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Ep31: Kubernetes Deep Dive, with Tony Campbell

Containers are great. But can they be even better? Simpler? Easier to use? In this episode, Tony discusses the different things system automation can do to make Kubernetes even more magical than it already is.

Duration: 00:25:27

Cloud Unfiltered Episode 30: Lax Sakalke

In this episode Lax will sit down with us to talk about what the Cisco Multicloud Suite is, why it was needed, and how it plays into other cloud initiatives such as Cisco's partnership with Google.

Duration: 00:24:52

Ep29: The State of OpenStack (and a few other things), with Ben Kepes

Ben is a longtime tech reporter for Forbes, Network World, and Information Week. He's also the author of the wildly popular Diversity Blog and he does a bit of angel investing on the side. This week he's going to talk with us about the latest tech news and trends on Cloud Unfiltered!

Duration: 00:21:59

Ep28: VPP Update from Ed Warnicke!

One of our most popular guests from his initial appearance on the show, Ed Warnicke returns to talk about what's new with VPP, what he's doing at KubeCon, what he likes about the Kubernetes community, why we should all be excited about Istio, what Spinnaker is, and whether or not serverless architectures are going to big.

Duration: 00:20:43

Episode 27: Geeking out on Cloud Storage with SwiftStack CEO Joe Arnold

In this episode we sit down with SwiftStack CEO Joe Arnold to talk about the state of cloud storage, the recent OpenStack Summit, and the technologies he thinks will change the cloud game in the next few years.

Duration: 00:23:37

Ep26: A VC Shares His Thoughts About What's Coming in Tech

Ryan Floyd is a founding partner in Storm Ventures--a Silicon Valley venture capital firm that specializes in investments with early stage technology companies. In this episode he talks about the changes he's already seen in the industry, what he sees coming, and what he looks for in a tech investment opportunity.

Duration: 00:22:35


In this episode, guests Kurt Milne and Zach Kielich explain what Cisco CloudCenter (formerly known as CliQr) does, why people love it so much, and what the roadmap for the product looks like for the future.

Duration: 00:29:46

Ep24: DevOpsDays Nashville, Kubernetes, and Navigating Digital Transformation

In this episode, we're talking to three (yes three!) of Nashville's finest: Joel Parks, Alicia Davis, and Nick Wallace, of @NashDevOps and #DevOpsDaysNashville. Joel Parks is an Account Principal at and the co-host of the "Stranger Than Friction" podcast that focuses on the conflict space in Enterprise Software Delivery and Transformation. Somehow, he still makes time for his other roles as an Amateur Radio Operator, Musician, and Audio Engineer. Find him at @joeljparks. Alicia...

Duration: 00:27:11

Ep23: Moving Legacy Apps to the Cloud, with Sinclair Schuller

In this episode, Sinclair talks about some of the challenges involved in moving applications from from a traditional IT environment to a cloud environment, explains why his company is currently focusing on Kubernetes, and shares tips for how to make the cultural change associated with new technology as painless as possible.

Duration: 00:17:04

Ep22: Stealthwatch Cloud, Equifax, and Protecting Your Personal Info, with Bryan Doerr

Bryan Doerr was formerly CTO at Saavis and CEO of Observable Networks, a company acquired by Cisco in July of 2017. In this episode, @vallard and @nikiacosta ask about the state of security how Observable Networks -- now called Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud-- helps create intelligent, actionable alerts based on identifying and observing device history, access, data flow, and more! Free Stealthwatch Cloud trials available here:...

Duration: 00:41:35

Ep22: Women in Tech, with Anne McCormick

Has anything really changed for women in tech over the past 20 years? Cisco cloud engineer Anne McCormick talks with Niki about what it was like growing up as a girl with a passion for programming, what her experiences in the workplace are like today, what she really thinks about that Google letter, and what we can all do to change things moving forward.

Duration: 00:41:40

Ep20: OpenStack, PaaS, Containers, and Culture, with Joshua McKenty

PaaS! Cloud! Entrepreneurship! So many questions, so little time! Join us as @Clouderati and industry vet Josh McKenty from Pivotal gives us an unfiltered perspective on the evolution of cloud!

Duration: 00:45:54

Ep19: Securing the Cloud with Dr. Rand Morimoto

As Internet Security Advisor to the White House in the late 90s, he helped the U.S. government avoid catastrophe with Y2K. Today, Dr. Rand Morimoto runs a technology consultancy and speaks to audiences around the world about technology, entrepreneurship, and successfully securing your data. In this week's Cloud Unfiltered, Rand applies the "psychology of cyberspace" to hacker activities, explains why Azure took off so quickly, and makes a strong case for being part of the change when it...

Duration: 00:33:15

Ep18: Cloud Security and Crytpocurrency with Chris Riviere

The best kind of cyber security is the kind that allows you to predict and avoid attacks in the first place! And that's exactly what Cisco Umbrella does. Today we talk with Chris Riviere, Consulting Systems Engineer for Cloud Security about how Umbrella (formerly OpenDNS) works and who's using it to protect their businesses. He's also got quite a bit of knowledge about cryptocurrency, so if you've got an interest in Bitcoin or Ethereum, settle in to hear what he's go to say about that.

Duration: 00:25:20

Cloud Unfiltered Episode 17 Per Werngren, Accelerator AB

Cloud Unfiltered Episode 17 Per Werngren, Accelerator AB by Cloud Unfiltered

Duration: 00:33:20

Ep16: OpenShift and Open Source with Diane Mueller-Klingspor, Mike Duarte, & Michael White

Ready to talk OpenShift? Diane and The Mikes are! In this episode they discuss the best ways to “lift and shift” legacy applications to the cloud, the new roles of developers and IT leaders in a DevOps environment, and the importance of persistence when you’re trying to change corporate culture.

Duration: 00:48:15

Ep15: Randy Bias, Juniper Networks

Want to win big (or at the very least, survive) in the digital era? Then it’s time to stop fighting cloud, choose a strategy that fits your industry, and commit to major, major change. In this episode, VP of Technology and Strategy for the Cloud Software group at Juniper Networks, Randy Bias explains why only the bold will survive in an era where every company needs to become a technology company.

Duration: 00:51:10

Ep14: OpenDaylight, Kolla, and Containers with Vikram Hosakote

In this episode, OpenStack Community member and Cisco Senior Software Engineer Vikram Hosakote explains what's going on with OpenDaylight right now, why Kubernetes is so popular, what's up with Cisco Metacloud, and the difference between what enterprises and service providers want and need in their cloud solutions.

Duration: 00:44:25

Ep13: Vector Packet Processing and with Dave Barach & Ed Warnicke

Got questions about VPP? Dave and Ed have answers. In this episode they explain what it is, how it works, why it’s such a big deal, and which technologies will leverage it in the near future.

Duration: 01:01:41

Ep12: Can Large Companies Innovate? with Stu Miniman

Analyst @Wikibon and cohost @theCUBE, Stu Miniman focuses on storage, networks, virtualization, hyperscale infrastructure & cloud w/ passion for innovation and social media. Combine knowledgeable and entertaining, and you've got a great Cloud Unfiltered Episode!

Duration: 00:38:59

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