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Club ADHD the Podcast is a show geared towards adults with ADHD.

Club ADHD the Podcast is a show geared towards adults with ADHD.
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Club ADHD the Podcast is a show geared towards adults with ADHD.






#17 Podcast

In this edition of Club ADHD the Podcast (a presentation of The Center for ADHD Awareness Canada – CADDC) we feature an interview Patrick McKenna. For those of you who don’t know Patrick is an award winning actor, director, and comedian. He starred in a number of productions including Stargate SG-1, Traders, as well as the popular TV comedy series The Red Green Show where he played Red’s somewhat goofy nephew, Harold. Patrick talks about his own ADHD as well as what he’s seen in others when...


#16 Podcast

In this edition, Russ talks about his dealings with high blood pressure and the impact it can have on ADHD medication. Heidi Bernhardt, Executive Director of CADDAC also joins us (once again) in the interview portion of the podcast as we talk about the different types of ADHD medication, the benefits of talking to your local politicians about ADHD, plus some of the ADHD based events coming up on the CADDAC calendar. It’s all happening on Club ADHD the Podcast… it’s all just a few clicks away!


#15 Podcast

In this edition, Russ talks about having to “take the bull by the horns” when it comes to an issue that was impacted by his ADHD. We also review the viability (with a little humor mixed in) of a few published “tips” when it comes to ADHD and procrastination. Remember, don’t hold off listening tomorrow when you can listen to this podcast today (and show procrastination who’s boss)!


#14 Podcast

In this edition Russ talks about clicking depression “off” plus he talks with TV personality/producer, comedian, ADHD advocate and educator, and recipient of The Order of Canada… Rick Green. Rick returns to the podcast to discuss ADHD and possible careers. It looks like we have yet another “homerun” when it comes to Club ADHD the Podcast!


# 13 Podcast

In this episode Russ talks about the holidays plus we speak with Heidi Bernhardt. Heidi is the CEO of the Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada (CADDAC). Heidi reviews the steps, a person should take, when seeking an ADHD assessment. It's information we all should know!


#12 Podcast

In this edition, Russ talks about his perfect work scenario (suited for his ADHD) plus we speak with Dr. Kenny Handelman. Dr. Kenny is a psychiatrist, in the Toronto area, who specializes in ADHD. He also is an author, a public speaker, and a an expert all dealing with ADHD PLUS Dr. Kenny has been diagnosed with adult ADHD. Our discussion covers a variety of topics including his diagnosis. It’s yet another informative edition of Club ADHD the Podcast. We hope you give it a listen as we’re...


# 11 Podcast

Check out the latest edition of Club ADHD the Podcast - In this weeks episode, Russ talks about how his ADHD hyperfocus became a distraction when it came to a recent health issue. We also have a "communications specialist" tell us ways we can help lay the groundwork when it comes to changes (for the better) for those of us with ADHD.


#6 podcast

In Club ADHD the Podcast #6, host Russ Le Blanc talks about his never-ending ADHD challenge… AKA, his garage! In the interview portion of the program, we focus on something that often accompanies ADHD… “depression” featuring a talk with John Mielke. John is a well-known radio broadcaster, in the Ottawa area, plus he’s known nationwide as a broadcasting entrepreneur. He’s also a mental health advocate. Although John doesn’t have ADHD, he’s well acquainted with clinical depression. John...


#1 Podcast

Our first podcast has been uploaded (July 11, 2017)! It's a "get to know us" edition featuring a recording of CBC Radio 1 interviewing our podcast host, Russ Le Blanc, plus The Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada's (CADDAC) CEO, Heidi Bernhart, talks about how the association came to be along with the work they do.