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Do You like Comic Books? Cause these three nerds have a lot to say about it, The Comic Consciousness will fuel your mind with Super Hero's, Monsters, Time Travel, etc.. Whether its Books or TV we have something to say about it and make you laugh along the way. Come mind-meld with Andrew, Mike and Lee.




Comic Consciousness Episode 40, The Atlantic Rim

The gang is all here! Wylie tells us about a knock off Pacific Rim Movie, called Atlantic Rim and we give our review on The Suicide Squad Movie. Andrew tells us all about the ridiculous things that happened at Comic Con while having a table in the Artist Alley. Plus some other nonsense that can only cause laughter and head shaking.

Duration: 02:01:24

Comic Consciousness Episode 39, Comic Book Philia

Andrew, Lee, Mike and Wylie have a lot to say about all the Comic Book Movies out this summer, one made Mike take a nap. And, Flash Season 3 theories are thrown around. Plus much more this time on The Comic Consciousness!

Duration: 01:03:02

Comic Consciousness Episode 29, The Fantastic Foursome

A late Boston Comic Con 2015 Review, Comic Book Fall TV Shows are discussed, Mike Reviews the Fantastic Four Movie, and things get naughty when Doctor Who is brought up.

Duration: 01:46:18

Comic Consciousness Episode 28, Comics in the basement

Andrew, Lee, Mike and Wyile are back and their sultry voices are bringing you Comics!

Duration: 01:27:33

Comic Consciousness Episode 27, Men Without Fear Part 2

We finish talking about Daredevil, by talking about what could happen next with the man without fear. The Star Wars trailer gives us new hope. Wylie learns more about the confusing world of comic books.

Duration: 01:20:24

Comic Consciousness Episode 26, Men Without Fear Part 1

The first half of Daredevil is discussed along with The Flash TV Show but we spend most of our time drooling over Hells Kitchen.

Duration: 01:43:09

Comic Consciousness Episode 23

The Marvel Comic Universe is Ending!!! No worries though our heroes are going to Battle World for the end of days and new beginnings, Who dies? Who lives? How much speculation and hearsay can we come up with??

Duration: 02:12:54

Comic Consciousness Episode 22

This Week the guys look for a hero with a beard. Character names are brought into question. We talk about Jurassic World, and what the new Dino might be. The New Sony Walkman is under fire from Lee "The Sound Snob".

Duration: 02:20:37

Comic Consciousness Episode 21

It's a New Years Eve party at the Comic Consciousness. Andrew, Lee and Mike have a special guest this week. A Trivia game is played. And, we look back at the big comic book news of 2014 and what would happen if Spock and Kirk had a kid.

Duration: 02:17:31

Comic Consciousness Episode 20

It's the Holidays for The Comic Consciousness. Sony gets hacked! Spider-Man just wants to be part of the group. Also, The Flash/Arrow crossover and midseason finales are discussed.

Duration: 01:25:41

Comic Consciousness Episode 18

Lee compares the Gotham TV Show to background noise and a subpar meal. Comics from the past are reviewed and how they compare to today. The Knightscope K5 robot gets its circuits fried.

Duration: 02:02:49

Comic Consciousness Episode 17

It's Tea Time for the Comic Consciousness with a weekly TV round up. Mike talks DC comics series Godhead, Lee apologizes for nothing and ponders never speaking again.

Comic Consciousness Episode 16

Andrew, Lee & Mike try to make the show more PG13 and fail. Gotham, The Flash and The Walking Dead are discussed for TV, and Avengers Age of Ultron Teaser Trailer.

Duration: 01:39:41

Comic Consciousness Episode 15

A quick political view on comic book characters. Lees view on why Guardians of The Galaxy is a better movie than Nolan's Dark Knight. And, a review of Kevin Smith's Tusk and the dangers of podcasting.

Duration: 01:24:56

Comic Consciousness Episode 14

This week the guys are all over the place. Lee explains more Doctor Who to Mike. Is Nolans Batman a murderer? Comic Books are reviewed, and Andrew tries to plug his new favorite Comic Book Store.

Duration: 01:21:11

Comic Consciousness Episode 13

Mike has a list of things to say about the new TMNT movie, Andrew relives Boston Comic Con and his run in with Aquaman and best costumes are discussed.

Duration: 01:22:57

Comic Consciousness Episode 12

This week the guys talk about their new favorite movie The Guardians of the Galaxy and why other Comic Book Films will have a hard time living up to it.

Duration: 01:27:47

Comic Consciousness Episode 11

Things get crazy this week as Mike has a few thoughts about the Arrow TV Show and DC future projects & Lee is all caught up on New 52 Batman.

Duration: 01:39:30

Comic Consciousness Episode 10

Andrew, Lee & Mike are kicking it old school with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the movie, join us as we jab and jest at this classic and the upcoming TMNT movie.

Duration: 01:41:28

Comic Consciousness Episode 9

This week the guys talk about JJ Abrams Star Wars, The decline of Journalism and "real news". Andrew and Lee Face-Off in Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit!

Duration: 01:29:49

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