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Created by JC Marshall and Scott Twynholm, the common ground podcast is a mini series of 7 episodes. Each episode has been made in conjunction with different rural and urban communities in Scotland - hailing from Ulva Ferry to Barmulloch to Dundee to others in between - and tells the stories of meaningful transformations to their local landscape.






Barmulloch: The Scottish Land Fund and City Communities -Episode 7

Barmulloch Community Development Company are the very first urban community to access the Scottish Land Fund. For this episode Jim Hope filled us in on what a massive impact for the local people the fund has had. Plus here is even more great advice for groups taking their first steps into community ownership! --- More info on Barmulloch Community Development Company here:

Duration: 00:52:23

St Stephens: Land Ownership ideas from Young Glaswegians - Episode 6

There's enough land on Planet Earth for everyone to have 2 football-pitches worth! For this episode we stayed in Sighthill in Glasgow and went to ask St Stephens' pupils about where they would have theirs, and whether there should be rules about what you can and cannot do with the land you own.

Duration: 00:17:52

Sighthill St Rollox: A changing landscape, a changing community - Episode 5

In this podcast we are back in Glasgow, spending time in St Rollox Community drop-in centre at the heart of Sighthill. Sighthill is currently being regenerated so the tower blocks are gone and new houses have been built. Eventually all the diggers and yellow jackets will finish creating the parkland, new buildings and better access to the city centre. But for now what is life like in a diverse and thriving community hub? This podcast is a tapestry of voices and sounds of everyday life and...

Duration: 00:53:19

Ian Hepburn: A Guide to Community Land Ownership - Episode 4

So just how do we buy a bit of land? In this podcast Ian Hepburn, all round expert in Community Land Ownership, guides us through the process, referencing his own experience managing a community forest in North West Mull. He talks about the key organisations, interacting with local and national government representatives and explains why he thinks community ownership is absolutely worth doing. --- Find out about North West Mull Community Woodland here: Discover...

Duration: 00:53:08

Dundee Waterfront and INFORM Theatre - Episode 3

What can a city council do with a billion pounds? Dundee Waterfront is currently undergoing a massive regeneration which promises to reconnect the city with its maritime centre and civic spaces for all. In this podcast we spent a couple of months with Inform Theatre at Dundee Rep, finding out what they thought of Slessor Gardens, the most recently completed part of the project. They also created a whistlestop tour of Dundee, from the Ice Age to now, complete with sound effects. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:26:52

South West Mull and Iona and the Community Forest - Episode 2

Can a community own a forest? With The Forestry Commission selling up lots of pockets of land in Scotland we went to chat to some entirely new kinds of owners about what, how and why on Earth a local community should consider owning the trees next door. This podcast features an advice-filled interview with Morven (development officer) and John (forest officer) who look after Tiroran Forest for South West Mull and Iona Community Trust. It also features the sounds of city-dwellers Jodie and...

Duration: 00:32:59