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drinks coffee and chats with remarkable people.

drinks coffee and chats with remarkable people.
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drinks coffee and chats with remarkable people.








Katy Booth (Professional Triathlete)

Matt chats with professional triathlete, Katy Booth (nee Duffield). Katy shares her triathlon journey discussing the pros and cons of life as a pro triathlete, the competitive relationship she enjoys with her sisters including her twin sister, Michelle Duffield (also a professional triathlete) and what drives her to run, cycle and swim further in one day than most people go on their holidays! This episode of Coffee Chats supported by Monochrome Coffee Co.

Duration: 01:10:16

Karen Clarke (Bullying Expert)

Sadly, bullying is a hot topic at the moment. Matt shares a great Coffee Chat with Bullying Expert and author of ‘From Bullied To Brilliant', Karen Clarke. Bullying in schools, bullying in the workplace, what constitutes bullying? How can parents best assist their kids who are being bullied? Karen discusses all elements of bullying but be warned...some of Karen points will shock you. This Coffee Chat is proudly supported by Monochrome Coffee Company.

Duration: 01:22:50

Con Lazos (Bodyguard & Martial Arts Expert)

As a youngster, Con Lazos was a nationally ranked swimmer, but fell in love with martial arts after watching one too many Bruce Lee movies. He has travelled the world as a Body Guard, spent time as a school teacher (where he purposefully picked fights with the students to stop them fighting each other) and nowadays runs a very successful martial arts business Fusion Martial Arts. This episode of Coffee Chats with Matt Collins is supported by Monochrome Coffee Co.

Duration: 00:44:03

Matt Towner (Travel Author)

With book titles like 'Crazy Sh*t in Asia' and 'Abroad, Broke & Busted', you know travel Author, Matt Towner's stories from afar aren't going to be like the ones you hear in Lonely Planet. Matt shares some of his incredible overseas journeys including his near fatal motorbike accident in the jungles of Thailand and the adventurs as a 'gem stone gypsy' travelling the world dodging customs officers. This Coffee Chat is sponsored by Monochrome Coffee Co.

Duration: 01:13:29

Shaun Slater (Foster Parent & Founder of Boots4Kids)

You'd think with eight children there'd be no time for anything else, but Matt's guest has set up the Boots4Kids program providing footy boots for the kids that need them. Shaun Slater shares with Matt the ups and downs of his life with eight children, the moment that sparked his passion to collect footy boots for needy kids and what he does when he gets five minutes time to himself! Contact Shaun at the 'BootsFourKids' facebook page

Duration: 00:52:18

Chris Manak (Dating Coach)

Matt shares an honest and indepth chat with leading Dating Coach, Chris Manak. Through his workshops, Chris teaches his single clients not only how to approach and meet women (and how to get more dates), but also how to become a happier, more confident and more attractive version of yourself.

Duration: 01:00:58

Chris Raine (Hello Sunday Morning)

On the eve of what will be a big social, drunken event tonight for many, Matt chats with the CEO and Founder of Hello Sunday Morning, Chris Raine. At 22, and after many drunken nights, Chris decided he would go alcohol free for a year to see what life would be like without it. Oh how his life changed. Chris created ‘Hello Sunday Morning’ to allow others to enjoy living life alcohol free. Fast forward to today and his organisation has over 100,000 registered participants living life...

Duration: 00:45:27

Craig Harper (Leading Motivational Speaker)

If you have an interest in the personal development sector, you have probably heard of Craig Harper. Craig is like a motivational 'sledge hammer'. Craig is an exercise scientist, corporate speaker, consultant, University lecturer, AFL conditioning coach, radio host, TV presenter and writer. His books include ‘Fatitude’ and ‘Pull Your Finger Out’. With The birth of a New Year literally hours away, tune in tonight to hear from one of the best to make next year your best year yet!

Duration: 00:52:43

Annette Sym (Cook Book Queen)

20 years ago, Annette weighed 100kg and after seeing a photo her ‘friend’ had taken of Annette in her swimsuit at the beach she knew it was time to make some changes. Not only did Annette lose 35 kilos in the next year and a half, she also started a journey which has catapulted her into every tv station and newsagency across the country. Annette’s low fat cook book series, Symply Too Good have sold over 4 million copies nation wide and climbing. Annette shares Matt the ups and downs of...

Duration: 01:06:57

Darron Eastwell (Brain Injury)

In May of 2015, successful banking executive Darron Eastwell took the bike ride of his life. In fact, it almost ended his life. He started the day with a goodbye kiss for his wife, and ended that same day in an Intensive Care Unit with severe and lifelong injuries. Darron has since wrote a book recalling the small amounts he can remember called 'The Day I Broke My Brain'. Enjoy this chat with a man very lucky to be alive!

