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A podcast about the scintillating, amusing, and often quite consequential stories to be found in a glass of spirits.




Episode 5: The Napoleon of Temperance (with Joey Brunelle feat Herb Adams)

In 1855 newspapers around the world carried the story of the Rum Riot in Portland, Maine. Maine had become a dry state, and an angry crowd had tried to break into city hall to seize a stash of rum being held there. The mayor, a Temperance crusader who had the movement for Prohibition ordered the militia to fire into the crowd, and a young sailor was killed. On this episode of Cocktail History, the story of Neal Dow, mayor of Portland, known to history as The Napoleon of Temperance....

Duration: 01:07:07

Episode 4: Prohibition in the Land of Mardi Gras feat Hannah Griggs

New Orleans has long been known as an oasis of cultural deviancy in the conservative South. So how did the city react to Prohibition? Not well, as you might imagine. In this episode, host Sam Eilertsen is joined by Hannah Griggs of Boston College, creator of the Intemperance Archive, an online exhibit of Prohibition raids in New Orleans. Check out Intemperance Archive at:

Duration: 00:43:03

Episode 3: Eggnog Riot Christmas Special

The eggnog of today is generally a tame affair, served around Christmas time. But there was a day when Eggnog was a hard-drinking pioneers beverage, it's been called the antebellum "dry martini of the south", and a favorite of military men. We have eggnog recipes from three presidents: George Washington, William Henry Harrison, and Dwight Eisenhower, and Texan prisoners held by Santa Anna made eggnog with mezcal. It even inspired a famous riot at West Point, and one of the ringleaders was...

Duration: 01:06:05

Episode 0: Introduction to Cocktail History

A brief taste of what's coming in the Cocktail History podcast, featuring a discussion of the origin of the term "mixology" and a classic recipe for Hot Buttered Rum.

Duration: 00:08:37