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#110 "Nightcrawlers - Media For Musicians"... Jojo Bone and Kane Lesser

On this episode, Jojo Bone and Kane Lesser from "Nightcrawlers - Media For Musicians" are in the house for a super laid back episode... "Nightcrawlers" is a new Media Company in the Austin, TX area offering local bands and musicians affordable Video and Music Video services... Also Kane Lesser is an accomplished author who has three published novels and working a fourth... Just a great conversation had by all... Much Love, Enjoy ;)

Duration: 02:20:30

#109 "Inch Of Dark"... Eric, Jerome, Gary and Danny

On this episode... The boys from "Inch Of Dark"... Eric Dickerson, Jerome Chwalek, Gary Hansen and Danny Garcia were in the house, for what turned out to be a great episode... The episode started a little slow but after 3 bottles of wine, business started to pick up ha... This one was a little long but definitely worth the listen, enjoy and Much Love... ;)

Duration: 02:45:54

#108 "DaveFest III"... Dave Prewitt, Nathan Olivarez and Dana Red Leigh Cooper

All I can say is, strap yourself in and hold on when listening to Episode #108 ha... Dave Prewitt and Nathan Olivarez from DaveTV and Dana Red Leigh Cooper from Ear Splitting Media stop by the House of The Cobra to promote "DaveFest III", at the Kick Butt Cafe' in Austin, Texas, on January 12th and 13th... Its all about fun and having a great time and on this Special Saturday Afternoon Edition and we had both to the limit... Enjoy and Much Love :)

Duration: 02:49:45

#107 "Autumn Stay"... Danielle Blizzard and Zak Clarke

On this episode... Danielle Blizzard and Zak Clarke from "Autumn Stay" stopped by the studio for a great episode... Just a great conversation, about a ton of topics, including the beginning of the band, recording new music and social media promotion, just to name a few... Too much fun was had on this one and I'm glad they fit the CobraCast into their schedule :)... Much love and enjoy :)

Duration: 02:13:46

#106 "Scorpio Rising"... Madame Scorpio, Wonderbred and Armando...

On the last episode of 2017... Madame Scorpio, Wonderbred and Armando from Austin's own "Scorpio Rising" stop by the studio for a great after Christmas episode... We talked about their new upcoming E.P., Live shows, the Austin scene of old and their plans for 2018 and beyond... Definitely check this band out at one of their many Central Texas dates, you won't be disappointed... For all things Scorpio Rising, go to Have a great 2018 everybody, much love......

Duration: 01:46:40

#105 Brett McCormick and Bill Ferguson... Special Christmas Edition

On this Special Christmas Edition of the CobraCast... My brothers Brett McCormick and Bill Ferguson were live in the studio for a fun filled episode... What you hear here is what we are like when we all hang out together... No filters, just making each other laugh and talking about anything and everything... Just a look into our world ha... Enjoy :)

Duration: 01:41:52

#104 Comedian Tai Nguyen

On episode #104... One of Austin's top comedian's Tai Nguyen stops by the studio for a great episode of the CobraCast... We talked all things comedy, the making of his new comedy special "Pigeon Confetti" and his rise on the Austin comedy scene after only a little over 2 years... This talented guy is truely an inspiration for all and great things are going to be coming his way... I had a great time learning his story and he will be back at some point for a Part II... Much love, Enjoy ;)

Duration: 01:57:39

#103 "The Butts"... Kurt Koegler, Kevy Lauren Bergman and Johnny Leal

On episode #103... Kurt Koegler, Kevy Lauren Bergman and Johnny Leal of the Austin Punk band, "The Butts", were in the house for a great episode of the CobraCast... They get me updated on everything in the world of "The Butts" and all the goings on in the Austin Punk Scene... They just released the self titled new full length CD... "The Butts", so grab a copy at any one of their Central Texas dates and on BandCamp... Enjoy :)

Duration: 02:00:27

#102 Klaus and Jan from "Gunzenhausen Klan"

On this episode, Klaus Von Beethoven and Jan-Braun Wolf from Gunzenhausen Klan invade the CobraCast Studio for a total off the wall episode to say the least... Stories from their homeland in Germany to recording their new E.P. in Austin, Texas... A fun and over the top episode I hope you enjoy, Much love :)

Duration: 02:01:14

#101 Willie "Blue Balls" Johnson

On this episode, a true Bluesman in every sense of the word... Willie "Blue Balls" Johnson was in the house, laying down the gospel of the blues... He talked about his humble beginnings in San Antonio and his travels all over the world...Now he calls Austin, Texas his home base and is ready to take over the Austin blues scene single handedly... Watch for Willie when he comes to your town... Enjoy ;)

Duration: 01:51:32

#100 "The Flying Jew" Lee Syatt from "The Church Of What's Happening Now" Podcast

Yes people, the CobraCast Podcast has officially made it to 100 Episodes!!... From "The Church Of What's Happening Now with Joey "Coco" Diaz" podcast... Podcast producer and consultant, my little brother... "The Flying Jew", Lee Syatt was my special guest for Episode 100... Lee was gracious enough to take time, out of his weekend trip to Las Vegas, to call in and get caught up on things in his busy world... If you're looking into starting you're own podcast or need help with the one you...

