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We interview business leaders, sports leaders on positive coaching, and podcast business tips and SEO tips.

We interview business leaders, sports leaders on positive coaching, and podcast business tips and SEO tips.
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We interview business leaders, sports leaders on positive coaching, and podcast business tips and SEO tips.








Building Leaders Through Culture With Coach Mo

Join Coach Scott Morrison as he explains a thru z how he installed his culture proposition in through his organization in order to build leaders and a successful team.

Duration: 01:01:07

Kaepernick, NFL and Publicity

Kaepernick, NFL and Publicity by Tim O'Keefe

Duration: 01:24:02

What is Bitcoin?

I have followed Chris Tomosulo since the late 90s. He was affectionally branded as Dr. Sulo and published which is why I met him. He is such a master of persuasion that he was modeled and featured in a seminar documented on tape and DVD by master NLP practitioner Jonathan Altfeld (who also shared his applied NLP to football coaching here on SoundCloud.) Chris has always been interested in investment opportunities and like persuasion, he has created an archive on...

Duration: 00:44:56

Nick Holt on Coaching

Nick Holt on Coaching by Tim O'Keefe

Duration: 00:32:33

ECC Gifford Lindheim Shares the Secrets to His Football Coaching Success

ECC Gifford Lindheim Gifford Lindheim Phone Number: 310-660-3593 Email: Coach interviewed after San Berdu game. Key takeaways from the interview: -22 years as a coach -Coaches philosophy for success. -Kids need to know you respect them and believe in them. A personal relationship with players. -Its a people business. -"Im always busy, but never too...

Duration: 00:19:14

How Mark Parrish is Dominating Social Media

MARK PARRISH Realtor c: +1.612.385.5920 e: Big or small, Mark sells them all. He treats every client with the same level of service regardless of price throughout the Twin Cities. When you work with Mark, you get Mark. You are not pawned off to an assistant or another team member. Mark opens up on his very unique online persona. How he leverages social media in unique ways to dominate his local marketplace. Mark is a leading authority on the Twin Cities Housing...

Duration: 00:31:18

Kenrick Cleveland A Secret to Motivating Your Players

Kenrick Cleveland The power of a coaches influence and how it can lift up or destroy Coaching for life vs coaching for a practice or game A simple technique to get into the heads of your players. Learn the same technique that took an S&L to a Billion dollar bank. The 3 question system that takes about a minute that will reveal to you, your player's most important internal values that will motivate them for their own reasons. Why this will enhance their playing experience. Why my or your...

Duration: 00:57:12

Deconstructing Eduardo Nuno: 8 X National Champ Offensive Line Coach

The offensive line is usually the most odd and intelligent group on a football team. A good o line loves to be called blue collar. Join me with Eduardo Nuno as discusses how to build an offensive line for a national championship team. 8 x National Championship offensive line coach at San Francisco City College. Coach Ed is an amazing study. He grew up in Tijuana and crossed the border to attend high school and play football in the San Diego area. Going back after school. Amazing fortitude....

Duration: 00:43:16

College Athletic Scholarships with Coach Mike Dunlevy

College Athlete Scholarships with Coach Mike Dunlevy (434) 251-7229 Do you have a young athlete and think that they might be special enough that they could get their college paid for through an athletic scholarship? WEll then listen in as Coach explains how to make it happen. Parents need to listen to this so they can properly guide your young athlete on important life choices. He can help you with : When to start the process. What is one of biggest mistake athletes...

Duration: 00:33:50

SEO Metrics SEO Shorts #9

SEO Metrics SEO Shorts #9 by Tim O'Keefe

Duration: 00:09:42

What Is a NAP? What is a Citation? SEO Shorts #8

NAP stands for Name, Address, Phone Number. NAP is critical for businesses wishing to rank well in the local organic search results, because search engines like Google take the data into account when determining which companies to show for geo-targeted searches. Citations For Local SEO. ... A citation is an online reference to your business's name, address and phone number (NAP). With or without a link. Like links to your website, Google uses them when evaluating the online authority of...

Duration: 00:08:11

Coach Tim With Joseph Riggio Metaphor

In this episode we explore myth. Stories. And how the story we live in as a coach effects the lives of our players. We as coaches get the unique responsibility to stamp values onto our players souls. Are we stamping self serving crap? Or a legacy? Dr. Joseph Riggio challenges us in his unique way to be better, to admit our flaws, and lead. Some gems from the interview: Represent to your players the man I hope I can be for them rather than worry I am saying the right things all the time....

Duration: 00:45:19

Social Seo-SEO Shorts 7

So often we get lost in our digital boxes of activity. When we often can magnify our efforts. Social is SEO is Reputation. is Social. Much of my discussion seems social. But the activity and multiple platforms helps to magnify your brand in Google's eyes. Thus branding and feeding your social and 2.0 platforms off main site is important. What does the biggest brand in the world do? You should try and mimic what they do. I know I know. They have tons of man power to put out all that...

Duration: 00:15:59

Linking to Rank in Google- SEO Shorts

Linking is still more important than ever for SEO and ranking within Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. Find out the who what when where of why of linking.

Duration: 00:13:57

Coach Tim OKeefe with Bobby Hosea Father of Safe Tackling Movement

Tim put's his coaching hat back on and interviews retired actor and father of safe tackling Bobby Hosea. Why would a successful actor quit to take on the NFL and the old ways of football? How a larger purpose can move mountains.

Duration: 01:20:30

Marketing Revolution in Politics

Bruce I Newman and I discuss the last few elections as well as this one and how knowing what the candidates know to get votes, can get your business votes.

Duration: 00:35:02

Are You Telling Your Brands Story or a Social Media Spammer? Tim - Okeefe - Call - 310 - 533 - 9145

I found this by accident and despite it being somewhat out of date with quips like Google Place is not part of Plus yet. The main point of being your audiences trusted source through curation socially is what will add to our social equity. And thus more business.

Duration: 00:14:21