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Podcast #172 John Gessford President

What is a commercial real estate, online publisher? How important is it to put together the best possible marketing package? Can it be simple and seamless? Is it the most forward facing part of your brand? How does your current marketing package compare to your competition? All of this and so much more. How it works. This short video gives a sneak peek of the CREOP platform and a sampling of a PDF report.


Podcast #163 Tony VanderBeek Commercial Realtor Coldwell Banker Brooklyn New York

What is the state of retail today? Wait, what is the real state of retail today in one of the biggest retail markets in the world? Is gentrification a relevant term? How does that affect the marketplace? Can you just blame Amazon for everything wrong with retail? What are the real day to day cost-effective tasks for brokers today? Hint: Relationships. All that and so much more. Connect with Tony.


Podcast #162 Duke Long 4 Reasons Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Is Failing NOW! And You Can’t Stop It!

You can’t, you think you can but no, you can’t. What does it take to have a competitive real estate company today? At at least the basic level it should be what? Are you sure or are you just hoping it won't change until you retire?


Podcast #161 Dan Palmeri, SIOR Senior Director Cushman & Wakefield Las Vegas, NV.

It's not just about the Las Vegas Strip that I can guarantee you. How do you get into commercial real estate with no background or experience? How do you build a book of business? How do you market and build a brand from scratch? Yes, I'm going to say it. Old school and new school, this is how to get it done! All this and so much more.


Podcast #160 Duke Long. Random Thoughts and Questions. What Is The Most Underrated Sector Of #CRE #TECH?

Why is it always some of the same questions? Are we solving the most important problems? Is there such a thing as a velvet dog? What happened to LEED? What is a real exit? All this and so much more.


Podcast #159 Duke Long. What Is The Most Underrated Part Of Your Company Marketing?

How much time and effort is wasted? How much money is spent? Why are you not seeing the bottom line results? All of this and so much more.


Podcast #157 Vishu Ramanathan Ceo Buildout.

What is the past and future of #CRE and #Tech? How important is data, your data? Is integration just a dream or is it actually happening? Why should you care? Do you understand why the cost of adding incremental functionality will go down with access to data? Everyone has an opinion about AI, Driverless cars, and VR but do they relate it to #CRE and #Techonology in realistic terms? All of this and so much more.


Podcast #156 David Collier Co-Founder Brokers Behaving Badly Part 2.

Oh, the things they do. Want a fascinating take on the legal side of brokerage? Would you even attempt to cross the line? How do you know when and if you are? What if it's happening today? You might be surprised. All this and so much more.


Podcast #155 Jeff Finn CEO RealNex

What is a truly global perspective? How well do you understand your customers? Are you tethered to your desk? Do you even know why? What tools do you need to build and grow your business? Are you people and property centric? Are you sure? All of this and so much more!


Podcast #154 Coy Davidson Senior VP Colliers Houston.

Old school for sure. New school and then some. Do you think you know how to adapt to the digital commercial real estate world today? Learn from one of the originals. He's on all of my lists He could be his own list. Listen and learn!


Podcast #153 Dan Hughes Director of Data Information Products at RICS.

Do you have a Global Real Estate and Technology Perspective? Data as and is just data but then what do you do with it? What should uou look for? Do you even know why? All of this and so much more. Dan leads the product management and development of data and information products around the world including BCIS, IIS, iSurv, HomeBuyer Report, SKA and RICS Recruit. UK Dan Hughes


Podast #152 David Perlmutter Founder QuantumListing.

Search for free. Post for less. Share everywhere. Decades of commercial real estate experience. All the tech savvy in the world. Why is a commercial real estate listing website needed today? What is the right way to feature properties in a mobile environment? We all talk about data. What are you possibly missing? All of this and maybe some poker tips? QUANTUMLISTING – HOW IT WORKS Click on the appropriate link below for instructions on how to use QuantumListing. ...


Podcast #151 Wes Snow Founding Partner AscendixRE CRM

What does it take to stay on top? Do you really understand what an effective mobile solution is? How complicated should it be to grow and maintain your pipeline? How can you better manage your data? What's next, artificial intelligence? What about voice recognition? What will they both mean to your daily workflow? All this and so much more. Also, please don't forget to register for the AsecndixRE Webinar. Get more information and schedule a demo at Connect with Wes Snow.


Podcast #150 Michael Griffin Co-Founder CEO ClientLook CRM.

Are you using one of the most effective yet underutilized tools for #CRE? How well does your current CRM integrate with the rest of your stack? How well does it integrate all of that data? Do you understand what automation and enhanced efficiency can do for your daily workflow? What if you had an assistant? What if you had a virtual assistant just for your CRM? All this and so much more. For a demo go to Clientlook. Connect with Michael Griffin.


Podcast #149 Allen Buchanan Lee & Associates.

Do you want to find out how to do real world hyperlocal? What is content creation like for a broker today? Are you neglecting your "brand?" How do you engage with possible clients online? Is it just about online activities? Of course not, are you sure, maybe it is now. Can you say you are giving back to the business of commercial real estate? How serious are you about your tech stack? All this and so much more. Connect with Allen Buchanan. Allen's Blog: Location Advice. Tuesday Traffic Tips.


Podcast #148 Diane Vrkic Founder CEO Waypoint.

What if real estate professionals have not only access to data but what if that data is made available in a manner as user-friendly as possible? What if real estate teams could communicate across a portfolio no matter where they were located? The current wave of CRE tech provides infinite data but data is just data if you can’t derive insights and drive value. Where is next wave of CRE tech going and how will it help unlock hidden value in data-driven organizations? The recent wave of tech...


Podcast #147 Ryan Baxter (REBNY) Real Estate Board of New York.

What is (REBNY) and do you know the legacy? Did they create real estate? Of course not but how have they remained relevant all these years? What initiatives are they executing for technology? Have you heard of the Property Data RFP? Why the deep push into the world of startups? All this and so much more.


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