile technologies and the impact on their...


How GSK Implemented Pivotal End-to-End Engagement Initiatives at Different Stage

Dr Marilyn Metcalf, Head of the Center of Innovation for GSK, at the 5th annual Patients as Partners 2018 program. Dr Metcalf shares how GSK implemented pivotal end-to-end engagement initiatives at different stages of development. Dr Metcalf walked the audience through some examples of the engagement initiatives supported by: • Creation of a framework and toolkit that builds on existing infrastructure • Networks of champions and project leads • Project planning • Emerging best practices...


How to Make Patient Involvement Sustainable Throughout Medicines Development

To prevent ticking off a box and to ensure that patient involvement is systemic and sustainable, we have to move into patient-centricity 2.0. What does this mean and how is this done so we can turn the patient voice into value, impact, and benefit? This session presented at the 2nd annual Patients as Partners EU meeting, which took place January 2018 in London, demonstrates best practices from Hoffman La Roche, Melanoma Patient Network, Patient Focused Medicines Development, and European...


What Does a Truly Patient-Centered Healthcare System Look Like in 5-10 Years?

What would have to change to make a patient-centric healthcare system a reality? How can this be achieved, given the huge resistance to change built into current systems? In this session, Alastair Kent, Director of Genetic Alliance UK, addresses: New opportunities to interveneDemographic changeConstrained funding right across EuropeThe introduction of Expert Reference NetworksHow we can work through this collaboratively. This session was presented at the 2nd annual Patients as Partners...


6th Annual Patients as Partners US: What to Expect in 8 Minutes

This 8 minute podcast summarizes what you can expect at the 6th annual Patients as Partners US conference. This is the only event that truly demonstrates how to involve patients throughout the entire medicines development life cycle to drive greater efficiencies in clinical research. The conference takes place March 11-12, 2019 at the Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District, Philadelphia, PA. The program is chaired by Merck's Jan Nissen, VP, Patient Innovation and Engagement, Arthritis...


How Partnering with Medical Research Charities is Key to Medicines Development

Medical research charities in the UK have been successfully integrating patient insight into their activities for over 10 years. In this session presented at the 2nd annual Patients as Partners Europe in January 2018, Claire Nolan, Research Involvement Manager, Parkinson's UK, and Chris MacDonald, Research Involvement Manager, Arthritis Research UK, explore a shift in attitiude towards pharmaceutical and medical research charity collaboration. They share how charities have developed their...


Patients as Partners Europe 3rd Annual What to Expect in 5 Minutes

This 5 minute podcast summarizes what you can expect at the 3rd annual Patients as Partners EU conference. It is the only event in Europe that demonstrates how to involve patients throughout the entire medicines development life cycle to drive greater efficiencies in clinical research. It takes place January 28-29 at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in the Kensington area of London. The program is co-chaired by GSK's Andrew Garvey, Global Patient Advocacy Lead and Servier's Dr Lode Dewulf,...