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#13 - Wholeperson: Team & Organization

In this episode, Michael and Zach discuss the team and organization from a wholeperson view and how teams and organizational policies and programs influence the level of support an individual feels in haveing a wholeperson centered employee experience.


#12 - Wholeperson Individual

In this episode, Michael and Zach discuss models used to coach the whole person. Being aware of outside factors that influence the behavior of those you coach is important to understand as it will influence the coaching conversation, goal setting, and accountability.


#11 Sam Bracken - Living with Guts

In this episode, Michael and Zach interview Sam Bracken, author of Living with Guts, Unwind, and My Orange Duffel Bag. Sam shares his expertise on the importance of understanding the mindset of your coaching clients.


#10 - Mindset: Team Impact Questions

In this episode, Michael and Zach revisit Team Mindset and what you can do as a coach to ask powerful questions about how a team is function in order to understand what they are doing well and what they can improve on.


#9 - Mindset Individual Impact Quesitons

In this episode, Michael and Zach revisit Individual mindset and what you can do as a coach to ask powerful questions about mindset.


#8 - Mindset Organization

Continuing the theme of mindset, Michael and Zach explore how the Organizational Mindset influences how a business conducts its day-to-day business. The behavior of employees and leadership directly reflects the mindset of an organization in accomplishing their goals. As a coach it is important to understand how the organizational mindset will affect the coaching process and how it can be used as a strength.


#7 - Mindset Team

Coaching talks about mindset. Your mindset influences how you see the world, the choices you make, the behavior you exhibit, and the results you get. This expands to your team and it's ability to accomplish their work an achieve their short term and long-term goals. Teams with a positive mindset achive more than teams who don't understand their mindset. Tune-in to this episode to learn more about how to identify your team mindest and how it is impacting your success.


#6 - Mindset Individual

All coaching talks about mindset. Your mindset influences how you see the world, the choices you make, the behavior you exhibit, and the results you get. Michael and Zach discuss how coaching can help people recognize what mindsets they are using and how to help clients shift, enhance, or change mindsets.


#5 - Columbia Coaching Conference

What is the Future of Coaching? The coaching industry is constantly evolving. In this episode Zach and Michael reflect on attending the Second Columbia Coaching Conference and what they learned from the keynote speakers. The future of coaching involves neuroscience, leveraging technology, artificial intelligence, the balance between coaching and consulting, and many other trends. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or on our website and share what you think of...


#4 Our Coaching Journey

On today’s episode, Michael and Zach take some time to share their coaching journey’s. Michaels journey started at PriceWaterhouseCoopers where he became an expert on executive development and used the GROW model to coach and teach others to coach. Michael received training from the University of Maryland and Columbia University. He is now a leadership, business execution trainer at FranklinCovey, and coach’s executive all over the globe at Fortune 500 companies. Zach began his coaching...


#3 - Do I Need Coaching

When does coaching need to be sought out? When an individual is facing their most pressing challenges there are indicators that a coach is the optimal resource to engage for a solution. Learn what those indicators are. As a coach, how do you judge if someone really needs a coach? In this episode, Michael and Zach will talk about coaching tools they use to measure if someone is ready for coaching and needs a coach rather than a consultant or mentor.


#2 Coaching In Support Of L&D

How does Coaching support Learning and Development? Coaching is growing in popularity as a skill for managers and leaders to develop. In this episode we exam in what ways a coaching strategy, culture, and skills can impact an organization and have a positive effective on employee morale and engagement. Leaders and managers who develop coaching skills are more successful. Coaching can affects performance by 26%. Learn what mindset you need to have if you want to integrate coaching as part...


#1 - What Is Coaching?

This is the launch of the Coaching for Podcast. For our very first episode we tackle a big question. What is Coaching? There are so many definitions, explanations, types, methodologies, and opinions of coaching. We are going to talk about what makes Coaching unique and different from consulting, mentoring, and counseling. What type of coaching is right for you? This episode will help answer many of the questions you have about coaching and what coaching Michael and Zach focus on. We are...


Trailer Episode

This is the the Trailer for the upcoming Coaching for Podcast. We are excited to launch this podcast in the upcoming weeks.


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