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Episodes #1207 - Thanks / No Thanks 2017

This week, our First Drop segment gives you an opportunity to purchase amazing rides for your own backyard! Then, our new "Quick Hits" segment takes a look at the biggest news stories in the industry... including an update to the classic Skycoaster, beautiful ride vehicles for "Time Traveller" and a new dark ride concept from Dynamic Attractions! EB and Mike unveil a new Patreon Goal and talk about how it could lead to innovative daily content from In our "Park Hopper"...

Duration: 01:02:08 #1206 - The Past, The Presidents and the Future

This week, our First Drop segment tackles a very weird rumor about how Busch Gardens Williamsburg might be closing "Curse of DarKastle." WHAT?!?!? Then, our new "Quick Hits" segment takes a look at the biggest news stories in the industry... including a new coaster at Darien Lake, a "stunning" fight at a Halloween event, Pixar Pier and new webcams at Knotts. EB and Mike unveil a new Patreon Goal and talk about how it could lead to innovative daily content from The guys...

Duration: 00:57:56 - The "BLT Suite"

This week, our First Drop segment starts off with a story about how Universal Orlando has bought a huge chunk of land across I-4. What on earth do they have planned? Then, our new "Quick Hits" segment takes a look at the biggest news stories in the industry... including a new Disneyland Hotel, a big Kennywood rumor and the return of a famous coaster style! Our Park Hopper segment takes a look at Adventureland in Altoona, Iowa! This park has some unique rides and some old...

Duration: 01:00:30


This week, we start off with a First Drop segment about pricing at the theme parks. Some people in England are "outraged" that a 12-year-old has to pay the same price as an adult. Where do you stand? Then, our new "Quick Hits" segment takes a look at the biggest news stories in the industry... including the new Hunger Games land in Dubai, some big changes at Cedar Point, a new destination in Star Tours and a weird canine policy at select Disney hotels. Then, we'll let you know what...

Duration: 01:12:04 #1203 - Live from Busch Gardens Williamsburg

This week, we're podcasting from the Fall Listener Meet-Up at Busch Gardens Williamsburg! The entire meet-up crowd takes over "Grogan's Pub" in Ireland and settles in for one of the best episodes of the season. We'll tell you all about the many perks of the meet-up including behind-the-scenes tours of Griffon and "Frostbite." Plus, we'll let you know how the crowd did with early-morning ERT on the park's newest roller coaster InvadR! We'll also have reviews of all of...

Duration: 00:49:42 #1202 - Quick Hits and Theme Park Smarts

We kick things off with a First Drop story about the amazing rise of Cell Phones in the parks and how they affect guests' mood and actions. Then, it's time for "Quick Hits," where we talk about some of the most interesting stories in the amusement industry. After a quick look at the upcoming Busch Gardens Listener Meet-Up, we bring back "Park Hopper" and take a look at Magic Springs and Crystal Falls in Arkansas. Next, Mike tells everyone about his trip to Knoebels and Phoenix Phall...

Duration: 01:19:23 #1201 - Season 12 Premiere!

More is BACK for it's 12th Season! We kick off the show by giving you an update on what we did during the five-week break. Then, in a brand new segment, we take a look at the biggest news stories of the week - rapid fire! We also take a look at all of the new attractions Announced by Six Flags for 2018! Plus, we have details on the upcoming Listener Meet-Up at Busch Gardens Williamsburg! Thanks for making this season of the show one of the best yet!

Duration: 01:17:46 #1144 - Season 11 Finale with Live Calls!

We've reached the end of summer and the end of another season of To celebrate, we're looking back at the last 44 episodes of Season 11 and taking your LIVE, unscreened calls! Thanks for making this season of the show one of the best yet!

Duration: 01:29:34 #1143 - Big Announcements for 2018!

August 16th is National Roller Coaster Day! To celebrate, some of the parks got together and made some major announcements for 2018. On this week's episode of the show, we talk about FIVE gigantic announcements that will make a huge impact on the 2018 theme park season!

Duration: 01:01:58 #1142 - Tales from the Great Movie Ride

The Great Movie Ride at Disney Hollywood Studios is closing down this week. The ride has been in operation since 1989 and has seen millions of vistors. The ride has also been the home to hundreds of cast members and each of them has stories to tell. This week, we talk with Justin Stone from the WDW Tales podcast. He was a cast member at the Great Movie Ride from 1997-2002 and has some fantastic behind-the-scenes stories about the ride. He'll also join us as we bring back one of our...

