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Episode 30 Ed Gein part 2 Patron saint of splatter

Welcome to part 2 of the Gein fun! Thank you to our sponsor, Sudio Sweden! Use the code COLORMEDEAD15 to get 15% off your order at Check out our friends at Home Video Hustle, Dude, That's Fucked Up, Hillbilly Horror Stories and MAUL podcast. A HUGE thanks to our friend Tom Kucek for the history of Plainfield and the creepy reading as Ed Gein. Artists who want to donate pieces for our domestic violence fundraiser on February 3, 2018, please email us at...

Duration: 02:25:15

Untitled Episode

MEET AND GREET! Completely free to attend Saturday Feb 10th, 2018 Raising money for people leaving domestic violence situations if you want to donate, please email us at more updates will be made available as we get them! Let's raise some money and chat!

Duration: 00:07:45

Episode 29 Geiny Weeny Pt. 1 Baby Gein

Geiny Weeny Part 1 Welcome to novGEINber, or something equally corny. Thank you to our sponsor Sudio Sweden, please be sure to get some sweet earbuds for your loved ones for the holiday season. Enter COLORMEDEAD15 to get 15% off at Be sure to check out our pod friends: it’s about damn crime, married to murder, pleasing terrors, lustmordia, and Home video hustle. Go help our friends at the heavy metal shop and order yourself some sweet stuff to help get...

Duration: 01:53:31

Episode 28: Current Events and Random Nonsense

Today we cover the lasted in true crime news, you hear from our friends at Killifornia, Nature of the beast and Happy horror coffee break! Big credit to our patrons Tiffany Ann and Clinton Toone for being at our sponsor level.

Duration: 01:12:08


IT'S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEARR!!This week is our Halloween Special! We talk about the history of Halloween, zombies, true crime stories, and our favorite Halloween movies. Plus, you guessed it…we didn’t take anything seriously. It’s sure to be entertaining. Also, we had super sick kids, so we apologize for any background noises. Enter COLORMEDEAD15 for 15% off headphones from our sponsors at Hurry and sign up for your murder box from just killin...

Duration: 01:47:59


IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEARR!! This week is our Halloween Special! We talk about the history of Halloween, zombies, true crime stories, and our favorite Halloween movies. Plus, you guessed it…we didn’t take anything seriously. It’s sure to be entertaining. For some reason Audacity decided to have some issues and apparently deleted the studio and just went to mono, so if you can only hear our voices in one earbud, that is why. I tried to fix it but then it just sounded super...

Duration: 01:43:41

Episode 26: Yard Sale of DEATH

Episode 26 is much like a yard sale. We have a little of everything, except an actual case. We talk about torture devices, asylums, corpse medicine, lobotomies, facts on death, and a whole lot of random bullshit, Quinn also joins us for the last little bit. LOL we hope you enjoy this shit show. if you want to join our patreon for random babblings, behind the scene access, extra clips, etc you can do so here: sign up for your murder box here:...

Duration: 02:28:41

Episode 25: The Chicago Ripper Crew Pt. 2

End of the Chicago Ripper Crew. Pt. 2 Join us this week as we finish up the Chicago Ripper crew! Confessions, trials, death, parole, and so much more! If you want to join our patreon to help us get some better equipment so the podcast is flawless, you can do so here: special access to our show, plus you can feel good that you helped out some desperate bitches. If you cannot donate (we totally understand that one) please share us with a friend or...

Duration: 02:08:13

Episode 24: The Chicago Ripper Crew Part 1

The Chicago Ripper Part 1 & Welcome Nikki Here is the first official episode with Nikki on our team. So the first 10-15 minutes is us welcoming her and a little chit chat, then we get into the show. The ripper crew is going to be a 2 part case, with only a little bit of information into the gross things this group did. We hope you enjoy! We finally have a patreon, if you would like to support us you can do so here: If not, don’t feel pressured,...

Duration: 01:42:29

Episode 23: Blame Warlock and Slayer

Take you back to July 1995 In this episode we each tell you a story of kids who killed kids. Same month, same year…different locations. Apologies now, something is wrong with one of our mics, we are working on sending it back to get fixed. Classic issues, if something goes right…naturally something has to break. So we apologize for the weird audio issues Ember goes first with a sad story of the muder of 8 year old Jonathan Thimpson in Canada. 14 year old Sandy Charles and a 7-8year old...

Duration: 01:29:11

Episode 22: David Parker Ray Part 3 Bringing Evidence Back

ITS THE END! We made it everyone. We have some huge shout outs and thank yous to get through. Thank you to sudio for our awesome headphones! if you want to get some sweet ones go to and enter COLORMEDEAD15 to get 15% off your purchase. Do it. they are the best. Dont forget to check out the podcasts mentioned The art of decluttering, color me home, Seconds acts, and shattered. Thank you to Steven David Lampley for all of your help and support. Go get his books guys....

