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85. Be You | Live at Wylie HS

In our latest episode, Mackey is coming to us live with the Wylie Girls Soccer team. This episode is a special episode in that, it is from Week 26, Be You, in our Character Development Curriculum. Mackey brings the passion as he talks to the team as if he was talking to his daughter, Jane, many years from now. Mackey stresses finding your self-worth and not listening to the constant voices in your head that tell you you are not enough. Be you because who you are is enough. Coaches don't...


84. Harder Work, Greater Impact | Mackey + Colton Interview

In our latest episode, Colton and Mackey catch up after some down time after a busy season. They talk about taking time to rest, but not for long, as Mackey will soon be visiting the University of Houston to speak at a coaching clinic. If you're in the Houston area, Mackey invites you to listen to him speak March 23rd at the University of Houston. He will be speaking about treating others right and continuously pursing the idea of being your best self while making other people your...


83. Expectations Aren't Dependent on Circumstances | Todd Howey | San Antonio ISD

In our latest episode, Colton is live with Coach Todd Howey sharing his story on becoming a coach and how his program focuses more on building champions than wining championships. Coach Howey talks about how as a program, they raise expectations and don't listen to excuses. Being a coach of a school in a lower income area, Coach Howey stresses the importance of making sure that just because some of his players grew up in poverty, that should not reflect the poverty. He makes it a point in...


82. Where are you going? | Live at Vista Ridge HS

In our latest episode, Mackey is live at Vista Ridge High School. Mackey tells a story about Einstein taking a train and losing his ticket, and uses that story to beg the question, where are you going? Mackey highlights the idea that in whatever sport you focus on, in whatever game you play, you are not defined by a number. Your worth is not found in your batting average, in your RBI's, in your yards or the points you score. Your character is defined by the impact you make in other's...


79. Controlling the Uncontrollables | Cairn University Athletes Chapel

In our latest episode, Mackey is live at Cairn University's athletes chapel talking identity. The minute that you find your identity in what you do instead of who you are, you fail. You will never find success in what you do because one day, what you do will stop, and you'll have to hangup your cleats in whatever areas or whatever abilities you've been dependent on. Mackey shares the common misconception that most of us have of thinking we can control everything. We try to control things...


79. Question + Answer | Live at Mountain Valley Middle School

Our latest episode is a little different than the others. Mackey is coming to us live from Mountain Valley answering any and all questions. From the inception of his calling as a speaker and motivator to learning more about how he creates each speech for each school, Mountain Valley Middle leaves no questions out! Mackey peels back the curtain in his own life and what his sports career looked like, the difficulties he faced, and what it looked like coming back to the game after quitting...


78. Conquer Your Perspective | Colton and Mackey Live Interview

In our latest episode, Colton shares some struggles he's been dealing with this week as him and his family prepare moving houses. Colton explains how easy it can be to get wrapped up in our struggles and lose sight of the opportunities and blessings we've been given to even be in that struggle. Mackey discusses some strategies he learned from a coach up in Garland, Tx about how coach would make his players show his current events happening in the world, so they knew their struggle wasn't...


78. Overcoming the Odds | Sam Harrell | Southwestern Assemblies of God University

In our latest episode, Colton's joined by Coach Sam Harrell from Southwestern Assemblies of God University who shares his journey of having to step back from coaching for a while after being diagnosed with MS to fighting back and being able to pursue his passion of being a coach once again. On his way to a wheelchair, Coach Harrell never thought he'd have the opportunity to coach again until after a successful stem cell treatment (3rd round) turned his world upside down. Slowly gaining...


77. No Fear | Live at Georgetown High School

In our latest episode, Mackey is live with the Georgetown High School Women's Basketball team talking fear. Whatever your fear is, it begins to shape how you feel, what you think, and ultimately who you become. If there is fear inside you, on the court or off, lean into that fear because where you are going, the path you are on is greater than where fear will take you. Don't let that fear keep you from being vulnerable, from giving everything you have for the people on your left and on...


75. You Are Not Disqualified | Live at Clemens High School

In our latest episode, Mackey is live with the Clemens High School Women's Soccer team. Mackey goes on to talk about the very small success rate for New Years Resolutions and expresses the reason for it being largely unsuccessful because it is easy to transform your desires, but it is hard to transform your actions. It doesn't cost you anything to change your "want-to". Mackey applies this to the idea that we should always strive to live above the line in all aspects. There are going to...


