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drinks coffee and chats with remarkable people.

drinks coffee and chats with remarkable people.
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drinks coffee and chats with remarkable people.








Alex Smith (Former Pro Footballer)

Alex Smith has played professional football (or soccer for those who are asking) in the US, the UK, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand. Sadly, as good as Alex was as a player, he grew to dislike the game he excelled at. Now that he has retired from football, Alex is excited about his future endeavours and the time with his young family. Alex shares with Matt his professional sport journey and why Clive Palmer still owes him $1,000. This episode proudly supported by Monochrome Coffee Co.


Gabriela Rosa (Fertility Specialist)

Over the last 2 decades Gabriela Rosa has helped thousands of couples overcome infertility and miscarriages, even when other treatments have failed. Gabriela is an internationally renowned fertility specialist but she wasn't always going to go down this road. Gabriela shares a chat with Matt about how she got into such a unique field and her goals for the future.


Marty Hunt MP

Marty Hunt is an Australian politician. He is the Liberal National Party member for Nicklin in Qld. Marty is a man of many talents. He spent many enjoyable years as a passsionate police officer and can sing and play piano better than most. In his chat with Matt, Marty shares the ups and downs of his police career, why he is the right man for the seat of Nicklin and he bores Matt with his love for the Manly Sea Eagles! This Coffee Chat proudly supported by Monochrome Coffee Co.


Shaune Clarke (What is Cryptocurrency?)

Matt was growing more and more confused with all the recent talk about 'BitCoin' and 'Cryptocurrency' and he assumed he wasn't the only one. Matt shares a chat with a man who is very passionate about the future of Cryptocurrency and all it has to offer. Shaune Clarke is a man of many talents, spending decades as a speaking coach and now educating others on the future of our currency. Note: Any advice in this chat in general in nature and a should not replace the advice of a qualified...


John Coutis (Double Amputee, Inspirational Speaker)

John Coutis was born with a severe disability that rendered his legs useless, John defied medical opinion by refusing to die. Today John speaks all around the world to tens of thousands, whom he leaves breathless. John plays a significant role in schools all around the world. John has been invited into more than 4,000 achools throughout the world. John shares a terrific chat with Matt discussing what gets John upset, how his humour translates throughout the different countries and they...


Tom O'Toole (Beechworth Bakery)

Tom O'Toole is arguably the most well known baker in the country. From humble beginnings, he took the Beechworth Bakery (and the town of Beechworth) to a must see tourist attraction. Tom has travelled the globe as a corporate speaker sharing his wisdom for a successful business and life. And now, with his good mate Keith, and his treasured 1930 Model A Ford, his travelling from one side of the country to the other to raise money and awareness for childhood cancer and the Fiona Ellsie...


Darren Sanders (Stand Up Comedian)

Matt shares a terrific insight into the world of Stand Up Comedy with one of the hardest working Stand Up Comedians in the business, Darren Sanders. Darren has been a Stand Up comedian for over 25 years, heshares with Matt his tv show and why it wasn't as big as it could've been and his big goals for the future.


Kevin Hamer (Former Police Negotiator)

Matt shares a great chat with former Police Negotiator, Kevin Hamer. Kevin discusses the highs and lows of his time negotiating with highly stressed individuals who were ready to harm themselves or others. Kevin shares stories of the times when he successful calmed the stressful situation and sadly, the times when he didn’t. Don’t miss this one! It is a very compelling chat with a remarkable man. Warning: recommended for mature audiences. This Coffee Chat is proudly supported by...


Luke S. Kennedy (From Gang Leader to Real Leader) Part Two

Matt and Luke carry on where they left off in Part One. Luke talks honestly and openly about his social anxiety and his new book, 'Sex, Drugs and a Buddhist Monk'. They discuss ego, attachment and that inner voice. Luke talks about his divorce and why he blames society for why they got married. He explains the unique relationship he now enjoys with his ex-wife, what happen with their so-called friends and the book they are writing together.


Luke S. Kennedy (From Gang Leader to Real Leader) Part One

Matt shares a chat with author or 'Stabbed Ego' and 'Sex, Drugs and a Buddhist Monk', Luke S. Kennedy. Luke tells some dark tales of a life growing up as an insecure overweight kid who only found acceptance from gangs and violence. Luke starting seeing too many of his friends die in front of him (sometimes right in his arms) and he knew his life had to change. Luke's story is one of deep sadness but also one of much inspiration as he now lives his life to the fullest and inspires...


