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Firefighters and Community Service with Daniel Byrne

You probably go out on runs (more like walks) to change smoke alarm batteries, but our guest on this show says fire departments can do so much more to serve their communities. Daniel Byrne is a big advocate of taking advantage of the goodwill the public has for the fire service and using it to give back to various causes and organizations.

Duration: 00:17:11

Using the right hose & nozzle with Anthony Rowett, Jr.

Anthony Rowett, Jr. stops by Code 3 to discuss the need for using the proper hose size and nozzle for the specific kind of attack being made. Too often, he says, we chose the nozzle based on what we've en training with, not what's best for the situation.

Duration: 00:12:37

Volunteer Firefighters: Recruiting and Keeping them with Kevin Quinn

With 70 percent of the total U.S. firefighters being volunteers, it's important to keep recruiting and retaining them. The NVFC's Kevin Quinn joins us to explain how we can do that.

Duration: 00:16:16

Extrication Tips with Dalan Zartman

Extrication expert Dalan Zartman talks about alternative ways to rip open cars and save trapped victims.

Duration: 00:18:17

Firefighter Cancer Risk with Brian McQueen

Firefighters face an increased risk of developing any one of several types of cancer, and Brian McQueen is out to cut the number of victims. He's our guest on Code 3 this time.

Duration: 00:13:33

Getting Hired with Mike Pertz

The hiring process for firefighters is very competitive. This time, Mike Pertz, who runs the website, stops by to give us some tips for passing the written exam and then acing the interview phase.,

Duration: 00:11:32

10th Annual Prescott Regional Company Officers Academy / Giving thanks

Scott visits the 10th Annual Company Officers' Academy at the Central Arizona Regional Training Academy and sits in on some size-up classes. Plus, what firefighters are thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Duration: 00:12:06

Fentanyl advisory for first responders with EMS Capt. Doug Niemynski

Discussing the dangers of fentanyl for first responders with Central AZ Fire & Medical Authority EMS Capt. Doug Niemynski

Duration: 00:10:53

Obsolete EMS stuff with paramedic Kelly Grayson

Paramedic Kelly Grayson joins Scott to talk about the tools and techniques that were the latest and greatest thing 20 years ago but are no longer around.

Duration: 00:21:38

Five Things Company Officers Should Never Say with Linda Willing

There's a lot more to being a company officer than just doing more paperwork. Consultant Linda Willing stops by Code 3 to talk about how what you say affects morale among the crew, and gives examples of especially harmful phrases. **Please support this show (and get some nice rewards) by going to our Patreon page and becoming a patron of Code 3. What is this show worth to you? A dollar a month? Five? Ten? Whatever the amount, you can help us by going to

Duration: 00:15:42

Mistakes New Engineers Make with Capt. Jim Spell, Vail, Colorado Fire (Ret.)

Once you pass the Engineer's exam and they hand you the certificate, you might be tempted to believe you know everything about the job. But there's still a lot to learn, and Jim Spell joins us this week to explain some of those things. **Please support this show (and get some nice rewards) by going to our Patreon page and becoming a patron of Code 3. What is this show worth to you? A dollar a month? Five? Ten? Whatever the amount, you can help us by going to...

Duration: 00:28:40

Five-Alarm Leadership with Fire Chief Rick Lasky (ret.)

Rick Lasky is our guest on Code 3 this week, discussing his program, Five-Alarm Leadership and a bit about the late Alan Brunacini, who recognized the importance of customer service in this profession early on.

Duration: 00:25:08

"Only the Brave " Review with Brendan McDonough and Pat McCarty

Scott reviews the film about the Granite Mountain Hotshots, "Only the Brave" and talks with Yarnell Hill survivor Brendan Mc Donough and former hotshot Pat McCarty.

Duration: 00:15:46

Extra: Amanda Marsh on "Only the Brave"

Amanda Marsh, the widow of Granite Mountain Hotshots' Superintendent Eric Marsh discusses what she thought of the film "Only the Brave, which features both Eric and Amanda prominently. She also talks about why she formed the Eric Marsh Foundation for Wildland Firefighters. More info at

Duration: 00:19:34

"Only the Brave:" Hotshots' Widows React

On Oct. 20, 2017, a major motion picture, titled, "Only the Brave," that tells the story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, who lost 19 of the 20 men on the crew at Yarnell Hill in 2013, hits theaters across the nation. This week on Code 3, we talk with the widows of Travis Carter and Jesse Steed about their feelings, asking what they thought of the film

Duration: 00:08:46

Why NOT to become a firefighter with Deputy Chief Steve Prziborowski, Santa Clara Co. (CA) Fire Dept.

There are good reasons to become a firefighter and the are bad ones. Deputy Chief Steve Prziborowski of the Santa Clara County (CA) Fire Dept. explains the difference on this episode. **Become a patron of Code 3. Just go to to make a monthly pledge to support the show today!

Duration: 00:17:53

Vehicle Electrical Safety with University of Extrication's Ron Moore

Today's cars can be dangerous to a first responder. The latest technology to make your job tougher is "auto stop-start," which can cause a crashed vehicle to suddenly start moving. That could mean a very bad day for you if you're in front of the car. Find out what Ron Moore of the University of Extrication recommends. **Don't forget to visit our Patreon page and become a patron of Code 3 today--we're offering fun rewards for your pledge. Go to for more info!

Duration: 00:13:53

Pumping Mistakes with BC Robert Avsec (Ret.)

Retired Battalion Chief Robert Avsec discusses some mistakes that engineers may make when operating on the fireground and how to avoid them.

Duration: 00:21:44

Leading Humans wiith Phoenix Fire Chief Alan Brunacini (Ret.)

Legendary former Phoenix Fire Chief Alan Brunacini stops by to talk leadership, both in the fire service and beyond. Since his retirement 10 years ago, he's been touring the country, giving seminars on the topic.

Duration: 00:17:20

Apparatus Safety with Woodstock Ontario Firefighter Mark van der Feyst

Author Mark van der Feyst stops by Code 3 this week to discuss apparatus safety on the fireground, The reminders he gives us could save the life of a firefighter. ***Don't forget, the Code 3 app for Android phones is now available. Go to for the link to download it.

Duration: 00:12:30

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