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Episode 22- The Awesome Comics Podcast

We have Vince Hunt and Tony Ezmond from the Awesome Comics Podcast on for a chat this episode. Vince is the Creator of The Red Mask from Mars and Tony has reviewed comics for Down The Tubes and Never Iron Anything. Along with the third host of the podcast Dan Butcher and artist Nick Prolix they have created the Awesome Comic, an anthology of stories. Issue one is out now. The boys discuss how the podcast came to be as well as the creation of the comic and the ideas behind it. We also review...


Episode 21- How To Make a Comic with Pete Taylor

A different episode this time as rather than interviewing a creator we pick Pete Taylors brains on how to create a comic. We start from the beginning with thinking up ideas to writing and then drawing the comic. Finally we finish with what many creators believe is the hardest part and promotion. This was discussed to help us in our journey of creating our own comic but we hope it helps others as well. We review Square #16 Summer Dairies by Ian M which as it says is a day to day comic of...


Episode 20- Scarlett & Sophie Rickard (Gluepot Books)

In this episode we speak to sisters Scarlett and Sophie Rickard who have created their own publishing company called Gluepot Books. So far they have released the fun Mann's Best Friend which was in our top 10 books of 2017 but have plans for the future with another book due this year. In the interview they discuss how they work together, the process of creating a book to printing it and how it was to actually have people read and review their book. We review Our Town by Tim Bird, Wired Up...


Episode 19- Tillie Walden

Tillie Walden is our guest on the show today. Tillie has created so many amazing books in such a short time. We delve into her short but amazing career, how it came to be and what drives her talent. We also discuss her book Spinning and the use of colours plus why she felt now was the right time to write about her childhood. We also look back at 2017 and talk about our top 10 graphic novels out this year. We then decide on our individual favourite which may surprise you all. The books we...


Episode 18- The Etherington Brothers

We have an interview with the wonderful Etherington Brothers. Robin and Lorenzo create some amazing children's comics as well as bringing the creation process to life for children in their stage show in this episode of the podcast. We talk to the pair about how they began creating comics, working with your brother, their process and how their creative shows came about. It truly is a great interview with both of them and we recommend you track them down next year and watch them perform if...


Episode 17- Clockwork Watch

Its time for another episode of the podcast and in this episode we interview the guys behind the Clockwork Watch series of comics. We feature a chat with Yoms and Corey Brotherson as we talk creating a universe and how to really drive sales behind the table. We have a little bit of a bad reception so please ignore the blips. We review The Girl and the Glim, Ellerbisms and Becoming Unbecoming as well as looking at the new Netflix of comics Comichaus. Mike has a feature on Cow boys In Space...


Episode 16- Meet the Mighty One: A Celebration of 2000AD

Welcome to the Comic Art Festival Podcast, A slightly different episode this week as we all take an episode off. We have a recording from panel Meet The Mighty One: A Celebration of 2000AD recorded at this years LICAF. It features Steve MacManus, Sean Phillips, Duncan Fegredo and Pete Doherty talking about their time at 2000AD. It was hosted by John McShane. We do however give a quick review of Thor Raganrok and talk about the Myraid 2017 First Graphic Novel Competition. Subscribe to get...


Episode 15- The Lakes International Comic Art Festival 2017

Welcome to the Comic Art Festival Podcast, In this episode Ian and Nikki talk about their experiences at the awesome Lakes International Comic Art Festival 2017. We look at each of our days and the talks we went too as well as the evenings entertainment. We also managed to get loads of short interviews on the day so in this episode you will hear: Part one of the interviews: Richard Skipworth of the Cartoonist's Club of Great Britian, Chris Thompson from Titan Comics, Cinebook, Yoms from...


Episode 14- Pre Festival 2017 Ramble

Welcome to the Comic Art Festival Podcast A different episode today as Nikki & Ian plus contributors Pete Taylor, Mike Williams and Chris Medcalf get together for a group discussion to talk about our favourite comics (see the podcast art for this show), drink a little festival ale and discuss what we are getting up to during the festival. Chris also discusses his role within the Clock Tower during the weekend and Pete talks about how he plans to run a table at comic events. We review The...