Duration: 01:13:42

#99 Members from "LAST JUDGEMENT" and "Shadow Spectrum"

On Episode #99... Michael Caldwell and Brandon Moscheo from "LAST JUDGEMENT" and Kris Bergman from "Shadow Spectrum" dropped by the studio to get me updated on things in their world... These two Austin bands are part of the local Austin Speed/Thrash genre of Metal and we go into all that's happening in that scene and more... Always good to see these guys and had a total blast with them as usual... Much love, enjoy ;)

Duration: 02:59:23

#98 "ELIXIR"... Jerod Swift and Victor DeLeon

On Episode #98... Jerod Swift and Victor Deleon from Austin via Rockdale Texas' own "ELIXIR" are in the house... A great conversation with two great guys about their beginnings in Rockdale Texas, their beginnings in music, the history of "ELIXIR" and beyond... Two very humble and down to earth guys and I'm glad I had them on the CobraCast... Much Love and Enjoy ;)

Duration: 02:14:22

#97 "Moby Dick"... Billy Slater, David Beeson and Steve Campbell

On Episode #97... The boys from Austin's own Led Zeppelin Tribute band "Moby Dick"... Billy Slater, David Beeson and Steve Campbell stop by the studio to promote the return of the band to the Austin scene... Check them out on their big comeback show at the Round Rock Tavern on Saturday, November 18th... Much Love and enjoy ;)

Duration: 02:09:53

#96 "Circle Pit"... Joe Carreiro, Brando Commando and David Cabrero

On this episode, the boys from Austin's own "Circle Pit" are in the house full force... Joe Carreiro, Brando Commando and David Cabrero stop by the studio for a great episode that was all about the local Austin Texas Metal scene and how it's alive and kicking... Also a call in from the owner of The Texas Mist, Jim Daeng Ostrander to round out this great episode... Much love and enjoy ;)

Duration: 02:21:24

#95 "Kaleider"...Kevin Abbenante, Gaelan Bellamy and Sam Marshall

On this episode... Kevin Abbenante, Gaelan Bellamy and Sam Marshall from Austin's own "Kaleider" stopped by the studio for a really cool episode... These guys are and have been a big part of the Austin music scene, both on stage and also in the recording studio behind the scenes... Just a great bunch of guys and I'm glad they took the time out of their schedules to do an episode with me... For more info on the band, please go to Take care and enjoy ;)

Duration: 02:45:35

#94 "Three:33"... Tony Park, Eric Dickerson and Danny Garcia

On this Episode... Tony Park, Eric Dickerson and Danny Garcia from Austin's own "Three:33" drop by the studio for an awesome episode to say the least... We were promoting the Big "November Reign Birthday Show" at the Texas Mist on Saturday, November 4, 2017... Just a great time with some of my favorite people and just a great podcast all the way around... Much Love and Enjoy ;)

Duration: 02:15:58

#93 Ethan, Emma and Joe from "The Boleys"

On this episode... Ethan, Emma and Joe Boley from "The Boleys" stop by the studio in "El Toro" their big white tour van for a fun filled episode... Topics include, the history of the band, the recording of the 4th upcoming album, tour stories and all things "Boley"... For more information on the band go to ... Take care and enjoy ;)

Duration: 02:00:31

#92 SwapCast with Comedian Freddy Correa...

On this episode... A first for me, a late night telephone SwapCast podcast with one of Las Vegas' top comedians Freddy Correa... Freddy also has his own podcast, "Thanks For The Invite Podcast with Freddy Correa"... It was great catching up with Freddy and a great late night podcast and at some point we are going to do a Part II... To listen to Freddy's podcast go to ... Much love and enjoy ;)

Duration: 02:11:52

#91 "Metal Krew"... Brett McCormick, David Beeson and Ken Kokel

What can I say?? My brothers... Brett McCormick, David Beeson and Ken Kokel, from the newly revived band "Metal Krew", rolled in for a super fun episode for the ages ha... Nothing but four great friends just making each other laugh for two hours... It may come off as juvenile and childish... But hey, that's us ha... Take care and enjoy ;)

Duration: 02:08:05

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