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Ep. 22 Teacher Warrior Sharon Jackson

This episode is dedicated to my city, my people, my loves, my family, and those who were affected by the floods that ravaged Baton Rouge and surrounding areas on August 12, 2016. In this episode, I connected with Sharon Jackson. Ms. Sharon Jackson is the creator of Wit And Water, she is a Speaker, an Educator, a Certified Yogi, a Writer, and a Teacher Warrior. Connect with Sharon Jackson: Connect with me:

Duration: 01:15:47

Ep. 21 Shay On Bass

Connect with Shay Olawale a.k.a. Baby Stank. He is the bass player of Afro Nation Band and a Freelance Musician (Bass and Guitar) in the United Arab Emirates. Connect with Shay: Facebook: Shay recommends these Artists: Femi Kuti (Wonder), Koffi Olomide (Micko), Werrason (Alerte Generale), JB Mpiana(Ndombolo), Extra Musica (Etat Major), Awilo Longomba (Sequestration), Lagbaja, Asa, Salif Keita, Youssou N'Dour, and Guitar...

Duration: 00:44:10

Ep. 20 Peco X Is All That And More

I connected with Peco X, a Personal Trainer, Drummer, Pianist, Guitarist, and the Band Leader of Afro Nation. If you are in the Dubai area, you can see Afro Nation every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday night at Donatello Hotel in the Red-Hot & Chili Pub (@redhotchilipub), sponsored by Maz Productions & Events (@maz_events). Connect with Peco X: Facebook: Instagram: @peco_was_my_slave_name snapChat: PecoX Twitter: PecoX

Duration: 01:26:14

Ep. 19 The Voices of Mike and Iraaj

I connected with Michael Gilmour & Iraaj (Rage) Majumdar! Mike is a Voice Actor, Graphic Designer, and the Creative Director at Pixel Design. Iraaj is a Voice Actor, works in finance at the University of Wollongong, and sometimes works as a Magician. Connect with Mike: Facebook - email - Connect with Iraaj (Rage) search: Iraaj Facebook - Twitter - @iraaj Connect with...

Duration: 01:03:13

Ep. 17 Bernard Milligan Cookin A Lil Taste Of The South

In this episode of Connected : The Podcast, I connected with Bernard Milligan, Chef & Owner of A Lil Taste of the South here in the UAE! Connect with Chef Bernard Milligan: Connect with me: @ampsconnected (instagram straight flexin) @ampscnxtd (twitter straight tweetin) VIPkid online tutoring:...

Duration: 01:06:11

Ep. 12 Shootin It With Photographer Nancy "The Goblin" Hernandez

Shootin it with Bronx native, Photographer Nancy Hernandez, aka The Goblin. Connect with her: Website: Email: @nycgoblin (instagram straight flexin & twitter straight tweetin) VSCO: Tumblr: Check out her fundraiser "#nhrndz" when you visit her website. She is giving three people free shoots every time she raises $100 & doing a camera raffle when her goal is reached. Connect. Create. Cultivate. Stay tuned for another...

Duration: 00:42:43