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Michael Morris and Eddie Dease kick back in the clouds above Bespin where they discuss The Best parts of Star Wars: Gaming and Collecting! They get into conversations delving into the exciting times they have had in the past, the blast they are having at present and what they look forward to in the future of Star Wars! Fandom is shining brighter than both of the Tatooine suns.




Cloud City Casino Dragon Con Special: Interpretations of The Force

This special episode we bring you audio from the Interpretations of The Force panel at Dragon Con that Michael was on as well as Riley and Bethany Blanton

Duration: 00:30:21

Cloud City Casino Dragon Con Special: Star Wars 40th Anniversary

This special episode we bring you audio from the Star Wars 40th Anniversary panel at Dragon Con that Michael was on as well as Kevin Reitzel, Tom Hutchens, Charlotte Errity, Caitlin Plesher, and Chadwick Miller.

Duration: 01:02:31

Wish Upon A Death Star – C3 Ep. 072

Nate and Michael are back and lots have happened since the last recording (and after this recording) but we manage to get in a lot of the goings on in Star Wars gaming right now like news and releases from Fantasy Flight Games and some Battlefront II discussion as well as a non spoiler review […]

Duration: 01:23:40

Battlefront 2 Data Mine – C3 Ep. 071

Well folks its a slow news week for the most part but there were some interesting tidbits to come out about characters available in the Upcoming Battlefront II thanks to a broken NDA and some data mining! Listen and find out what Michael and Nate have to say on the matter.

Duration: 00:45:29

E3 and Battlefront II w/ William Devereux – C3 Ep. 070

Michael and Nathan are Joined by William Devereux of Ion Cannon to discuss news from E3 and all the new footage and announcements from Battlefront II.

Duration: 01:25:24

First Assault report and other gaming news – C3 Ep. 069

This Week Michael gives a report of his experiences with attempting to download and play the First Assault beta and then He and Nate discuss much of the news coming out about E3 , Battlefront II, and Fantasy Flight Games.

Duration: 01:22:26

Battlefront II Inferno Squadron and more Celebration – C3 Ep. 068

This week Michael and Nathan continue to discuss some of their experiences at Star Wars Celebration Orlando. Most of the focus of this episode is spent discussing Battlefront II but Michael and Nathan have been known to go off topic from time to time.

Post Celebration Blues – C3 Ep. 067

In this episode Michael and Nate discuss their Star Wars Celebration Orlando experiences which happen to be vastly different. Due to amount of material coming out of Celebration this is the first part of a multi-part chronicling of the events. contact us at @cloudcitycasino on Twitter and as always we would appreciate a […]

Duration: 01:23:13

Cloud City Casino Special: VR-iley

This episode we are joined by Host of The Star Wars Report, Riley Blanton. We discuss his experiences with PSVR We quickly mention some of the latest Fantasy Flight gaming news and new products

Duration: 00:54:51

Flippin’ the Switch on Nintendo – C3 Ep. 066

Topics discussed in this episode Nintendo Switch Force Arena Mobile Game Giant FAQ for X-Wing table top game PSVR now supports 3D movies Please contact us at @cloudcitycasino on Twitter and as always we would appreciate a review on itunes!

Duration: 01:45:37

Playing Catch Up – C3 Ep. 064

In this episode the boys make a run through all the latest news and products that have come out over the last month or so.

Duration: 01:48:19

Our Rogue One Debate/Reactions – C3 Ep. 063

This week Nate and Michael discuss their thoughts on Rogue One and it seems they have quite differing opinions on the film.

Duration: 01:17:44

Battlefron VR, Scarif and Remembering Carrie Fisher – C3 Ep. 063

It’s been a while since our last show but the holiday season is over and we are ready to get back in the casino and talk the two things we like best; Star Wars and Gaming! Now that Michael has the trip down to see Nate and check out the Battlefront VR mission the guys […]

Duration: 01:03:18

Cloud City Casino Special: Playstation VR

In this special episode Nate reviews the current game library for the Playstation VR

Duration: 00:42:35

Playstation VR – C3 Ep. 062

This episode we briefly discuss the new TFA Lego Star Wars expansion, No Man’s Sky, and whats happening over at Frontwire Studios. Then we dive into the new Platystation VR which both Nate and Michael have now experienced.

Duration: 01:46:00

New Ships and Rogue Friday Debates- C3 Ep. 061

Ok Scoundrels you don’t want to miss this episode as Michael and Nate breakdown the new wave of ships for the X-Wing table top. Then they discuss Rogue Friday which leads to a pretty heated debate! Is this the last time these two will podcast together? Spoiler alert: no, no it is not. None the less, […]

Duration: 01:25:31

Battlefront Death Star DLC- CCC Ep. 060

This week the boys discuss the abrupt news that Star Wars Uprising has been cancelled right before going into the main discussion of the new Battlefront Death Star DLC.

Duration: 01:34:21

Back from Dragoncon- CCC Ep. 059

After a bit of a hiatus we are back in the casino to talk some star wars gaming. Pop in and see just what we have been up to the last couple weeks.

Duration: 01:18:22

The all new News news- CCC Ep. 058

You know when you type that 3 times in a row it’s a really weird word. Three times may seem like a lot but you what, this is a jammed packed episode as Fantasy Flight dropped the bomb on us with HUGE wave announcements for X-wing, Armada, Imperial Assault, and the CCG. So listen now […]

Duration: 02:00:43

Gencon & Battlefront 3- CCC Ep. 057

Nate and Michael are back this week and they are discussing news from Gencon 2016, Frontwire Studios getting slapped with a cease and desist, The new Collectible Dice game from Fantasy Flight Games, and more! You can find us On Facebook or Twitter @cloudcitycasino

Duration: 01:23:37

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