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The wildly popular storytelling site about motherhood is now in audible format! The Coffee + Crumbs Podcast is your companion for kitchen cleanups, stroller walks, or the daily carpool hustle. Join hosts Lesley Miller, Ashlee Gadd and April Hoss as they chat about the beautifully hard work of raising children.

The wildly popular storytelling site about motherhood is now in audible format! The Coffee + Crumbs Podcast is your companion for kitchen cleanups, stroller walks, or the daily carpool hustle. Join hosts Lesley Miller, Ashlee Gadd and April Hoss as they chat about the beautifully hard work of raising children.
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The wildly popular storytelling site about motherhood is now in audible format! The Coffee + Crumbs Podcast is your companion for kitchen cleanups, stroller walks, or the daily carpool hustle. Join hosts Lesley Miller, Ashlee Gadd and April Hoss as they chat about the beautifully hard work of raising children.




Episode 43: The Season Finale

It’s our final episode in 2017 (sob!) and Lesley has a big announcement to make (more sobs!). This week we’re answering YOUR questions. You’ll hear us chat about our favorite mom hacks, our favorite beauty products, how we talk to our kids about faith, and how we deal with rough toddler transitions. We also tackle mom guilt, sleep training, and picky eating. Oh, and April gets a serious case of the giggles when Ashlee confesses how many times she’s joined and quit the gym. This episode is...


Episode 42: Loving My Actual Christmas with Alex Kuykendall

Christmas is around the corner and we are determined to enjoy the season. In this episode we talk with Alex Kuykendall about her new book, Loving My Actual Christmas. You’ll hear us discuss how to fall in love with the season again, reflecting on themes of advent—hope, love, joy and peace—plus, practical advice on common Christmas stressors such as finances, schedules and extended family. We hope you’ll finish this episode with the encouragement to go easy on yourself, remember what truly...


Episode 41: Free Of Me With Sharon Hodde Miller

In this episode Lesley chats with Sharon Hodde Miller about her new book, Free of Me: Why Life is Better When It’s Not About You. We talk about insecurity—including our struggles with measuring ourselves against other women, the perils of image management, and what happens when we make parenting all about us. But it’s not all deep and heavy! Sharon also tells a story about a fun surprise her husband recently planned for their anniversary and we discuss the classic 90’s film She’s All That....


Episode 40: Preserving Memories (and our sanity)

Making baby books, creating photos albums, and keeping track of hundreds of family videos is enough to make any momma break out in hives! This week we’re talking about allllll the ways to keep track of your family memories with easy, creative ideas for every personality type. From our favorite brands and products to technical logistics, we’ll help you make a plan for storing and displaying all the beautiful memories you make each year. Plus, Ashlee gives a Christmas card photo pep talk,...


Episode 39: When It Feels Too Hard

When a family learns their child has a disability, the road ahead is often filled with many questions, pain and unknowns. In this episode, Lesley chats with two very special mamas about their very special kids. Katie Blackburn (a listener favorite and our first returning guest!) is back sharing about her son’s recent autism diagnosis along with Regina Robinson, mama to four children including a son with Down Syndrome. We encourage all women to listen to this episode with a pen in hand,...


Episode 38: Give and Take

It’s a decision every woman makes at some point in her motherhood journey: will she stay home, work part-time, juggle an at-home business, or work full-time? For some the decision is obvious; for others, it’s a series of fluctuating factors. In this special ad-free episode, we are getting real honest about the joys and struggles of pursuing part-time work while raising young children. We discuss all that went into our decisions, things we didn’t consider but wished we had, and the pros and...


Episode 37: Mama's Getting Schooled

In this episode we’re talking to three mothers about their different educational values and choices. From a public Spanish immersion school to Charlotte Mason homeschooling to a classical style private school, you’ll hear how each family landed on their respective choices, what they love about their schools, and some of the things to consider as you wrestle with options for your own family—including how faith can play a role in that decision. We hope this episode leaves you feeling...


Episode 36: How To Be a B+ Mom with Sarah R. Bagley

If you’ve been a mom longer than 24 hours (or should we say 24 minutes?), you know there’s no room for perfectionism when it comes to parenting. So why do most of us still hold ourselves to unrealistic standards? In this episode, we talk with recovering perfectionist, Sarah R. Bagley, about how children have changed our “good enough” meters. We also talk about what the weight of control feels like physically, how to avoid passing the perfectionism gene to our kids, and our advice for new...


Episode 35: Of Mess and Moxie with Jen Hatmaker

Life is messy. We know this. But women––ordinary, everyday women––have never been braver, stronger, or more self-empowered. We are, as Jen Hatmaker says, bringing moxie back. In this episode we get to chat with one of our favorite women on the planet about her new book “Of Mess and Moxie: Wrangling Delight Out of This Wild And Glorious Life.” With her classic humor and warmth, Jen gives us the pep talk we didn’t even know we needed—permission to leave our mom guilt behind, chase our...


