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Coin Concede: A Hearthstone Podcast

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114 - Coin Concede: ”Guest Host? Wish GRANTed”

In Episode 114 Kenny, RidiculousHat, Botticus and guest Grant talk about class winners and losers when it comes to the new cards released for this expansion. News this week covers Kobolds and Catacombs (obviously) going live, Tale of the Fox’s Continue reading 114 – Coin Concede: ”Guest Host? Wish GRANTed”→

Duration: 02:08:59

113 - Coin Concede: ”Kobolds Running Wild”

In Episode 113 Kenny, RidiculousHat, and Botticus dive into the Kobolds and Catacombs cards that have been announced so far. News this week covers the release date of the expansion as well as what comes with it, a video with Continue reading 113 – Coin Concede: ”Kobolds Running Wild”→

Duration: 02:22:49

112 - Coin Concede: ”The Catacombs Revealed”

In Episode 112 Kenny, RidiculousHat, and Botticus go in depth over the few cards announced so far. News this week is about the schedule released for the different card reveals and the first installment of expansion setting/lore which is a Continue reading 112 – Coin Concede: ”The Catacombs Revealed”→

Duration: 01:51:20

111 - Coin Concede: ”Cost and Effect”

In Episode 111 Kenny, RidiculousHat, and Botticus take a deep dive into the dungeons of gold. In other words; the cost of playing Hearthstone. News this week covers a legendary card rule change, Death Knights taken out of Arena, New Continue reading 111 – Coin Concede: ”Cost and Effect”→

Duration: 01:39:44

110 - Coin Concede: ”Marin-ating on BlizzCon”

In Episode 110 Kenny, RidiculousHat, and Botticus reflect on the announcements over the last week at BlizzCon 2017 for the new set. News talk is generally about the different aspects of the new set like Dungeon Run, Marin the Fox, Continue reading 110 – Coin Concede: ”Marin-ating on BlizzCon”→

Duration: 01:56:12

109 - Coin Concede: ”Be Patient, We’re Doctors”

In Episode 109 Kenny, RidiculousHat, and Botticus take deck suggestions and doctor them up to make them more consistent, successful, or better. News this week covers Blizzard addressing Nemsy debacle, Golden Legendary Marin the Fox, Asmodai/Monsanto drama, and an announcement Continue reading 109 – Coin Concede: ”Be Patient, We’re Doctors”→

Duration: 01:41:39

108 - Coin Concede: ”Three Heads, No Horseman”

In Episode 108 Kenny, RidiculousHat, and Botticus talk about how to escape from the salt mines. News this week covers, free card packs, Hearthstone Inn-vitational announcement, Nemsy/Fireside blunders, and double Arena. Botticus and Ridiculous hat dive into the Oktoberbrawl Continue reading 108 – Coin Concede: ”Three Heads, No Horseman”→

Duration: 01:13:35

107 - Coin Concede: ”EZ Surrender EZ Priest”

In Episode 107 Kenny, Cora, and RidiculousHat played Barnes and got Botticus to talk about Big Priest. News this week revolves mainly around Patch 9.2 and Hallow’s End but also covers new currency updates, BlizzCon Merchandise Sale, and the Pumpkin Continue reading 107 – Coin Concede: ”EZ Surrender EZ Priest”→

Duration: 01:54:20

106 - Coin Concede: ”Tim Tam Taldaram”

In Episode 106 Kenny, Cinder, RidiculousHat, and Cora talk about strategies with your Mulligan! News this week covers the new Warlock Hero, BlizzCon’s Secret In-Game Bonus, and a Blizzard video on “the stack.” Cinder previews the Summer Playoffs lineups and Continue reading 106 – Coin Concede: ”Tim Tam Taldaram”→

Duration: 01:46:01

105 - Coin Concede: ”Two Georgiou Enter, One Downey Leaves”

In Episode 105 Cinder, RidiculousHat, Cora and guest SirSlim talk about being proactive vs reactive. News this week covers being datamined, BlizzCon2017’s schedule, Choose Your Champion, and another Hearthstone team dissolves. Cinder also covers RaTRace and Korea Major, when Continue reading 105 – Coin Concede: ”Two Georgiou Enter, One Downey Leaves”→

Duration: 01:19:01

104 - Coin Concede: ”Going Rogue”

In Episode 104 Kenny, Cinder, RidiculousHat and Botticus spend some time talking about the popular Tempo Rogue deck along with it’s “Ins and Outs.” News this week covers the data wars of HSReplay and vS Data Reaper betas, launching Continue reading 104 – Coin Concede: ”Going Rogue”→

Duration: 01:37:14

103 - Coin Concede: ”Say Who? with SeoHyun”

In Episode 103 Kenny, Cinder, RidiculousHat and guest Seohyun go into detail about tournament preparation and execution. News this week covers Patch 9.1 going live, IGN’s Blizzard interview, Team 5’s response to DC’s, RatRace becomes official, and Naga Sea Witch Continue reading 103 – Coin Concede: ”Say Who? with SeoHyun”→

Duration: 01:39:22

102 - Coin Concede: ”Don’t Stub Your Plateau”

In Episode 102 Kenny, Cinder, Appa, and RidiculousHat talk about how to get over your Hearthstone plateau. News this week is about some announcements; Nerf patch date, HCT Summer Champs in LA, Top Players for August, and BlizzCon 2017 Goody Continue reading 102 – Coin Concede: ”Don’t Stub Your Plateau”→

Duration: 01:25:18

101 - Coin Concede: ”Innervate Concede”

In Episode 101 Kenny, Cinder, Appa, and special guest Andrew Brown from the Happy Hearthstone podcast reflect on the announced balance changes incoming. News this week covers Mike Donais’ clarification on “copy” mechanics, Twitch Prime’s Oktoberbrawl, and the newly announced Continue reading 101 – Coin Concede: ”Innervate Concede”→

Duration: 01:39:13

100 - Coin Concede: ”Century Concede”

In Episode 100 Kenny, Cora, Cinder, Appa, and RidiculousHat celebrate 100 episodes of the podcast. Outside of the short nostalgia trip down memory lane, they press on to address using data responsibly in the Decksplanation segment. News this week is Continue reading 100 – Coin Concede: ”Century Concede”→

Duration: 02:04:21

Bonus Episode: “Patron Roundtable #2”

For August’s bonus episode Cinder, Appa, and RidiculousHat shine a spotlight on some of the active patrons in the Coin Concede Community. In our extra episode, sit back and have fun getting to know some of your fellow community members, Continue reading Bonus Episode: “Patron Roundtable #2”→

Duration: 01:11:43

099 - Coin Concede: ”Same Places, New Faces”

In Episode 99 Cinder, Appa, have guests TaylorEve and Botticus join in on the fun of podcasting about Hearthstone. News this week covers Gamescom fireside gathering play, Hearthstone’s animated short, and WESG eligibility rules and segregated divisions announcement. Cinder covered Continue reading 099 – Coin Concede: ”Same Places, New Faces”→

Duration: 01:28:41

098 - Coin Concede: ”We Can Build It!”

In Episode 98 Kenny, Cinder, Appa, and RidiculousHat answer some questions regarding deck building in a new meta. News this week covers Tavern vs Tavern and Choose Your Champion. Cinder covers the Red Bull Team Brawl: College Clash. On top Continue reading 098 – Coin Concede: ”We Can Build It!”→

Duration: 01:25:48

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