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Confessions of a Pink-Haired Marketer


Sonia Simone delivers advice, encouragement, and the occasional rant from outside the drone of the marketing mainstream. Join her for a regular mix of monologues, interviews, and answers to your content marketing questions.

Sonia Simone delivers advice, encouragement, and the occasional rant from outside the drone of the marketing mainstream. Join her for a regular mix of monologues, interviews, and answers to your content marketing questions.
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Sonia Simone delivers advice, encouragement, and the occasional rant from outside the drone of the marketing mainstream. Join her for a regular mix of monologues, interviews, and answers to your content marketing questions.






The 2 Points of Clarity that Will Make You So Much More Productive

Are you struggling to make progress on a project, a business, or something in your personal life? Find these two points of clarity for a map out of “the land of Stuck.” The difference between people who are ultra-productive and the rest of us isn’t willpower. It isn’t intelligence, or time, or money, and it... Listen to episode

Duration: 00:23:36

Launching Your First (or Next) Digital Product

Ready to launch a digital product? Here’s are the first steps to get you moving … One of the greatest things you can do to boost your income, or just expand your options, is to launch a digital product. The tools, platforms, and options for these are better now than they ever have been. So,... Listen to episode

Duration: 00:25:28

Should You Swear on Your Blog?

Language is complicated, and in the context of shifting cultural norms, it gets even more complicated. So the question comes up: Is it OK to swear in our content marketing? We had a bit of a dust-up on Copyblogger a few years back, and every once in awhile the topic comes back up again. The... Listen to episode

Duration: 00:23:54

My #1 Time Management Tip: Don’t Multitask; Compartmentalize

What’s one of the biggest constraints that keeps us from doing the things we want to do? We don’t have the time. Here are some thoughts on how to manage that. Remember when the internet was going to give us all the free time we could imagine? Yeah, well. Not so much. In this 27-minute... Listen to episode

Duration: 00:26:50

The 7 ‘Escape Pod’ Principles (Help Me Write My Book!)

This week I want to talk about the values, practices, and principles that help us build “escape pods” from whatever is not serving us. And I’d love to hear your take! I’ve been thinking about the themes or principles that I’ve seen to be most useful for people who are building businesses, including “side hustle”... Listen to episode

Duration: 00:20:06

Things I Love / Things I Hate #3: Nerdy Nummies and Crummy Content

Great content creators are made, not born. It takes a mix of a well-chosen topic, smart content strategy, attention to craft, and lots of personality. Then, as Rosanna Pansino would say, just Put it all together! Ro Pansino’s YouTube cooking show Nerdy Nummies has millions of fans of all ages. Where else are you going... Listen to episode

Duration: 00:19:13

Leadership, Categories of One, and Purple Rain

Real leadership starts when you step up with the courage to be a category of one. I have a short episode for you this week, honoring the life of Prince and opening up some ideas about leadership, about community, and about building something that matters. Corporate culture (and what to do if you’re stuck in... Listen to episode

Duration: 00:15:12

Make Better Mondays! 6 Minutes to a Happier, More Productive Week

Creative productivity is all about habits. Here’s a super quick weekly ritual (you could even do it daily) to have a brilliant week … every week It’s a funny paradox — if you want to be more productive, especially as a creative professional, the best thing you can do for your output is to establish... Listen to episode

Duration: 00:19:05

5 Idea-Generating Techniques We Use on the Copyblogger Team

“Help! I have no idea what to write about!” We’ve all been there — and when you produce as much content as the Copyblogger team, keeping the idea stream flowing is a top priority. Today, I’ll talk about five practices we use at Copyblogger and Rainmaker to come up with plenty of high-quality ideas. These... Listen to episode

Duration: 00:23:57

Blog or Podcast? 5 Questions to Help You Decide

Blogging isn’t the only game in town any more for content marketers. Podcasts are super popular as the new “do-it-yourself” content format. So which works better, and why? Today’s content marketing question: Should I blog or should I podcast? Or maybe I should be doing video? Or all three? Or do I even need a... Listen to episode

