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CLP 11: Rich Birch Pt. 2, Taking Volunteers To The Next Level

In this session, host Steve Grusendorf continues his discussion with Pastor Rich Birch from The two continue to tackle practical issues related to volunteerism in the church. Listen in as Birch shares how to effectively train current volunteers, unleash passionate volunteers to recruit new volunteers, and how to have the hard conversations with a volunteer is simply not working out.


CLP 10: Rich Birch Pt. 1, Fostering A Volunteer Culture in a Double Income World

In this session, host Steve Grusendorf welcomes Pastor Rich Birch from into the studio. Steve and Rich discuss the ever important topic of volunteer recruitment and retention. Drawing from his years of experience in some of the nations early multi-site churches, Birch offers busy ministry leaders simple and straightforward tips on how to develop a ministry built by world-changing volunteers.


CLP 9 Stephen Brewster Pt. 2, Creativity In The Walls Of The Church

In this episode of the CLP, host Steve Grusendorf continues his conversation with Pastor Stephen Brewster on the role of creativity in leadership. In this episode, the discussion turns to creativity within the church. Steve and Steve will discuss how ministry leaders can foster a greater sense of creativity within the culture of their church and pull the curtain back on why creativity can unleash your church's potential.


CLP 8: Stephen Brewster Pt. 1, Leading With The Left Brain

In this episode of the Collyde Leadership Podcast, host Steve Grusendorf welcomes Pastor Stephen Brewster into the studio to discuss the role of creativity in the life of the leader. For too long creativity has been relegated to a certain few who have "it" while all the rest of us don't. Listen in as Brewster shares why leaders need to recognize that creativity is an indispensable part of the act of leadership and how leaders can begin to leverage creativity in their own context.


CLP 7 Tim Lucas Pt. 2, Leadership Fences

In this episode, host Steve Grusendorf continues his conversation with Pastor Tim Lucas from Liquid Church. The conversation turns to understanding how to set up healthy boundaries as leaders. Whether it's connecting in one-to-one meetings or defining the line between work and home. You won't want to miss this important discussion about keeping boundaries in order hold onto your passion.


CLP 6 Tim Lucas Pt. 1, Avoiding Burnout

In this episode, Steve connects with Pastor Tim Lucas from Liquid Church, one of the fastest growing churches on the East Coast to discuss the ever important topic of boundaries. If you're a leader who is burning the candle on both ends then you won't want to miss this engaging conversation. Listen in and learn from a ministry leader who has walked the road to burn out and lived to tell about it.


CLP 5 Carey Nieuwhof Pt. 2, Dealing With Sticky Issues

Ever wonder how to hold and teach a Christian ethic in a post-Christian culture? You're not alone. Listen in as Steve talks with author and pastor Carey Nieuwhof about how to speak, lead, and teach with truth and grace in a post-Christian culture.


CLP 3 Jenni Catron Pt. 2, The Integrated Leader

This episode is a continuation of the conversation between Steve and guest Jenni Catron. In this episode, the two will discuss why it is essential that leaders lead with all of the heart, soul, mind, and strength.


Episode 2: Distinctly Biblical Leadership

In this episode, Steve begins a conversation with national author and speaker Jenni Catron. Listen in as Steve and Jenni discuss the unique characteristics of a Biblical leader and how the church can begin to value Eldership in a world which often places greater value on the MBA.


Episode 1: A Northeastern Vision

In this episode, Steve interviews Collyde visionary and founder Jinu Thomas about what is unique about ministry in a North East context. Steve will also talk with Jinu about how as leaders we can weather personal crisis well.