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Diving into the college search is daunting-for teens and their parents! Dr. Jill Greenbaum creates the space to step back and think about who are you as a parent, and who you want to be as your teen transitions from high school to college. You’ll hear savvy guests, thoughtful questions, fresh ideas, and great guidance every week. Your teen can shift from feeling anxious, confused, and overwhelmed to confident, organized, and successful in finding the colleges that are the right fit!




College Bound & Determined – Evergreen Thoughts on Finding the Colleges Tha

In this farewell show, we think through the foundation for the college search: what does your teen believe and what do you believe, and how do these beliefs influence the journey? We hear a parade of excerpts from experts: Randy Taran speaks to building teens’ strengths and resilience, Kathy Griffin shares advice on helping teens manage finances, Jane Massengill invites … Read more about this episode...

Duration: 01:02:37

College Bound & Determined – Expert advice on applications, writing essays

Teens are worried about getting into college, so today we focus on three key topics: First we discuss the alarming new trend of “application inflation” when students apply to too many schools. Gunce Arkan gives us the inside info on writing stellar essays, as they are critical to the application process. We wrap up with an informative piece on the … Read more about this episode...

Duration: 01:05:56

College Bound & Determined – Beginning the Transition: Your Teen’s Start on

This week our conversations focuses getting real about college-discovering what to do when and how to manage it all! We explore a simple yet challenging way to support our teens in their work in school and in our relationship with them, and Jane Massengill shares her wonderful experience in sending off her second son to university. We close with a … Read more about this episode...

Duration: 00:57:56

College Bound & Determined – Values -You Gotta Be in Touch with ‘Em to Do t

This week we learn about listening from Julian Treasure, orientation to time-past, present and future-from Philip Zimbardo, thinking about our own values while listening to Eddi Reader, and planning for discovering our teen’s values in the wrap-up discussion of all these great pieces. We also take a close look at different types of college experiences and how knowledge of self … Read more about this episode...

Duration: 00:53:34

College Bound & Determined – Change, change, change… For your teen and you!

It’s summer’s end and your relationships with your teen heading off to college is about to change dramatically! This week we talk about what that new relationship will look like and how to prepare for it. Jaclyn Green-Stock talks with us about helping teens begin college on the right foot, embracing the possibilities and with an eye toward the future. … Read more about this episode...

Duration: 01:06:44

College Bound & Determined – To interview or not to interview, that is the

Summer’s almost over! It’s time to get serious about completing the college admissions process, and that means helping your teen focus on the best possible constellation of components. This week we dig deeply into a difficult area for many students-interviewing skills. Kay White, communication expert, talks with me about what to know, how to prepare, and what to do … Read more about this episode...

Duration: 00:56:30

College Bound & Determined – The Goldilocks Approach: Finding Answers About

Queries from teens drive our conversation this week! We tackle the worth of college, the question of how many extracurriculars is just right, and how to craft a stellar college essay. Andrew Long is my guest and we hear where he is in his college search, and in sharing his process we learn many of the steps on the path… Read more about this episode...

College Bound & Determined – It’s August! Time to Think Ahead to the New Sc

Just in case your teen got caught up in end-of-school-year madness and a summer away from school, we begin with a recap of steps in the college search from May to September. We hear from Dave Eggers’ about how his dream of helping students has become a reality. His piece offers insights into how to strengthen our relationship… Read more about this episode...

College Bound & Determined – Ready, Set, Go! Start the college search!

This week we tackle a broad range of topics! We discuss the steps of the college search and selection marathon, and I share some behind-the-scenes tips from my complimentary strategy sessions for teens and their parents. Just in case those topics raise anxiety, we shift to ways to take care of ourselves, by talking with health and wellness expert Read more about this episode...

College Bound & Determined – Planning the Future: For your teen and yoursel

It’s July! Time to check in on your teen’s college search, as the process may have ground to a halt in end-of-school-year festivities. This week we talk with Yvette McIntyre about what it feels like to be a parent facing changing roles, transition, and new freedoms as her teen heads off to college. And, we also dig below… Read more about this episode...

College Bound & Determined – Answers please! What do we need to know about

Myths, questions, and concerns, culled from conversations with teens and advisers just this past week, are addressed in this show. We take a close look at recent revelations about college costs, the value of a college education, and new resources providing answers to both parents and teens with questions about the college search.

College Bound & Determined – Getting Real About the Resources Available to

It’s a fact! Most students in the US don’t know-because they are not exposed to-the range of post-secondary options. This week we take a close look the dearth of resources in our schools and how parents can help their teens. We hear from Irene Gutman, a parent who reflects on her son’s graduation and the life he will step into… Read more about this episode...

College Bound & Determined – How to Help Teens Engage Fully in Their Colleg

This week we focus on your teens and you in a very practical way. While it may seen that talk about play and younger children is unrelated to the world of teens, we connect the dots and get clear on why the college search is a problem to solve/an opportunity to for teens to engage fully in their present and… Read more about this episode...

College Bound & Determined – A Big Picture View of College Readiness: Ensur

While it’s almost the end of the school year we still take a close look at what schools need to be doing to ensure that your teens are provided with the tools to become college ready. And, for seniors thinking ahead to college in August, we listen to Denise Darrigrand, Dean of Students at Clark University, as she talk about… Read more about this episode...

College Bound & Determined – Learn about The Dirty Dozen: Significant-and A

In this week’s show we look at Peter Theil’s offer to select students to forgo college and receive $100,000 to chase their entrepreneurial dreams. Assuming that teen’s are going to college, there are significant mistakes to avoid during the admission process, and so I discuss those in detail. And, we learn important, new information from Kathleen… Read more about this episode...

College Bound & Determined – End of the year: It’s time to chill & work sma

It’s almost summer! Time for teens to relax and stay focused for end of year testing. This week I share ideas from Conzentrate by Sam Horn and hone in on helping juniors become college ready not just college eligible. Listen and learn new ideas to support your teen.

College Bound &Determined – Practical Ideas About Sleep, the Search, Succes

This week we dive into practical ideas for teens, starting with how to get more sleep (and why it’s so important). We hear from Karen Liss, parent of a teen whose passion is acting, about the additional steps in that search process. And, I dig deeply into Carol Dweck’s book Mindset, sharing great ideas, offering stimulating questions, suggestions,… Read more about this episode...

College Bound & Determined – Well-Kept Secrets: Gap Year Opportunities & Re

Gap year: the term conjures up questions! What is it, who does it, and what is the range of opportunities, these are just a few of the questions answered by Marie Schwartz, founder of, this week on College Bound & Determined. I also answer queries from parents and teens and share information about… Read more about this episode...

College Bound & Determined – Lessons Learned-and Applied- from a Rock Climb

We begin by hearing from Matthew Childs, a rock climber; his life lessons inform the college search. My guest Sue Howarth digs deep into how to meet the strengths, needs, wants and challenges of students with special needs. We wrap up with making Carol Dweck’s work, Mindset, actionable in our lives.

College Bound & Determined – It’s May! Juniors are on their way to Making t

This week we dig deeply into all the steps that need to be completed by the end of junior year. We check in to ensure that teens are on the right path: Goalset, Research, Analyze and Decide… They will Evaluate their choices in the spring of senior year. I also walk you through the questions that precede engaging the college… Read more about this episode...
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