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EP23: Mommy Shaming, Kids on Social & Holiday Traditions

In this season finale Kristen and Tova talk about Kristen's recent viral post about putting herself first, the negative reaction to it and how mommy shaming has got to stop. They also talked about Facebook's new app for kids and why they are against it. And finally just before they break up for a little break they compare holiday traditions and talk all things Christmas!


EP22: Surviving Newborns

Tova and Kristen chat about newborns and how to survive the sleepless nights, the crying, the endless feeding and all the best and worst advice people give new moms. Tova also shares about her phone detox and how it has made more time for her to do.... nothing!


EP21: Let's Talk About the SEX TALK with Our Kids!

This week Tova and Kristen delve into the world of having "THE TALK" with our kids. Yes, the sex talk! What age is appropriate, what to say, how to say it, and the best books to describe where babies come from. They discuss and debate whether and when to talk about porn, pleasure, and the how uncomfortable but necessary these topics are with our children. And the two hosts also reveal where and how they learned about sex, and how they were taught and felt about it as children. Tova and...


EP20: Gratitude and Holiday Shopping

This week Kristen and Tova talk about gratitude, Thanksgiving, eating doughnuts for Hanukkah and how many gifts they give their kids for Christmas. Kristen confessed she has already finished all her Christmas shopping while Tova hasn't even started and the conversation somehow ends up about children eating their own snot. You don't want to miss this one, it was kinda all over the shop!


EP19: Our Childhood--Growing Up in the 80s

Tova and Kristen talk about their childhood, growing up in the 80's: the movies, the music, the awful hair and fashion, the noodle pots (yes, that's a thing), the moms who smoked, and going to the library before the days of Google. They also recorded part of the show while live on Facebook for the first time ever and were able to share the listeners comments! And finally they discussed why one mom is very happy when her kids get hair lice... you don't want to miss it!


EP18: Saying NO and Doing Less

This week Tova and Kristen talk about why saying "no" is a must while Tova shares some tricks on how to do less and still come out a winner as far as the kids are concerned (hint: get them used to very low standards). They also take a fun personality test which reveals a few surprises... you don't want to miss it!


EP017: The Takers and The Cellphone Debate

Kristen and Tova talk about "takers" - people in our lives who take from us and are never there when we need them. They also talk about the cellphone debate - what is an appropriate age to give children a phone, Tova shares why she is scared of the internet for her children based on her experience as a social media influencer.


EP16: Halloween Hell & Things We Never Thought We'd Say

Kristen and Tova talk about all things Halloween, including hiding candy from the kids, dealing with sugar-crazed children, tantrums and the last minute changes in costumes, and all the other drama. They also talk about all the things they never thought they would say... until they became moms! And finally, they both explain why they will NOT be getting the new 'camel toe' underwear for Christmas.... you don't want to miss this one!



Kristen and Tova talk about the Harvey Weinstein scandal that has brought this sensitive and charged topic to the front of the news over the past few weeks. They share personal stories from their own experiences or sexual harassment in the work place and other places and encourage women to come forward with their stories.


EP14: Motherhood: The Good, The Bad, & The Scary

This week Tova and Kristen talk about the trenches of motherhood. They start with their favorite stories of mom life, and what they love the most about their kids. The pair also discuss their biggest fears as parents, and Kristen reveals the recent diagnosis of her oldest daughter. It's a tough job, they love it, but they also need to vent sometimes, and this is THAT show! Tune in and see if you can relate to the joys and perils of parenthood.


EP13: Relationships, Sex After Kids and Everything in Between

Tova and Kristen talk about relationships, marriage and how there is no secret to a "good" marriage (whatever that means). They share funny stories from their own experience and get real personal when they discuss the topic of sex (what's that?!) after having kids. Kristen also shares a story about how she got angry with her husband for cheating on her... IN HER DREAM! You don't want to miss it!


EP12: Boobs, Babies & Botox

Tova and Kristen mix it up in this three topic mashup episode, discussing everything from why they think mentioning "boobs" during an interview on TV is inappropriate, to how they both struggled to get pregnant, fertility treatments and miracle babies. They also discussed Kristen's birthday and her visit to the spa (did she get Botox? listen to find out) and a story that includes the words "husband's head stuck in wife's vagina" which you really don't want to miss!


EP11: Mommy Shaming

In this week's show, Kristen and Tova talk about the big bad "mommy shaming" phenomena and how everyone these days seems to has something to say about other mom's choices (breastfeeding vs bottle feeding, co-sleeping vs sleep training etc). They also share personal stories about their own experiences with mommy shaming and how they dealt with it. Kristen talks about what it was like getting back home after hurricane Irma and Tova shares why she is so happy her twins have FINALLY started...



Tova and Kristen talk about mean girls, why the term even exists, is there such a thing as mean boys (yes!) and share stories about mean PEOPLE they have come across. They also talk about Hurricane Irma and how Kristen who lives in Florida needs to evacuate her home. And finally, they share a story that has the words 'poo', 'stuck in a window' and 'Tinder date' all in one sentence... You don't want to miss it!


EP09: Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

Kristen and Tova share personal stories and get real about their own experiences with postpartum depression (PPD) and anxiety, and talk about what helps them feel less stressed and overwhelmed. They also talk about Taylor Swift new song and at Pink's amazing speech at the VMAs and why men should pay more attention in sex education classes.


EP08: Where Did the Village Go & How to Find More Support

In this episode of Cold Coffee Kristen and Tova discuss the past, and how our mothers and grandmothers had a true village. They share how they found their own village, and give useful examples of how their village and friends help them with every day motherhood tasks. Like when their babies won't stop crying, or their husbands are out of town, or when they just need a sanity break! Lastly the Cold Coffee divas share their favorite stories recently about the kindness of strangers helping...


EP07: What Women Are Expected to Do!

Kristen and Tova dive into a hot topic: all the many things that women are expected to do. They talk about personal things like hair removal and makeup, who women are really trying to please, and why men don't have to be held to the same beauty standards. They also tell personal stories about plastic surgery and why they will or won't partake, and the pressure for all women to have children.


EP06: Back to School--Shopping, Tears, & Mimosas?

As summer is coming to an end, Tova and Kristen chat about going back-to-school and all the madness that goes with it like shoe and clothes shopping and searching for school supplies. They compare notes about the differences between the US and UK on all school matters like uniforms, school lunches and more. Kristen admits she is bound to cry on the first day of school, whilst Tova will probably be sipping a mimosa and doing a little celebratory dance! Tell us how you're preparing for that...


EP5: Mom Guilt, The Pressure to Do Everything, Dad Guilt, and Letting it All Go

This week Tova and Kristen discuss something that every new mother faces: mom guilt. It's something all women experience, and they share personal details about their own guiltiest moments. They also delve into how they rid their lives of guilt (for the most part!), what society makes all women feel guilty about, and if dads experience guilt too. Tova & Kristen also share their feelings on some of the hottest new trends in the personal care world! (Yes, they talk arm pit hair.)


EP04: Mom Self-Care (Or Lack Thereof) & the Importance of Saying No

Tova and Kristen talk about their super busy schedules, and why as moms they always seem to put themselves last. They talk about why they had to start saying no to stuff that comes up--all the organizations, schools, people who seem to want more of our time. They talk about the curse of being "pleasers" and how they want to give to everyone, but they end up sacrificing their own well-being. They also talk about the importance for finding "me time," how addicted we are to our phones and why...


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