74. 5 Life Skills | Jeff Rayburn | Lone Star High School

Colton is joined by Coach Jeff Rayburn of Lone Star High School. Coach Rayburn talks about his past and how he got into coaching, and the continuous support he had from his coaches to become better. He goes on to talk about how he runs his program and his program's mentality of: 5 Life Skills -Discipline -Physical Conditioning -Love and Respect Eachother -Love your coaches (let your coaches coach you hard) -Reacting to and handling emotion in a positive way Coach Rayburn goes on to...


73. Excellence Across the Board | Live at Prosper High School

In our latest episode, Mackey is back in the locker room at Prosper High School. Mackey shares the importance of honoring one another and ways in which we can do that in life and in the game. Mackey goes on to talk about the common habit we all have in compartmentalizing the different aspects of our life, choosing which one to truly focus on, when in reality, we should strive for greatness across the board. We must focus on the good things, not the bad. When you pursue excellence across...


72. Are You Hitting Cruise Control? | Colton and Mackey Live Interview

In our latest episode, Colton and Mackey pair up and talk about finish strong. Mackey shares a little bit about his New Years Resolution and the importance he gives to continually pushing and working towards it. Mackey also encourages coaches to be aware and diligent to not push "cruise control" in their life as seasons end. February and March can be tough months as seasons are ending, but as a coach, you have to set the standard to keep pushing and continually being a representation of...


71. Family First Mentality | Phil Danaher | Calallen ISD

In our latest episode, Colton is joined by Coach Phil Danaher, who is the most winningest coach according to Max Preps. Coach Danaher shares his mindset on family, and creating an environment with his team and his coaches where family comes first and football comes second. He expresses the importance of handling your business in practice and games, but continually making an effort to carve out time for you family.


70. You Are Responsible For You | Live at Clark High School

In the latest Coach 360 episode, Mackey is live at Clark High School talking about discipline and the continuous effort it takes to grow as an athlete and person. The future you is depending on the present you doing the right thing, right now. Your future you needs the present you to have discipline to do what you don't want to do today. Are you willing to take the right action today for your future tomorrow? If you aren't then it's no one else's fault if you aren't willing to take the...


69. The Servant Coach Methodology | Colton and Mackey Live Interview

In our latest episode, Colton catches Mackey right before he hops a plane to speak with some teams in Chicago. They discuss the servant leader mentality and methodology and how that effects both your success and your team's success. It's important to help others up, and the idea of "it's lonely at the top" doesn't have to be lonely at the top as long as you're not stepping over other people to get there but rather get there through the helping others up first and in turn, letting them...


68. "We" Success Mentality | Mark Balser | Morton Ranch High School

In our latest episode, Colton pairs up with our first wrestling coach, Coach Mark Balser. Coach Balser talks about how he has changed as a coach over the years, focusing more on the relationships he has with his players, rather than winning alone. He also talks about his approach to coaching, which centers on the idea of both discipline and fun, creating an atmosphere that encourages learning and becoming the best person you can be. Social Media Handles: @2wordstv @FullCurlColton


67. The Way You Think So You Will Be | LD Bell High School

In our latest episode, Mackey is live with the LD Bell Football team talking preparation. Mackey asks the question, "are you prepared to be successful?" Talk is cheap. It doesn't matter what you say, it matters what you do. Mackey highlights the importance of motivation and understanding where your motivation lies. Success doesn't merely built on motivation, but it is using that motivation to create discipline in yourself, which will lead to fruitful actions. Social Media...


66. Invest in Your Name | Colton and Mackey Live Interview

Colton and Mackey catch us up on what's happening in the 2W world as they're traveling to 12 different schools in the San Antonio area. Mackey digs a little deeper this week as he talks about creating a legacy and the way he was able to change the course of his family name through hard work and sacrifice. Most students and athletes don't think about the fact that they have been given their family name to invest in and improve. Social Media Handles: @mackeyspeaks @fullcurlcolton @2wordstv


65. Serve Without Recognition | Larry Hill | Smithson Valley High School

Colton is joined by Coach Larry Hill from Smithson Valley High School. Coach Hill shares a little bit about how they view rivals, or lack thereof. He also peels back the curtain on the service him and his team does for the community and the reason behind it. Service is crucial in developing players, but as a coach, you have to instill the reason behind doing it and do it without personal recognition.


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