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Harry Potter Movie Marathon

Dylan and Tyler do the unthinkable. The two hosted a Harry Potter movie marathon in honor of Steve losing a bet to Heather. (Listen and you'll hear more!)They recap each movie in short snippets, as well as being joined by a ton of friends- Melanie, Erin Quinn, Jaime Carbone, Aaron McDavis, Zoe, Emma, Jeff C, JJ, Ryan, Micheal D!

Duration: 01:08:33

NYE Spectacular (Best one ever)

Woah boy, can you believe Tyler and Dylan have been doing this podcast for 15 years? Well they totally have. On this very special episode, they reflect on their year, the military secrets they learned, the new friends they made and then there were predictions. They also over compensated not having guests on past episodes by having Heather, Steve, Tom (American Hero), and Jenson. Lots of funny drop ins as well!

Duration: 01:10:53

Mad Men LIVE at Warped Tour

Dylan and Tyler couldn't find any friends so they're doing this one solo. They give away some free marketing secrets in hopes of striking a deal with the greats. Dylan and Tyler also discuss the vaccuum that will form once Warped Tour is no more, who will fill that hole??? Oh, there's no "Committed? Committed? of COMMITTED??" (Sorry Tom)

Duration: 00:45:00

Press Pause Before The Game

Dylan and Tyler record their loudest episode yet! Seriously, Tyler let the levels get too high so turn your volume down. Ok, now that you've been warned, Dylan and Tyler are joined by their good friends- Tom and Heather. Tom joins them through the wonders of the internet as he is currently in Alabama to become a pilot or something. (Just know he's saving lives) They also play "Committed? Committed? or COMMITTED?", a game Tom claims to be the biggest fan. DUDE WIPES Studio, brah.

Duration: 00:40:45

The 9/11 and Women Issues Episode

Dylan and Tyler are back in the same room together! The boys talk about Tyler's weird theory about movie spoilers, The Olympics, and Dylan's goals for high school. Then they are joined by fan favorites Heather, Steve, and Jenson to drink wine and talk about the issues.

Duration: 00:59:17

Frack Dat Assgiving

Dylan and Tyler are not joined together in the DUDE WIPES Studio for this episode! Over the weekend Dylan and Tyler recorded individually with their family and friends. Tyler was able to get his 6 year old siblings on to try and give an intro-Dylan got drunk with people in Oklahoma. There's a lot here, but you'll love it.

Duration: 01:06:25

"Rattlesnake" Rex Tillerson & The Booty Store

Tyler and Dylan really need guests. The two have their last episode before heading home to see their families. They talk about Justice League, performing at strip clubs (not the way you're thinking), Wrestling and still needing sponsors.

Duration: 00:44:04

Business Card Ready

In this episode, Tyler and Dylan interview an invisible man, jk, it's just the two of them again, hanging in the "Unofficial DUDE Wipes Studio". They attempt to play "Committed? Committed? or COMMITTED?" and discuss various bowling marketing strategies.

Duration: 00:36:16

This is only for Taylor Mullins Episode

Hey, Taylor asked us to record an episode to help his commute. You can listen to it if you're not Taylor, but know this, it's not for you!

Duration: 00:20:59

All By Ourselves

Dylan and Tyler sit down just the two of them to talk about weird things kids say and do, Spencer's Gifts, and the worst magician they have ever seen.

Duration: 00:42:56

Lost Halloween Episode

Dylan and Tyler sit down with old friends Erin, Heather, and Steve to record a normal podcast. However, things get SpOOky when "new friend" show up. The group talks about the difference between scary and spooky, the importance of locking your doors, and dead musicians.

Duration: 00:45:41


Dylan and Tyler make excuses for not committing to their goal while also talk about Yelp reviews and lice. Later the boys are joined by Ilana and Brendon to exclude Tyler and talk about their time in Scotland with Dylan.

Duration: 00:46:26

Planes, Trains and Megabuses

Tyler and Dylan are still doing this?The two talk about how the Chicago sports teams ruin comedy in the city when they are doing well, taking the bus vs. the train and professional runners? Later they are joined by Janelle and Marcello to discuss all the gosh darn things going on. They meet in the unofficial "DUDE Wipes Studio" to play Committed? Committed? or Committed?? Listen to it twice!

Duration: 00:49:58

Work from home

Dylan and Tyler are continuing to run and hate it. the boys talk about Tyler's first beard and people that brand themselves. Later they are joined by Corey and Emma to talk working with kids, Rihanna, of course DUDE WIPES, before playing games.

Duration: 00:58:13

Running Sucks

Tyler and Dylan are in a new month, which means they have a new goal. What is that goal? Well, you gotta listen to the episode dummy. (Don't mind the title). They also discuss how they are back in the open mic hosting game. Later they are joined by Erin and Keegan in the unofficial "DUDE Wipes Studio"to talk about roommates and how one of them can't seem to keep them around.

Duration: 00:58:43

Battle of the "O" States

Tyler and Dylan are still not drinking and they've made some realizations along the way. They discuss slipping into high society and their glorious return to hosting a weekly open mic in Chicago. Later they are joined by Jenson and Jeff in the unofficial "DUDE Wipes Studio". The conversation goes on about Harry Potter for an uncomfortable amount of time (to some). We also play games!!! Which "O" state natives will prove to be more knowledgeable and of course, a round of "Committed?...

Duration: 00:51:57

Quiet Riot Fest

Tyler and Dylan discuss their progress with not drinking, people from Wisconsin and Florida, and bath salts. Later they are joined by Steve and Heather and Steve's sister Heather in the unofficial "DUDE Wipes Studio". They discuss riot fest, Fall Out Boy, and play a brand new game.

Duration: 00:38:13

"IT" is our first episode

Tyler and Dylan discuss there current goal of not drinking for a whole month, being on tour for the summer and Dylan performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Steve and Heather join them in the "DUDE WIPES Studio" to banter and play "Committed? Committed? or Committed?" Music- "Look at God" Sex the Rapper (

Duration: 00:41:43