Duration: 01:14:55 #1141 - Inside the Haunted Mine Drop

This week, hear the story of EB's visit to Glenwood Caverns to experience the grand opening of their new attraction, The Haunted Mine Drop! EB tells us all about the park, the surrounding area attractions and ultimately, what it was like to experience this new ride! He also has interviews with park owner Steve Beckley and ride designer Stan Checketts.

Duration: 01:28:38 #1140 - Live Trip Report Show

This week, we have Live Trip Reports from all over the world! Our listeners take us on a tour of some of the best parks with the best attractions!

Duration: 00:32:55 #1139 - Weird Theme Park Mom

Disney has announced A TON of new attractions coming to its parks over the next few years. We'll give you the whole rundown. We'll also talk about some interesting news out of Six Flags Over Georgia and Busch Gardens Williamsburg. After a Live Trip Report from the new Ghostbusters VR Experience, we'll talk with Liz Alterman who wrote a great article for the New York Times - "How I Became That Weird Theme Park Mom."

Duration: 00:44:18 #1138 - Information Overload

It's a jam-packed show (full of news stories!) We'll kick things off with rumors about a new "Star Wars" hotel being built at Walt Disney World. It sounds like it would be a "cruise-like" experience that never leaves the park. We'll also talk about how the amazing TRON Light-Cycle ride might be coming to America! We'll also take a look at some new attraction names trademarked by Cedar Fair and try to figure out where they might be going. Plus, we'll marvel at Do Dodonpa's 0-111 launch...

Duration: 00:54:44 #1137 - EB - LIVE from Michigan's Adventure

This week, EB and his youngest children podcast from Michigan's Adventure! He'll tell you about his first visit to this Cedar Fair park, including reviews of the rides, food and other attractions. He'll also talk about how he and the family saved some money!

Duration: 00:48:23 #1136 - Sparktacular Exploosiolosa 2017!

There was a strange event at Six Flags Great Escape in New York this week. We'll talk about what happened, how the media covered it and how guests reacted. We'll also do some "Hot Takes" on stories from Europa Park, Kings Island and Six Flags Over Georgia! After a few Live Trip Reports, EB will head outside to celebrate the 4th of July by shooting off some amazing (and loud) fireworks! Thanks for listening to!

Duration: 00:42:41 #1135 - First Look at OWA Park

Phantasialand in Germany announced that they will be building the world's longest flying coaster next year... and it will launch! We'll talk all about it. Then, we'll do a round-up of all of the latest news... including a look at the POV for Mine Blower, Lightning Rod Rumors and a debate on getting banned from parks. We'll also talk with the Director of Marketing and PR for "The Park at OWA" to learn about what this brand new park will have to offer! Thanks for listening to...

Duration: 00:53:45 #1134 - Branson’s Bigfoot and Glenwood Caverns

This week, we talk about two great attractions that aren't part of Cedar Fair, Disney, Six Flags or Universal! First up, we talk with Emma, the General Manager of Bigfoot on the Strip. This Branson, MO entertainment center has a bunch of fantastic attractions... including the Bigfoot Action Tower. We'll talk with them about their site and a really innovative new attraction that will be opening soon. Up next, we'll talk with Mark McDonough, President of Creative Visions. They are the...

Duration: 01:07:40 #1133 - Winners and Losers: MovieWorld, Volcano Bay, and Carowinds

We start this week's show by taking a look at the new hypercoaster that is coming to Warner Bros. Movie World. DC Rivals looks interesting, but has some quirks. Then, we take a look back at our Listener Meet-Up at Carowinds. We'll tell you the stories that you didn't hear on last week's LIVE podcast. We'll also hear a Live Trip Report from Holiday World's Holly-wood Nights! We'll also talk to the winners of the Roller Coaster Design Contest at Layer Elementary School in Florida!

Duration: 01:09:56 #1132 - LIVE from Carowinds!

This week's show comes to you from the 2017 Listener Meet-Up at Carowinds! It's one of the few shows per season that we get to produce in front of a LIVE AUDIENCE! We talk all about our first impressions of Carowinds, including our reviews of top attractions like Fury 325, Intimidator, Afterburn and Plants vs. Zombies! Plus, we'll talk with people at the meet-up, park officials and we'll hear from some special guests too!

Duration: 00:59:23

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