Darren Burns (Rugby League Development Officer)

Darren Burns played professional rugby league and had a checkered career with many highs and lows. In his chat with Mat, Darren shares some of thos ehighlights and lowlights including the coaches he loved and loathed. These days, Darren is a Development Officer for the Brisbane Broncos and he is passionate about showing school kids the many positives in playing team sport. This episode of Coffee Chats proudly supported by Monochrome Coffee Co.


Rachel Smith (Underspent)

How do you think you would go not buying anything new for twelve months? No new clothes, no new accessories, no new toys, books, nothing! That's exactly what Matt's guest did back in 2013 and in the process she saved over $50,000 and then she wrote a book about it. Matt sits down with author of 'Underspent' and the woman who quit shopping for one whole year, Rachel Smith


Caroline Hutchinson (Radio Announcer)

Matt shares a wonderful, fun and engaging chat with much-loved breakfast radio announcer, Caroline Hutchinson. Caroline shares so freely about her life growing up, her radio career, why she had to try politics, what she really thinks of her co-star Mark and the unusual job she took many years ago to make ends meet!! This is definitely not a Coffee Chat you want to miss!


Robbi Mack (Clown Doctors)

Matt was initially looking forward to chatting with Robbi about her time as a Clown Doctor, but what came out of the covnersation was so much more. From her younger days as an actress on television, singing onthe Midday Show, being adopted, ansiety, depression, relationships, business obstacles, and so much more. It's a wonderful chat with an even more wonderful woman.


Anisa Nandaula (Slam Poetry)

Anisa is a nationally recognised spoken word poet, performer and educator. She is the Queensland Slam Poetry champion 2016 and placed second in the Australian National Slam Poetry finals 2017 and has performed her poetry at the Sydney Opera house. Anisa is the co-founder of poetry group 'Voices of Colour' which aims to elevate the voices of young people of colour and encourages them to engage with social justice issues. Anisa shares a Coffee Chat with Matt and discusses her move to...


Mike & Helen (Cycling Around The World)

Helen was initially attracted to Mike after seeing his online dating profile which stated his goal to cycle around the world. By their second date, they had began planning the massive journey. When they were in Australia they dropped in to share with Matt the ups and downs of their journey so far. Both Mike and Helen open up to Matt about their own depression and anxiety and why this cycling journey was their way of raising awareness for mental health. Don’t miss this great conversation...


Lisa Parkes (Ninja Warrior)

Lisa is one of the country’s fittest females, however she has endured many obstacles along her journey. Lisa was lucky to survive after a car accident in South Africa when a drunk driver ran a red light and launched her little VW Beetle around a telegraph pole. But Lisa is grateful for that moment as it has made her extra determined to live an amazing life. She has now made Byron Bay, NSW her home and spends her days looking after her children, training Aussie celebrities and preparing...


Tam Wrigley (Wine O'Clock Show)

'When Coffee meets Wine' Matt chats with hugely successful online TV show host, Tam Wrigley. The Wine O'Clock Show has built a huge online following with over 3 million views of the fun, engaging talk show. Tam has had many Australian household names on her show including, Tom Williams, Sophie Falkiner, Osher Gunsberg, Steve ‘Commando’ Willis, Larry Emdur and many, many more. Tam shares her roller coaster journey including the weekly trips to Sydney or Melbourne, her dreams for the future...


Katy Booth (Professional Triathlete)

Matt chats with professional triathlete, Katy Booth (nee Duffield). Katy shares her triathlon journey discussing the pros and cons of life as a pro triathlete, the competitive relationship she enjoys with her sisters including her twin sister, Michelle Duffield (also a professional triathlete) and what drives her to run, cycle and swim further in one day than most people go on their holidays! This episode of Coffee Chats supported by Monochrome Coffee Co.


Karen Clarke (Bullying Expert)

Sadly, bullying is a hot topic at the moment. Matt shares a great Coffee Chat with Bullying Expert and author of ‘From Bullied To Brilliant', Karen Clarke. Bullying in schools, bullying in the workplace, what constitutes bullying? How can parents best assist their kids who are being bullied? Karen discusses all elements of bullying but be warned...some of Karen points will shock you. This Coffee Chat is proudly supported by Monochrome Coffee Company.


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