Duration: 00:26:09

Two EQ Hacks: A Nifty Trick for Making Big Changes, and How to Handle Hurt Feelings

Today, two techniques that can boost your “EQ” (emotional intelligence) and help you be a happier, more productive person. Today I have two techniques for you — a new, research-based “hack” that looks interesting for improving our ability to make positive changes, and an approach I’ve used for a long time to constructively handle emotionally... Listen to episode

Duration: 00:25:15

Things I Love/Things I Hate about Health & Fitness Marketing

Health and fitness have some of the strongest examples around of good content marketing — and unfortunately, they also have some of the sleaziest. It’s that time again! Today I’m talking about more things I love! (And … a couple of things I hate.) In this 30-minute episode, I look at three different health and... Listen to episode

Duration: 00:29:06

A Simple, Powerful Creativity System to Capture and Generate More Ideas

Creativity isn’t just about getting inspired — it’s about strong systems to capture inspiration when it arises. Today I outline a simple system I’m using to capture ideas and put them into action. In this 30-minute episode, I talk about: A boring office supply that can boost your creative productivity Why going analog (sometimes) can... Listen to episode

Duration: 00:29:37

Anniversary Edition! On Finding Your Stubbornness and Going the Distance

It’s the podcast’s birthday! To celebrate, today I want to talk about one of my favorite traits: stubbornness. There are all kinds of traits our culture insists we “have” to have to run a successful business, but looking around, there’s just one I’ve seen. In this 22-minute episode, I talk about: How to make the... Listen to episode

Duration: 00:22:01

Q&A: Cornerstone Content, Creativity, and the Future of Our Businesses

Cornerstone content, how to create compelling content for an “overexposed” topic, and predicting the future for our businesses. It’s Q&A day! Our wonderful community of listeners shared three questions with me today. In this 29-minute episode, I talk about: How to, in Wayne Gretzky’s phrase, “skate to where the puck is going” What to look... Listen to episode

Duration: 00:28:52

Getting to Freedom and Business Clarity: A Conversation with Sonia Thompson

Content strategist Sonia Thompson talks with me today about business clarity and the power (and pitfalls) of limitless opportunities. Whether I’m podcasting, tweeting, or writing a post for Copyblogger, I talk a lot about the combination of values and tactics. Financial success won’t make you feel amazing until you can create it while living on... Listen to episode

Duration: 00:21:41

New Mini-Series: Things I Love / Things I Hate

All-caps, all-me Twitter accounts! A fabulous police department Facebook page! It’s time for Things I Love / Things I Hate. This week I’m launching a new regular mini-series on things I think are awesome and … the other stuff. Let me know if you find it useful! I’ve found it’s often easier to see a... Listen to episode

Duration: 00:19:44

Getting Clear on your Metrics and Benchmarks: The 3 Lenses to Look Through

Any time you can take a measurement in your business — any time you can look at something and get a number — the question arises: What number should I be aiming for? Business benchmarks and metrics are a complicated topic, and the answer to those questions is usually “It depends.” But what does it... Listen to episode

Duration: 00:20:04

The Untethered Society: Scary or Liberating? (Or Both?)

“Untethering” is a major 21st-century trend, from Uber to minimalism to remote workplaces. How can we get the most freedom from this social trend, without getting lost in the shallows? More and more people are decoupling from traditional models of work, housing, relationships, possessions. This can be a recipe for liberation, or for hollowness and... Listen to episode

Duration: 00:16:49

Deep Creative Focus, the Long Haul … and, Yes, David Bowie

What does it mean to live an amazing life? Why put the time in to get great at something? And how can we keep having fun for the long haul? Last week David Bowie died, leaving a lot of us shocked and saddened — and leaving all kinds of “What David Bowie can Teach Us”... Listen to episode

Duration: 00:15:11

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