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Dig deeper into the word and catch fire for Jesus! Christianity isn't about being entertained once a week with a monologue. True Christianity is about having a transforming relationship with Jesus. Inspirational and Insightful revelations are on the way!

Dig deeper into the word and catch fire for Jesus! Christianity isn't about being entertained once a week with a monologue. True Christianity is about having a transforming relationship with Jesus. Inspirational and Insightful revelations are on the way!
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Southaven, MS


Dig deeper into the word and catch fire for Jesus! Christianity isn't about being entertained once a week with a monologue. True Christianity is about having a transforming relationship with Jesus. Inspirational and Insightful revelations are on the way!




Words of Knowledge - Let's Talk Bible!

What are words of knowledge and how do they originate? My personal experiences and scriptures. I came out of New Age and Occult; 1 Cor 14:29-32 prophetic mentoring; Learn by working the field Matt 11:29,30 ; Word of knowledge - Knowing something by supernatural means; Seeing, hearing, perceiving; 1 deceit of your own heart; 2 familiar spirits or demons; 3 From the person directly; 4 God can reveal it to you; 2 Kings 4:27 God hid a word from the man of God; 2 Ki 6:12 Elisha knows Syria's...


Rob Decker Testimony for Jesus

Alcohol, Drugs, Toxic relationships led to a suicide attempt that broke his back. But Jesus turned it all around for Rob Decker. Rejection early in life; Drugs and alcohol; Toxic relationships ; Encountering God; Felonious Accusation; Attempts Suicide; Broken back; God speaks to Rob; Rob can walk again!; The role of forgiveness; God turns Rob's life around; Deliverance from Drugs and alcohol;


Narrow path, Count the cost, and the YOKE

As i was on a Revelation prayer walk in Gautier Mississippi, I was pondering what certain precepts mean to the christian. Walking the Narrow Path; Counting the cost; Taking the Yoke of Jesus;


How to love God More

Prayer walk podcast in the swamp/forest. I start out not knowing what to talk about, and in the midst of the birds, fish jumping, and a little bit of wind, i talk about drawing closer to God and knowing Him more. Getting to nature to hear from God; Being stil and knowing God Psalm 46:10; From belief to Knowing; Sleeping in the Presence of God; He seals our ears with instruction JOB 33:14-16; How do we love God more? Delight and desire; God is a Spirit that rewards diligent seekers; Seeking...


Update behind the scenes

Reaching the homelss for Jesus


Ali Perez Testimony for Jesus

Testimony interview with Detective Ali Perez. Ali gets badly wounded during an arrest. He lives to tell abot his encounter with Jesus. The weak foundation; Getting serious about God; Child Molestation Case; Getting Shot ; Losing blood rapidly - nearing death; Encountering Jesus; Hell and the red dragon; End Times vision; Blessing the man that shot him; God opens the door; Thed divine heroic rescue; Demons in the hospital;


Ex Jehovah's Witness Bryan Jones

Testimony interview with former Jehovah's Witness Bryan Jones. Raised in Jehovah's Witness; What life was like in JW; Handling things within the congregation; Disfellowshipping and moral failure; Changing doctrine of JW; Different bible translation; Failed prophecies; Jesus began ruling in 1914 ; Armageddon ; The 144,000; Encounter with God changed everything; Teen challenge;


Ex Jehovah's Witness Louisa McLeish Testimony

Louisa got out of the Jehovah's Witness religion after being in it for a decade. She explains what it was like from the perspective of an insider. Jehovah's Witness at age 5; Controlling relationships; The auxiliary pioneer; Keeping abuse quiet; Getting Disfellowshipped; The 144 thousand; Armageddon is priority; Soul sleep; What they believe about Jesus; The Watchtower society; Rules and regulations for holiness; The different bible; Being in the truth and rebellion; Proselytizing; Getting...


