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Ep. 10 - Invite with Intent

An invitation always feels good, but sometimes it's a lifesaver. Chuck and Jared discuss some of the most impactful invitations they've received and (even though the movie was kind of lame) how they try to pay it forward. Here there be blue bashing, primal parenting, and mushy moments. And Jared does not rap.

Duration: 00:53:58

Ep. 9 - Lunch Break

It's a quick one over lunch! The boys tackle some sandwiches and some quick tips for hosting a low-key lunch-time...lounge-session. Here there be font failures, salsa failures, and sandwich failures. And Jared absolutely loses his mind.

Duration: 00:25:37

Ep. 8 - Chuck vs Jared

Two men. Too many opinions. Chuck and Jared meet in a strange, undisclosed location to passionately debate some of life's least-worried-about questions. Here there be sandwich abominations, drill-based spectral activity, and a lack of respect for fruit harmony. And Jared raps.

Duration: 00:53:27

Ep. 7 - How to Host as an Introvert

"I'm an introvert so I shouldn't host, right?" Don't be fooled by their gregarious, boisterous exterior - Chuck and Jared are introverts at heart. Despite this fact (or maybe because of it) they manage to have oodles of social gatherings in their homes. Learn their secrets and go from introvert to win-trovert.

Duration: 01:02:56

Ep. 6 - Competitive Dating

It’s most important to host those closest to you. If you are married, the surest way to stay that way is to treat your spouse as your most esteemed guest. Jared and Chuck discuss their sure-fire tips for date night at home. Here there be raging ravers, professions of cast iron love, and a misguided agist tirade. And Jared lies.

Duration: 00:56:53

Ep. 5 - The Art of the Invite

Maya Angelou said, "When you invite someone to sit at your table and you want to cook for them, you're inviting a person into your life." She also said, "Dang, that's stressful though" (No she didn't). For many the first step to hosting is the hardest. Chuck and Jared discuss their anxieties and strategies around invitations. Here there be pizza redemption, improvised cooling, and beverage betrayal. And Jared gets back to his roots.

Duration: 00:46:11

Ep. 4 - Kick It Up a Notch

The incredible thing about hosting is that big problems can fail to derail a good party and tiny details can really kick it up a notch. The odds are always stacked in your favor and that's before Jared and Chuck share their favorite tips for kicking your gathering up a notch. Here there be hidden clothing caches, dope techno magic tricks, and fruit foraging at a moments' notice. And Jared raps.

Duration: 00:47:11

Ep. 3 - Hosting Company on a Budget

We've all felt at times that we can't have people over because we don't have a huge house or can't splurge on the finest foods. Jared and Chuck work to debunk the myth that you have to break the bank to impress your guests. Here there be a budget dinner challenge, an unorthodox breath mint, and a weirdo brick of delight. And Jared slow-jams.

Duration: 00:44:26

Ep. 2 - A Very Saucy 4th of July

Here there be BBQ sauces to spice up your 4th of July, wheat bread vs. white bread, and what to do about Rico. And Jared raps.

Duration: 00:48:59

Ep. 1 - A Beautiful Hot Dog

Welcome to Company Men. We're ding-dongs, and even we can have people over. Here there be kitchen failures, Chuck's strong pastry opinion, and Jared raps.

Duration: 00:47:08