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Netflix & Chill? Nah..stop being lazy!

Hey guys! We could not let the "holiday of love" go by without cracking a few jokes and choppin' it up about....DATE NIGHT! In the spirit of Valentine's Day we are discussing the importance of time alone with your spouse and the benefits that ensue as a result. Grab your coffee cups and the "apple of your eye" for this fun episode. Cups up y'all!


The Church: I Can Do Bad by Myself?

After watching Greenleaf, an OWN Production, we wanted to talk about the Chuuuuuch!! i.e. the Church. Sometimes when confronted with all of the issues within the Church we tend to think, "I can do bad by myself". This is an honest thought we wanted to explore on this episode. So join us as we discuss "the good, the bad, and the ugly" over a cup of joe. Coffee cups up y'all!


Bless the Food and Bless One Another

The holidays afford us the opportunity to gather; drawing family members from all generations. It is inevitable that good food, old family photos, and conversations centered on the family's history will be involved. On this podcast we discuss the rich benefits of the family holiday gathering and the history that binds us together. Grab your cups and prepare to be inspired to "sit at the feet" of those who have come before us!


Holiday Shenanigans & Making Memories!

Join us as we sip on egg nog lattes and deck the halls with lots of laughter as we share how we are making new holiday memories and traditions. Coffee cups up!!


Community Service: You Need to Do Something!

In light of National Community Service Day we're discussing various ways of how to contribute to your local area. Living in a unique area like Flint, MI we discuss not only the challenges but the love that fuels are hands and feet as we work. So grab a cup and prepare for a few laughs and inspiration! Check for As It Should Be Body Products as mentioned in the Podcast. Support a good cause and take care of your skin at the same time!


Social Media: #ReclaimingMyTime

Social media took the world by storm years ago and was a great way to connect with people, share funny stories, and pictures however over the years we've seen the escalation of tension and differences play out on our computer screens. In this episode we discuss how we try to use social media for the positivity it's capable of yet "reclaim our time" when it becomes too much! Grab your cups and get ready to join in on the conversation!


All the Single Ladies!

In this episode we had a lively conversation with three beautiful, established, single women of faith. These women spent the afternoon with us discussing both the blessings and challenges of being grown, loving God, and being single. Grab your coffee cups and prepare for tons of laughs with these lovely ladies!


LaTisha Bowie #MamaWeMadeIt

This is the first of our featured "Mama We Made It" story interviews! In this episode LaTisha Bowie shares her story of survival, grace, grief, grit, and "beauty for ashes". She has inspired many with her story and we could not think of anyone better to kick-start this series. Grab your coffee cups and prepare to have your heart blessed by her story!


Mama we made it: The Follow up!

Due to the large response to our "Mama We Made It" success story series we spend some time in this episode reflecting on some our favorite quotes, sharing some of your comments, and how we are even more inspired to uplift our community! We also wanted to share the link to MLK's full Cleveland speech which encapsulates the spirit behind this series. Coffee cups up!


Mama we made it!

In this episode we are joined by special guest and friend, LaTishia Berry, NP to discuss the "urban educational experience". You'll hear from a personal perspective both the challenges and positive aspects of that journey, personal success stories, and a charge to invest into the lives of younger generations. Grab your coffee cups and prepare for plenty of laughs to go along with it!



Who doesn't love the popular hashtag relationship goals? Obviously hardly anyone! In this episode we're adding to the #goals conversation from the perspective of 10 good years of marriage. We have a few #relationshipgoals we're consistently working towards which made for good conversation over a good cup of joe!


Hello Spring....Hello Change!

Over the course of our lives significant moments, challenging seasons, and decisions change who we are as individuals and sometimes even change the course of our lives. It eventually dawns on us that we have changed! Have you struggled to embrace the new person you have become? Have those around you struggled to accept the "new" you? Then we're sure you will be able to relate to this episode on unintentional and intentional change! Join us as we sip Amazonas coffee and chop it up on...


Ep. 5 1,000 days of the #flintwatercrisis

Happy New Year to all! Join us as we discuss the plethora of coffee we've enjoyed over the holidays and the #flintwatercrisis. Today, January 19, 2017 marks 1,000 days Flint has been without clean water. #pray4flint #flintlivesmatter


Ep. 4 "and this Christmas...."

Dirty Chai Lattes on deck! We reminiscence about Christmas memories from family togetherness to toys or the lack thereof!! Background music: P. I. Tchaikovsky: Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy by Kevin MacLeod. Used with permission, no changes were made.


Ep. 3 When everything changed....

We drinking some Maui Mocha Peaberry on this one! In our discussion we will be bringing to light how the election took us back to a moment in our lives when our perspective changed about making a stronger impact in our community. This change effected things from our thoughts on how to love our neighbors to dealing with the #flintwatercrisis!


Ep. 2 Why we celebrate the black family: #blacklove

In this episode as we drink some Peruvian Coffee, discuss the #blacklove phenomenon, and why American history has given us a need to celebrate the Black Family.


Ep. 1 Coffee Conversations

Join us for the 1st episode of the podcast. Learn a little about us, our love for coffee, and hopefully be inspired to pursue your dreams!


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