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Software Development best practices, coder talk from the trenches.

Software Development best practices, coder talk from the trenches.
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Atlanta, GA


Software Development best practices, coder talk from the trenches.




72. Clean Architecture – How to Quantify Component Coupling

Joe baits Michael, Michael takes the bait, and Allen lets it happen, as Uncle Bob explains how we can quantify the coupling between our components from his latest book, Clean Architecture.

Duration: 02:19:15

71. Clean Architecture – Components and Component Cohesion

Joe is down with OCP, Michael argues DRY, and Allen deletes our show notes as we dig into Components and Component Cohesion from Robert C. Martin's (aka Uncle Bob) Clean Architecture.

Duration: 01:58:08

Episode 70 – How to Spend $2,500 on Developer Gear

We're back with another installment as we challenge ourselves to compare how we'd each spend $2,500 on developer gear as Allen waxes on about the loudest quiet keyboard, Joe teaches us how cheese is made, and Michael puts some neon on his computer.

Duration: 01:58:30

Episode 69 – Clean Architecture – Programming Paradigms

Michael forgets what his favorite part of the show is, Joe makes us wait to learn what his favorite part is, and Allen pronounces it "pair-a-dig-'ems" as we continue our deep dive into Uncle Bob's latest book: Clean Architecture.

Duration: 02:08:54

Episode 68 – Clean Architecture – Fight for Architecture

Joe learns of our harebrained idea, Michael learns of Eisenhower’s matrix, and Allen explains polyfills as we begin our dive into Uncle Bob’s latest book, Clean Architecture. Prefer to read these show notes on something other than your podcast player? You can find the full show notes for this episode at Sponsors Linode – Use code […]

Duration: 01:37:37

Episode 67 – Object Oriented Mistakes

Allen brings the dad jokes, Michael unplugs, and Joe gets a second wind as we discuss the anti-patterns found in object oriented programming.

Duration: 01:55:46

Episode 66 – Project Management Anti-patterns

It's time for another episode as Joe wants to choke a developer, Michael scraps his new social networking platform, and Allen finally learns of dad jokes while we continuing the anti-patterns conversation.

Duration: 02:05:06

Episode 65 – Software Design Anti-patterns

We've discussed design patterns too much. Now it's time for some discussion about anti-patterns as Joe has dark visions about robots, Allen has to take sensitivity training, and Michael picks Arial.

Duration: 02:04:17

Episode 64 – Software Architecture – What is Supple Design?

More Domain Driven Design talk this week: Supple Design, Declarative(ish?) Programming, and Ohio Envy. Sponsors – Use code “CODING BLOCKS” in the “How Did You Hear About Us?” section Linode – Use code “CODINGBLOCKS17” for $20 towards hosting (up to four months free!) Start Slack’ing Now. We’re so happy you’ve found us and […]

Duration: 02:21:56

Episode 63 – Software Architecture – Explicit Constraints, Processes, Specification Pattern, and more

Know what Joe and Waldo have in common? We can't find either, as this week, it's just Allen and Michael to continue the dive into Domain Driven Design.

Duration: 02:03:33

Episode 62 – Software Architecture – Strategic Design and Domain Events

We're not saying that Michael is Carmen Sandiego. We're just saying that nobody has ever seen them in a room together. And this week, we don't know where in the world either are, as Allen and Joe continue the Domain Driven Design discussion without Michael. Nor Carmen.

Duration: 01:58:07

Episode 61 – Software Architecture – Aggregate Roots, Factories, and Repositories

Stitcher is back and so are we as Michael proves he doesn't have a career as a rapper, Allen can't type on his phone, and Joe tweets with famous authors as we continue our dive into Domain Driven Design talking about aggregate roots, factories, and repositories.

Duration: 02:11:51

Episode 60 – Software Architecture – The Domain in Domain Driven Design

We continue our Domain Driven Design conversation this week as Allen is indecisive, Michael decides for him, and Joe can't handle the night life.

Duration: 01:41:33

Episode 59 – How to Jumpstart Your Next App

We’re back with another exciting episode as Michael questions Hollywood, Allen dreams of his Hackintosh, and Joe is surrounded by Star Wars as we talk about how to jumpstart your next app with Michael Crump (@mbcrump) and Clint Rutkas (@clintrutkas). If you’re reading these show notes via your podcast player, you can find this episode’s full […]

Duration: 01:27:27

Episode 58 – Why Domain Driven Design

This week, Michael asks his customers about their anemic domain model, Allen talks in front of people, and Joe plays Rocket League as we begin our dive into understanding domain driven design. Are you reading this episode’s show notes via your podcast player? You can find this episode’s full show notes at Become a Part of the […]

Duration: 01:32:07

Episode 57 – How We Badly Built Stuff

This week we talk about all of the bad things we’ve done while making software. The good, the bad, … oh wait, it compiles, never mind. Want to be part of the conversation? Head over to to become a member of our Slack community! What are you waiting for? Join now! Oh, wait, are you […]

Duration: 01:38:25

Episode 56 – Clean Code – How to Build Maintainable Systems

We’re back with another deep dive into the infamous book Clean Code by Uncle Bob as Joe alters columns, Michael misreads things, and Allen has a positive customer service experience. Care to join in on the conversation? Become a member of our Slack community by signing up at Viewing these show notes through your podcast […]

Duration: 01:58:20

Episode 55 – Clean Code – How to Write Classes the Right Way

This week Allen is troubled by circles, Michael talks like a game show host, and Joe announces it's twins as we continue our deep dive into the classic Clean Code book by Robert C. Martin.

Duration: 01:23:15

Episode 54 – Clean Code – How to Write Amazing Unit Tests

When and why should you write unit tests, and just how important are they? Take a listen and see what YOU think. Podcast News iTunes: AUS Dan G, bryangrove, Criviere, Kasprs, sulhogar, Niil Ohlin (Neil Ilin) Stitcher Reviews: indiegamer21, makeACaseForCamelCase, athyng, brokenrelay, El_Zilcho MongoDb and ElasticSearch Ransomware Attacks Alexa 7 Minute Workout...

Duration: 01:20:39

Episode 53 – Clean Code – Programming around Boundaries

In this episode we talk about how to insulate your application at it’s boundaries? What in the world does that even mean?! We’re not talking about those boundaries where others aren’t allowed to touch your keyboard (although that’s a real thing). No, we’re talking about making sure you make your code easier to maintain over […]

Duration: 01:18:06

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