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CIP 039 Rick Marcet on Win/Loss Analysis

Rick Marcet describes the innovative Win/Loss practices at Microsoft.

Duration: 00:38:39

CIP 038: Luis Madureira on Sensory Marketing CI

LuisMadureira joins us again to explain Marketing 3.0 aka Sensory Marketing. How can sensory details can enforce a firm's strategy and create a complete branded experience for B2C and B2B customers.

Duration: 00:56:41

CIP 037 Merrill Brenner on Decision-Focused Intelligence

Merrill Brenner describes the Decision-Focused Intelligence framework for prioritizing and executing on intelligence projects that are going to drive important decisions. This episode is particularly useful for CI managers.

Duration: 00:57:52

CIP 036 Jan Herring on the Future of the CI Profession

Jan Herring describes the trends shaping the future of competitive intelligence, the future of the profession and what we can do to prepare for it.

CIP 035 Go Beyond Google with Sean Campbell and Scott Swigart

Sean Campbell and Scott Swigart of Cascade Insights discuss their e-book "Go Beyond Google" which is a manual of Internet research techniques. We also discuss the dynamics of disruptive innovation in technology.

CIP 033 Arik Johnson of Aurora WDC

Arik Johnson of Aurora WDC discusses his new role at Aurora WDC working with organizations and academics to explore and address wicked problems in business. We also get an update on CI 2020 and discuss the Intelligence Collaborative. This interview touches on a number of big topics in business, strategy and competitive intelligence.

CIP 032 Luis Madureira on Implementing World Class CI

Luis Madureira is a CI practioner based in Portugal. In this interview, he explains how he applied the World Class CI Framework to his company's practice and valuable lessons learned.

CIP 029 Seena Sharp, Author of "Competitive Intelligence Advantage"

Seena Sharp has written a book about delivering and communicating the value of competitive intelligence, "Competitive Intelligence Advantage." Seena and I talk about a wide array of topics related to CI, business and strategy.

CIP 028 Tom Hawes Aligning CI with Business Value

This is my interview Tom Hawes of JT Hawes consulting. Tom is the author of the "Strategically Thinking" blog at http://blog.jthawes.com. We discuss aligning CI with business leaders' needs and blogging for CI.

CIP 026 CI 2020 with Arik Johnson

In this episode, I discuss the future of the Competitive Intelligence profession with Arik Johnson of Aurora WDC. Aric discusses his theory of the asymetry of interpretation replacing asymetry of information as the key basis for delivering CI insight.

Eric Garland of Competitive Futures Interviews August Jackson

Eric Garland of Competitive Futures interviews August Jackson in a broad-ranging intellectual discussion on the changing role of CI in a post-Recession, post-Bush global business environment. Recorded 01 March 2009 in Washington, DC.

CIP 024 Competitive Intelligence in India

This episode is an interview with Karthik Vijayakumar on conducting Competitive Intelligence in India. Karthik is the President of Excedos, a CI research and consulting firm based in Chennai, India.

CIP 023: Using Social Media for CI

Interview with Suki Fuller, CI and Social Media Evangelist. Suki can be reached on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/SukiFuller) or e-mail (shfuller@gmail.com).Social Media Tools discussed in this podcastTwitter: http://www.twitter.comBrightkite: http://www.brightkite.comEvernote: http://www.evernote.comAdobe Buzzword: http://www.adobe.com/acom/buzzword/

CIP 022 The Return of the CI Podcast

The return of the CI Podcast! An opportunity to catch up on what's been going on and look forward.

SLA: How Tomorrow's Technologies Can Help Us Today

Recently I came across several podcasts from the annual conference of the Special Libraries Association (http://www.sla.org). I thought these were very useful programs. I am working with SLA to get the appropriate releases to share all of these programs with the CI Podcast listening audience. In this session J.P. Sherman talks about search engine optimization and how this relates to competitiveness and competitive intelligence. Randy Marcinko discusses the important relationship between...

Duration: 01:16:59

CIP 021 Using Web 2.0 in Intelligence

Mike Lyden and Dan Bukowski, recent graduates from the Mercyhurst Institute for Intelligence Studies share their experiences and lessones learned from the Wiki on Global Diseases project conducted in conjuntion with the National Intelligence Council. Mike Lyden is currently an analyst with McManis & Monsalve Associates (http://www.mcmanis-monsalve.com/). Dan Bukowski works for Booz Allen Hamilton (http://www.bah.com). More information about the Mercyhurst Institute for Intelligence Studies...

Duration: 02:44:35

CIP 020 Roger Phelps on Primary CI and Using LinkedIn

In this episode of the CI Podcast we hear from Roger Phelps, Principal of Phelps Business Solutions LLC. Roger shares some tips on how to use LinkedIn as a primary research tool and some of the basics to quality primary research techniques.

Duration: 01:46:34

CIP 019 Mapping & Anticipating the Competitive Landscape

This is an interview with Alessandro Comai, co-author of "Mapping & Anticipating the Competitive Landscape." Alessandro and co-author Joaquin Tena outline a framework for applying multiple analytical frameworks to gain a very deep understanding of an enterprise environment. http://www.mappingthelandscape.com.

Duration: 01:30:17

CIP 018 SCIP 2007

Interviews and Impressions from SCIP 2007.

Duration: 01:52:04

CIP 017 Creating an Engaged CI Customer

In this episode of the CI Podcast August engages in some shameless self-promotion in preparation for SCIP 2007. The main topic at hand is creating engaged CI customers and developing products that will resonate with those customers.
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