Duration: 01:16:36

MC Wheels (Hip Hop Artist)

From the age of four, Nathan Tessman (aka MC Wheels) has spent his days confined to a wheel chair and for many years he struggled to see a positive vision for his life. That was until he found music and quite literally ‘found his voice’. MC Wheels has worked with some of the biggest names in Australian Hip Hop, including BLISS N ESO. Don't miss this in-depth chat with a young guy who is focused on his abilities, not his disability.

Duration: 00:27:45

Asia Penelope (Plus Size Model)

Asia Penelope talks honestly with Matt about her journey in the plus size modelling world, bad relationships and why in the past she didn't love herself. Asia’s successful journey is even more impressive when you hear the challenging times she has had to overcome to get to where she is today. If you have ever had body issues or low self esteem, this is one not to miss.

Duration: 01:01:08

Dale Shearer (Rugby League Legend)

At one point, Dale Shearer was the highest paid Rugby League player, which is doubly impressive given he was his own manager. Dale shares with Matt stories from his playing days including days when he would do a day's work and then play in a major final and his thoughts on the coaching ability of Wayne Bennett. Dale talks about family life, including how proud he is of his two boys and why he doesn’t think they should’ve gone to university. Dale has had a rough few years but his future...

Duration: 01:07:23

Jo Drennan (Bucket List at 50)

For many people, turning 50 is a scary time. Not so Jo Drennan. Matt shares a fun chat with a woman who (at 50) is starting a whole new life! Jo has made a promise to herself to make the ‘rest’ of her life, the ‘best’ of her life. From jumping out of planes, learning to swim and even enduring her first Brazilian (not the tanned, handsome foreigner kind). Jo shares what her planes are for her fifties and beyond!

Duration: 01:05:30

John Killick (Prison Escapee)

Matt shares a chat with one of this countries most elusive criminals and the man behind the daring helicopter prison escape, John Killick. John has spent the majority of his adult life in a jail cell. He has had well known neighbours such as Ivan Milat and Brendan Abbott. In their chat, John talks about his life as a bank robber and how he had no choice but to rob banks. He explains the ‘prison code’ and his advice to young people who are at risk of going down the same path he did. John...

Duration: 00:26:09

Lisa Russell (Parent of Child with Special Needs)

Like many women, Lisa is focused on her health and fitness, she is driven by her career and she would do anything for her husband and two amazing young boys. The difference is one of those boys needs a little extra focus and attention. Well, a lot actually. In their chat, Lisa shares what a typical day looks like for a parent of a child with special needs, how the special school system differs from that of ‘main stream’ schools and how it has affected her relationship with her husband...

Duration: 01:27:51

Beau Vernon (AFL Coach & Quadriplegic)

Beau Vernon suffered a spinal cord injury whilst playing Australian Rules Football in 2012, leaving him a quadriplegic. Beau is currently the Senior Head Coach of the Leongatha FC. He does motivational speeches at schools, personal development days with businesses, awards nights, and for disability awareness. He is the National champion for his category in hand cycling and looks to develop this further. In their chat, Beau shares with Matt his gratitude for the great things in his life...

Duration: 01:02:52

Lynn Stanton (64 yo Model)

At 63, most people are thinking of slowing down, for Lynn Stanton she was just getting started. Matt shares a wonderful chat with mother, artist, graphic designer and 64 year old cat walk model, Lynn Stanton. Lynn gives an insight into the world of ‘mature age’ modelling and why the modelling world is embracing the 50+ market. They share some wonderful stories including Lynn’s first modelling gig and the wonderful relationship Lynn has with her four children, two of which are gay, and...

Duration: 01:14:09

Year 12 Graduates

Matt shares an insightful chat with two Year12 graduates about to embark on 'the real world'. Connor Newett and Chantelle Law give their thoughts on what life looks like now that school has finished and what the plan is for this little thing called 'life'. It's a comforting feeling knowing young adults like these two are going to be our future leaders.

Duration: 00:29:26

Stuart Rawlins (Detective on Daniel Morcombe case)

Like a lot of police officers, Stuart has seen lots of tragic events and spent his days dealing with criminals, pedophiles and drug dealers. For three years, he worked exclusively on the Daniel Morcombe case, receiving an Assistant Commissioner’s award for his involvement on the case. Stuart chats with Matt about this time in his life and how it affected him mentally. Stuart talks about his own mental health and why he was compelled to set up his organisation, 'Healthy Mind, Healthy...

Duration: 01:00:31

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