Duration: 01:44:23

Episode 21: David Parker Ray Welcome to your nightmare, Part 2

Part 2 of the Toy Box This episode we really break down a lot of the things DPR did to his victims, possible murders, etc. special thanks to: Quinn Hammond for being the voice of David Parker Ray, doing an amazing job bringing in the true creep factor. Merch: beard stuff: enter code CMDP17 at checkout for 20% off your order Promos and Pods mentioned: Mirths and Monsters, Crime Crazy, UnAired, Nature of the Beast, Pleasing Terrors, Joe...

Duration: 02:34:38

Episode 20: David Parker Ray aka Toy box killer. Part 1

David Parker Ray: ecosexual turned sadomasochist Ask and ye shall recieve. Welcome to part one of three in the david parker ray case. Today we break down and find out about baby david, cindy, and Roy. We touch the tip of what David was like, and we have a lot of squirrel hunts. apologies for the last part of the episode, something funky happened with our audio and Ember is not a professional. Thanks to our podcaster friends who sent their promos! Be sure to check them out after this...

Duration: 09:56:52

*Mini Episode* #Tanner’s Voice. Listener’s stories being told

Tanner Barton’s story This is our first ever mini episode where we just tell stories from our listeners. We want to use our platform as a way to help people get their stories out there. This is just the first of many. Also it’s just Ember in this one so apologies for sounding so odd, it was a first with new headphones. please go follow the Barton’s and show your support on twitter: Tanner’s_Voice Facebook: Tannersvoice Website: Don’t foret to take a picture or a [...]

Duration: 01:16:20

Episode 19: Polygamy Nightmares. Leeeesteners Choice

Leeesteners choice: Polygamy thank you to everyone who voted for this episode. We hope you learned somethings and had some laughs. Thank you to our bff/ future compound wife: Nikki Toone. Also thanks to Levi Lewis for hanging out and helping us. Come join our cult, our followings are foung on Twitter @colormedeadpod. Facebook @colormedeadpodcast, facebook group @colormedeadgroup, Instagram @colormedeadpodcast. Email us your stories at Go to...

Duration: 03:47:48

Episode 18: Current Events & Debauchery

Episode 18…not Episode 19 (side eye Ember) This week we bring you some squirrel hunts with a side of current events. Be sure to check out Mom’s and Murder, Nothing rhymes with murder, and once upon a crime this week and get back to us with your thoughts!Get 20% off all the delicous beard care items using the promo code CMDP17 at

Duration: 01:43:18

Episode 17: You May Take Her Hands but Not Her Life

Survivor Story: Mary Vincent 1978 In 1978 15 year old Mary Vincent agreed to get into the van with 50 year old fuck face Larry Singleton, and would face some of the most horrific things any person would face, let alone a young girl. Take a listen with us as we break down this case with tons of squirrel hunts along the way. Special guest: Levi Lewis, and the 2 oldest children of the Hammond Clan If you want a free trial and book from audible go to we are...

Duration: 01:48:27

Episode 16: The Monster of New Orleans Madame LaLaurie

Madame LaLaurie: In this episode we break down one of New Orleans biggests monsters. Her story has haunted history since the discovery in 1834. In her mansion she tortured her slaves in ways that are unimaginable. Human caterpiller, woman crab, wooden spoons sticking out of holes in skulls, intestine belts, etc. The only difficult part of this case to seperate fact from fiction. What is true and what was turned into horror stories to tell around a campfire? If you want to try audible...

Duration: 02:05:54

Episode 15: Pornos and Prey The Joel David Rifkin Case

Joel David Rifkin: Joel was an unfortunate child, always picked on, never had any friends, and often spent time alone. He grew up to go on a 4 year killing frenzy, taking the lives of 17 women. He was a real piece of work. As always if you enjoy us please come join us! Facebook @colormedeadpodcast and the color me dead group page Instagram @colormedeadpodcast Twitter @colormede [...]

Duration: 07:37:20

Episode 14: Joshua Phillips Still Won’t Say Why

Why can’t he tell us why? Nov 3 1998 would be the last time the Clifton family ever saw their adorable 8 year old daughter Maddie Clifton. She would go missing, which would spark a massive search for the little girl. One week later, a greusome discovery would be made by Joshua Phillips mother on Nov 10, 1998. Her son had murdered his neighboorhood friend and no ones lives would ever be the same. The one question we all still have to this day is the exact reason Joshua decided to kill...

Duration: 01:48:41

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