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#14 Why combat sports are probably fine

This week we are discussing the value of combat sports in modern society and where to draw the line. Music by

Duration: 01:11:13

#13 Gender inequality

This week we discuss whether gender inequality deserves so much media coverage, how to fix the pay gap and whether or not biological differences should be taken into account. Disclaimer: we do think gender inequality is an important issue so please don't kill us. Also apologies for the poor sound quality. We’ve fixed the issue for future episodes. Show notes: * Harry’s book - * The Google memo: how an engineer's...

Duration: 01:19:59

#12 Why London is banning Uber

This week Transport for London decided not to renew Uber's license to operate. With our trademark lack of research, we're discussing whether TfL's reasons are justified and the pros and cons of regulation in general. Show notes: * Licensing decision on Uber London Limited - * How Uber Deceives the Authorities Worldwide (Greyball) -...

Duration: 01:03:56

#11 10 day silent meditation retreat

We’re back! What’s it like to meditate for 11 hours a day? This week is a special episode recorded hours after we completed a 10 day silent meditation retreat in Nepal. Find out whether we got any benefit from the experience and how Harry almost went insane. Show notes: * Find out more about meditation retreats at * If you can’t get enough of us talking about the retreat, check out our video for more: Music by

Duration: 01:12:17

#10 How you can live forever

This week Sam and Harry discuss radically extending the human life span and whether this is a good thing. Show notes: * * Music by

Duration: 01:31:26

#9 Why we are all selfish but try to convince ourselves otherwise

In this week's episode Sam and Harry discuss charity, inequality and how we pursue goals. Music by

Duration: 01:38:13

#7 Meat eater vs. vegetarian: the final word

In this week's episode a vegetarian and meat eater go head to head to finally decide whether it is right to eat meat or not. Music by

Duration: 01:05:14

#6 How Facebook has turned the human race into a product

This week Sam and Harry discuss how social media polarises opinions, creates conflict and turns us all into a product. PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE!!! :) Show notes: - - Music by

Duration: 01:06:13

#5 Why we should treat schools like laboratories

This week Harry and Sam discuss conspiracy theories, scientific trials in schools and why people who voted for Donald Trump aren't stupid. Join us at and suggest our next topic to discuss. Music by

Duration: 01:39:47

#2 Free Will

In this episode Harry Crane and Sam Lay take a witty and incisive look at the topic of free will. The topics discussed cover whether free will exists or is an illusion, the consequences of not having free will, and how society can benefit from a deeper understanding of human decision making. These questions and more are discussed in depth whilst maintaining their typical comic style. Music by

Duration: 01:36:34

#1 Organisation Of Systems

In this episode Harry Crane and Sam Lay take a look at how systems work on all levels. In particular the questions of whether charities are optimally organised, how humans organise in large groups, and in what way systems at the smallest particle level compare to those at the largest planetary level. All brought to you in a insightful but lighthearted way. Show notes: Lift (film) -

Duration: 01:09:00