Episode 13- Paula Knight

Welcome to the Comic Art Festival Podcast We interview The Facts of Life creator Paula Knight who discusses the book and her life. Its a really interesting chat and we can't wait to meet her in person at the festival. We also talk to Jonathan Edwards and Louise Evans (Felt Mistress) about their brand new exhibition Archipelagogo which has opened for the Lakes International Comic Art Festival 2017. We were lucky enough to visit the opening of the event and talk about that here too. We...


Episode 12- Stephen Holland from PAGE 45

Welcome to the Comic Art Festival Podcast, Today we have the co-owner of the superb comic shop Page 45, Stephen Holland on the show. He talks about the shop, the industry and the festival. I feel we have so much more to hear from Stephen and hope to maybe get him back one day in the future. We review Mann's Best Friend, Maleficium and Spinning and give our thoughts on Fantastic Four. We discuss Batman the Animated Adventures too as it's been 25 years since it appeared on our TV screens....


Episode 11- Gareth Brookes

Welcome to the Comic Art Festival Podcast, We have Gareth Brookes come on the show this episode to talk about comics, his books and beer. We review Kill or be Killed Volume 2, The Facts of Life, The Rabbit and Gods and give our thought's on the new Death Note movie. Mike talks all about Slaine and his history and Pete starts his look at the life of Jack Kirby as we all celebrate 100 years since his birth. We close with music from Pop Noir with a track entitled Don't Fool Yourself...


Episode 10- Blues Harvest

Welcome to the Comic Art Festival Podcast, This episode features a great chat with the band Blues Harvest who will be playing at the festival this year. We talk to Nick, Andy and Jess and discuss Nicks comic work, Andy's Pop Up Puppet theatre, what the band is all about and we find out which band member knows the most about Star Wars. We also play the track entitled Obi Wan Kenobi. We review Gill Hatchers The Beginners Guide to Being Outside and the football book The Rise of the...


Episode 9- Hannah Berry

Welcome to the Comic Art Festival Podcast, We have Hannah Berry on this episode talking about her books, her article on how hard it is to create a graphic novel and on how she believes she may be a witch. Check out her podcast which she hosts with Dan Berry called No YOU Hang Up. We review The Red Turtle, the latest film from Ghibli Studios and look at the books Untitled Apes Epic Adventure, Adamtine & discuss all the trailers we loved at SDCC. We also have music from Kendal act The Wyld...


Episode 8- Pat Mills

Welcome to the Comic Art Festival Podcast, In this episode we interview the legend that is Pat Mills. We discuss 2000AD, the state of British comics and his new books Serial Killer and Be Pure! Be Vigilant! Behave! 2000AD & Judge Dredd: The Secret History. We also review the new Castlevania animation. Mike discusses The Walking Dead. Sadly Pete couldn't be on the show this episode.. real life! Oh and make sure you subscribe so you never miss an episode. Thank you for listening....


Episode 7- Darryl Cunningham

Welcome to the Comic Art Festival Podcast episode. In this episode we interview Darryl Cunningham, creator of Science Tales and Psychiatric Tales, about his career and reasons for becoming a comic book creator. We talk about and review Thrud, A.L.I.E.E.E.N. and Brain Shoodles. Mike talks about Watchmen (the comic of course) and Pete talks about his workshops and the Swansea Comics Collective. Oh and make sure you subscribe so you never miss an episode. Thank you for listening....


Episode 6- Joe Decie

Welcome to the Comic Art Festival Podcast episode. In this episode we interview Joe Decie, writer and artist of Collecting Sticks. We review the amazing movie Wonder Woman and have a chat about our visit to Lancaster Comics Day. Mike talks about the original Star Wars comics that were released in the UK and Pete continues his look at Will Eisner. Oh and make sure you subscribe so you never miss an episode. Thank you for listening. Twitter: @comicartfestpod...


Episode 5- John Freeman

Welcome to the Comic Art Festival Podcast. Episode 5 features a great interview with John Freeman. John runs the website Down The Tubes and has been an editor and writer in British comics for many years. He also runs Lancaster Comic Day and is involved with the Lakes Comic Festival too. We review the books Twisted Dark, Cat Stevens and The Can Openers Daughter and discuss quite a bit of TV and movie news as well. Finally, we announce the winners of our Kill or be Killed print competition....