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How to “fake” Self Motivation, Self Discipline and Executive Function

Do you wish you could get more done? Do you want more self discipline, self motivation and more impulse control? You CAN fake Executive Function, even if you suffer from ADHD! You can easily create “external” Executive Function and finally achieve the success that you deserve. This podcast was sponsored by VideoBlocks. Start your free trial today and take your Social Media Marketing to the next level!

Duration: 00:17:23

Why your “useful” clutter is making your space “useless”.

So many people hold onto items in their home that they never use because they feel the items are “useful” and can be used “someday”. What ususally happens is that so many items are kept “just in case”, that the entire home becomes cluttered and unfunctional. Let go of your unused items that can be used “tomorrow” to make room for the home you want today. This podcast was sponsored by VideoBlocks. Try your free 7 day trial at:

Duration: 00:20:49

How to Simplify Your Life - 5 Quick Tips

Do you want to learn how to simplify your lifestyle? It’s easier tahn you think. You can have less stress, less clutter and time wasted with these 5 quick and easy tips! For more tips, visit my website at:

Duration: 00:21:03

The Secret to Organizing Kids Toy Clutter

After years of struggling with toys everywhere, I finally found the holy grail of toy organizing systems. You will NEVER have to pick up your children’s toys again…really! I want you to give this organizational system a try, if only for a week, just to see the amazing results for yourself!

Duration: 00:13:38

The Art of Getting More Done in Less Time (even with ADHD)

I have discovered a secret! It is the secret to getting more done in less time! Ok, it isn’t really a secret since every successful person ever uses this exact same method, but it does work! Why was I not doing this years ago??? With this simple trick, I now get more done, have more free time and I’ve been able to accomplish more than I ever thought possible. Give it a try today! Check out my blog CLUTTERBUG for more information

Duration: 00:13:16

What’s your House Cleaning Style?

Everyone cleans differently, so what works for someone else may not work for you! Would you rather batch clean, zone clean, one day a week clean or do a power hour cleaning a few times a week? No matter which one you choose, writing down your routine and making a schedule will keep you on track and motivated! For more clenaing tips and motivation, visit my website at

Duration: 00:09:25

How to Clean a Really Messy House

Where do you start when the amount of housework you need to do seems overwhelming? Your messy house is affecting your mood and health more than you realise! Let’s make a plan to clean it up today!

Duration: 00:16:58

Home Cleaning Tips & Motivation

Hi ClutterBugs! Todays podcast is all about where to get started whether you are drowning in lcutter or just looking for some motivation for your daily chores! I also share some quick and easy cleaning tips! You can orde rmy new book Real Life Organizing here:

Duration: 00:20:50

SAHM Motivation

Being a stay-at-home mom is hard. The hardest part? Self motivating! Set yourself up for success by organizing and planning to be the best you that you can be. Do you want to be the kind of Mom who crafts? Bakes? Goes on amazing nature adventures? A little planning and organization can make sure that you accomplish all of those goals!

Duration: 00:12:23

5 Quick Cleaning Tips

Here are 5 quick and easy cleaning tips that can help you spend time less an effort cleaning your home! Only 1 day left to claim yoru pre-order bonus:

Duration: 00:14:51

Routines, to-dos and planners…oh my!

Pre-order a copy of my new book: Despite my organized home, I’m a total disaster. I’m constantly late, always behind on my work and I forget important dates nad event all the time. I need to PLAN my life better. Tranditional planners just never worked for me. I’d forget to use them or forget where I put them. Even when I did use them, I would write my lists and goals for the day…and then cherry pick the good stuff. My new planning system is so “me”. It fits my...

Duration: 00:14:12

Give your home a HUG today!

I try and remind myself to give my home a “hug” each and everyday by taking a few minutes to clean and tidy it. An amazing thing happens when you hug your home, it always hugs you back! Having a clean home is about your own happiness, not a chore to be despised. You deserve it to have a beautiful space that brings you joy and remember, Clean is Beautiful. It isn’t about spending money or redecorating, it is about loving and respecting what you have and reminding yourself that you have...

Duration: 00:13:59

House Cleaning Wisdom

Here is a little bit of my house cleaning wisdom. Unfortunately, I had to learn how to properly keep a house clean the hard way! My best tip? If you wait until your home looks dirty to clean it, you have already waited too long. For more cleaning and organizing tips, visit my website at

Duration: 00:10:40

How to Get More Done in a Day

Here are a few of my favourite tips that I use to help me get more done and be much more productive! Being a SAHM means we have to self motivate and that can be tough to do! Give some of these tips a try and share your fav tips with me!!

Duration: 00:13:05

Clutter Busting Tip - Find the Valuable Real Estate in you Home

Want your home to stay clutter free and organized for good? There is one tip that is so important to not only getting organized but staying organized! Say goodbye to clutter on the kitchen counter and on top of dressers with this Clutter Busting Tip!!

Duration: 00:13:55

The Anti Marie Kondo Method

I’m a ClutterBug! I am living proof that you can still have a lot of “stuff” and have a clean, organized and clutter-free home! Here are my top tips to getting organized and staying that way, without having to become a minimalist! Stop the clutter dance and get organized for good!

Duration: 00:19:45

Get Inspired and Turn Trash to Treasure today!!!!

A big part of my job as a SAHM and Housewife is to make my house a home. One of my favourite ways to give my decor more meaning is to add a few DIY pieces here and there. It is those pieces that I have found in the trash and fixed up or got for a dime at a yard sale that I truly treasure the most! So get inspired and upcycle something for your home today!

Duration: 00:11:07

Be Your Own Cleaning Lady

Wouldn’t we all LOVE a weekly cleaning service? Do you ever wonder how in the heck they can get a house scrubbed so clean in just 2 hours a week? Let’s play Imagination Station today and be our own cleaning lady! Put on an apron, get your cleaning caddy and lets set a timer and start deep cleaning!!

Duration: 00:09:57

Garbage Bag Therapy - Get rid of Stress and Clutter

Garbage bag therapy is a technique I have used for many, many years to not only get myself motivated, but to keep my home clean and clutter free! Garbage can build up in unlikely places and even a little bit here and there can add up to mountains on clutter over time. Garbage clutter, especially paper, can even become invisible to us after a while. So get a bag today and go on a hunt. Look in drawers, bathrooms, the office and of course on your fridge for all of those things that are...

Duration: 00:09:37

Fun Facts about Being Canadian!

Here are a few fun facts about being Canadian, just in case you were wondering (or if Trump gets elected). Canada is a beautiful, friendly and uniquely weird place to live!

Duration: 00:10:32

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