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Confession Session is an open dialogue podcast in which we discuss current events, news, celebrities, music, politics, relationships and most importantly confessions! Live episodes every thursday 7:30 ET/ 6:30 CT at join in the conversation during the show by calling (516)595-8282






Episode 17: Why Men Hate Making Less Then Their Spouse

Question of the dayWhy do men tend to have an issue making less money then their spouseTopicsstar Jessica Drake says Donald Trump sexually harassed herEmmitt Till momorial sign destroyed for the 8th timeObama Care Premiums RisingKiller Clown PurgeRihanna and Beyonces Backup dancer goes missingScottie and Larsa Pippen DivorceTrick Daddy Says Black women need to tighten upDrake Disses Kid Cudis Mental Illness

Episode 9: #WhiteLivesMatter, VMAs, And Lies With Chris Brown

Question Of The DayIs Entertaining Other People While In A Relationship InfidelityTopicsWhiteLivesMatter A Hate GroupCollin Kaepernick sits during national anthemVMAsChris Brown amp More

Duration: 00:57:27

Episode 8: Donald Trump, African Americans, Milwaukee Riots Update, And More!

Question Of The DayIs It Better To Be Politically Correct Or Brutally HonestTopicsDonald Trump Message To African AmericansIraqi Police Stop Suicide BomberBill Cosbys Lawyer Monique Presley Leaves The CaseManhattan Woman Is Saved By Air Conditioner In Suicide AttemptBroadway Dancer Kills Boyfriend And Posts It To FacebookPrince Prescriptions Were MislabledTamar And Vince Domestic DisputeDrake And Meek Mill BeefUsain Bolt Parties in RioBirdman Forced To Pay Millions To Songwriters

Episode 7: Milwaukee Riots, Why Do Black People Lie About Being Mixed And More

Question Of The Day Why Do Black People Lie About Being BiracialTopicsLouisiana FloodMother Drowns Two Of Her ChildrenSouth African Woman Sentenced To 10 Years For Kidnapping BabyRyan Lochte Questioned About His Robbery In BrazilMilwaukee RiotsCam Newton GQ InterviewDarren Sharper sentenced to 18 years for rapeThe Game Disses The Kardashians

Duration: 00:58:01

Episode 6: Is Social Media Damaging To Relationships?

Live every thursday 730 ET 630 CT httpblogtalkradiocomconfessionsession or call 516 5958282 to join in the discussion Question Of The DayIs social media damaging relationshipsTopicsThailand Twin BombingJapan Orders Military to stay on alert for a North Korea missile launchPaul ONeal Police ShootingMurderSuicide of two year heart transplant and familyBaseball player killed playing Pokemon GoGeorge Zimmerman punchedCharleston SC mass murderer beat upMalia Obama caught smoking weedStevie J...

Duration: 00:56:05

Episode 5: Malia Obama Twerks, Miss Teen USA And The N Word

Live episodes every thursday 730 ET 630 CT at httpblogtalkradiocomconfessionsession join in the conversation during the show by calling 5165958282Question Of The Day Why do people stop contacting someone after the first time they sexTopicsNorth Korea declares war on the USTrump feuds with Khan FamilyMalia Obama twerks at LollapaloozaKorryn GainesToya Wright brothers murderedKesha drops California sexual chargesAmber Rose and Lil Duval BeefYoung Dro And Joseline Hernandez

Duration: 00:55:43