Episode 34: The kids, the mom, and the wardrobe

In this week’s episode we keep it light and fun with a guide to getting dressed—from the actual logistics of getting ready in the morning (anyone tried to put on skinny jeans with a baby hanging on one leg?) to how important it is to change out of yoga pants every once in a while. From fluctuating bodies to changing careers, April, Ashlee and Lesley share what they’ve learned about style since becoming mothers. Plus, April shares her favorite postpartum clothing tips, and Ashlee explains...


Episode 33: This Is How We Do It with Rachael Kincaid

Today’s candid conversation is with Rachael Kincaid (one of our all-time favorite people to follow on the Internet!). We cover the full gamut of topics—from what it’s like to become a mother of six in just three short years, to some of the joys and challenges of step-parenting. We also talk about why her youngest children aren't involved in many extracurricular activities, what it’s like to not have a dishwasher, how Rach and her husband protect their marriage, and how she gets time with...


Episode 32: 50/50 - Co-parenting After Divorce

When Coffee + Crumbs listener Allie Roepe reached out to us last fall with a show idea around being a mother “half the time,” we asked if she'd be interested in sharing her experience. In this episode we talk about what it’s like to parent after a divorce, Allie’s desire to split equal custody with her ex-husband, why their arrangement is even harder as time passes, and the everyday logistics of sharing custody. Allie also offers her encouragement for single moms or families navigating...


Episode 31: The One With All The Birth Stories

Everyone loves a good birth story, so, as April put it, we’re bringing you the Coffee + Crumbs Vagina Monologues. In this episode we talk about allll the different ways we’ve birthed our babies from c-sections to epidurals to the un-medicated route--and the things we’ve liked and disliked about each. Plus, we get real about hospital undies and share the best advice you might ever hear about birth plans. You *might* want to listen to this one with headphones on. Like what you heard? Visit...


Episode 30: All About Dad with Zach Brittle

In honor of Father's Day, we're thrilled to be interviewing our first male guest! Father and couples counselor Zach Brittle joins us this week to talk about the transition into fatherhood, how dads can find friendship (and whether moms should help), and the very best thing you can get a man for Father’s Day. This candid conversation about parenthood and marriage will be an episode that both moms and dads can relate to. Plus, Ashlee gears up for Whole 30, and we share a few bands that are...


Episode 28: Long Days of Small Things with Catherine McNiel

In this episode, we’re talking with Catherine McNiel about incorporating spiritual disciplines into our lives as mothers. That’s right: we’re diving into rich, soul-inspiring practices for moms who want to grow in their faith, but have neither quiet nor time. Regardless of your background, this is a guilt-free episode for mothers who want to connect with God without adding more “shoulds” into their lives. Plus, Catherine’s encouragement to young mommas who find going to church in this...


Episode 27: The Girlfriends' Guide to Mother's Day

What are you doing to celebrate Mother’s Day this year? What do you wish you were doing? This week we’re talking about all things Mother’s Day: the history of the holiday itself, what to do when your spouse isn’t a mind-reader, how to share the day with others, and what our ideal Mother’s Day really looks like. Plus, fellow C+C writer Sonya Spillmann gets honest about why this holiday can be extra bittersweet for women who’ve lost their own mothers. Like what you heard? Visit...


Episode 26: Mama Sized Dreams with Jena Holliday

This week we’re talking with Jena Holliday-- artist, illustrator, and creator of Spoonful of Faith. You’ll hear us talk about what it’s like to mother when you have a chronic illness, and why autoimmune diseases can be especially mysterious and frustrating for so many women. Jena also offers gentle advice to moms who are struggling with their identity, and how to take the first step in chasing dreams. Plus, Jena and Lesley both get brave and share dreams they haven’t said out loud...


Episode 25: The Magic of Motherhood

The Magic of Motherhood is officially out! This week we’re recapping all things book launch: the party in Sacramento, what it was like for the Coffee + Crumbs writers to meet in real life, our favorite moments from the weekend, and more! Plus, you’ll hear Ashlee Gadd and April Hoss read one of their essays from The Magic of Motherhood. We wish we could have parties in all the cities, but until we win the lottery, this recap is the best we could do. Like what you heard? Visit...


Episode 24: Marriage is Good Hard Work

Marriage is hard work. Throw in a few kids and it can be extra, extra hard work. In this episode, we’re getting real honest about some of the storms we’ve weathered in our marriages. Plus, you'll hear why all of us are advocates for marriage counseling, how we split up household chores, creative ways we make time for our spouses, and April's three guiding questions for couples who work opposite schedules. Like what you heard? Visit for more inspiration on your...


Episode 23: Before I Was a Mom

We’re baaaaaack! The giggles and chit chat are at an all time high as we reconnect after our long three month break from podcasting. In this episode we’re talking about all the ways we’ve changed since having children--from the stuff we swore we’d never let our kids wear and do, to our post-baby beauty routines. Plus, we’re joined by a few C+C writers as we vulnerably share some of the ways our bodies look and feel different since birthing children. Like what you heard? Visit...


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