John Roush Testimony

Testimony interview with John Roush. He went from homeless alcoholic to on fire evangelist for JESUS! Alcoholism led to homelessness; Police and the homeless; Sentenced to jail; Losing everything; The moment of repentance; Completely new creature in Christ; Ministering in the homeless camps; Doors are opening for ministry; John Prays us out Facebook Links:


Wendy McCullough 40 Day Water Fast

Testimony interview with Wendy McCullough about her 40 day water only fast. 40 day water only fast; It isn't just for bible days; Got confirmation before starting; Intimacy with the Lord; Dealing with the temptation; Losing weight and health benefits; Learning to depend on the Lord; Social situations with food; The unanticipated battles; Advice for the would be faster;


How to Learn the Bible

How do we actually learn the bible? By yoking up with Jesus! Computers and treasure in the field; Doing what is written in the manuals; Learning while working; James 1:22 be doers not hearers only; Kingdom Keys in Scripture; Examinig our faith; Miracles today; Learning while Yoked with Jesus; Heb 5:13,14 reason of use;


Doug Hanson Interview

Doug Prays for people out in public and they often get healed. Then they are very receptive to the gospel. We met Doug on Facebook; Miracles lead to the gospel; Why Doug left the system; How Doug got into evangelism - Ray Comfort; From the law to demonstration of Power; Healing is for every believer; Gettng Kick Started in Las Vegas; Getting over the original fear of man; Doug gets a measure of faith; Commanding the sickness to leave; Healing is for Today; The reformation didn't complete;...


Seeking God through Prayer

This is a 'right now' word for somebody! 'After this Manner therefore pray'; Draw near to God and He will draw near to you James 4:8; From wicked to pure heart Gen 6 to Matthew 5; He rewards the diligent seeker Heb 11:6 'After this Manner' is a model for prayer; Early Christians prayed the Lord's prayer 3 times daily; Do not pray with vain repetitions Matt 6:7; Psalm 119:15 Meditate in thy precepts; The Inspiration 'pneuma' behind the text; Joshua 1:8 speaking the Word of God; We are to...


My Problem with Cessationism

In this podcast, i am not doing so much theology as much as just bearing my heart on the matter. The Cessationist doctrine really irks me. Cessationism says spiritual gifts have ceased; My very supernatural childhood; Cessationism Drives people away from church; Early church had miracles; Doctrinal bickering stilfes moves of God; The bible is a supernatural book; I went to the supernatural religions; Born again to see the Kingdom; Lots of fake in the Charismatic; Jim Jones is a good...


Diane Easley - Sue's Home Ministry Spotlight

Ministry Spotlight interview with Diane Easley founder and Director @ Sues Home - Community Care network. Safe Housing and life skills; Helping women and children; Dealing with the spiritual hurt; Diane shares how she caught this passion; Changing the trajectory of people's lives; Difference between panhandlers and homeless; 300% increase in homeless youth; Sun Herald - ; Breakthrough program ; Diane shares some testimonies; Love based - Faith Based; Get...


Iniquity and deliverance - Prophetic Vision

Sharing a prophetic vision i had recently. If you are struggling with iniquity this is for you. Sing in the Fire. Facebook live audio; Struggling with iniquity; Sing in the Fire ; Corporate prophetic worship 1 Sam 10; Anatomy of open vison; Vision of Beam/log in Fireplace; I heard "Sing in the Fire"; Beam of Iniquity in Matt 7:5; Kept myself from my iniquity Psalm 18:23; We see other people's blind spots; Deliverance from Heavy Metal; Deliverance is the children's...


Big Jim's Testimony for Jesus

Testimony interview with Big Jim. From 34 years of Addiction to on fire Evangelist! 34 years of addiction; Generational curses in Jim's life; Rejection and abandonmnet; Hatred towards God and Christians; Fighting and beating people up; How this life affected his children; The family he didn't even know he had; Jim's Supernatural encouter with God; Psychotic Blackout changed Jim's future; Doctor says Jim is going to die; Jim's desperate search for help; The Road to Damascus moment;...


Night terrors and how to win in Jesus Name!

Many people are getting hit with spiritual warfare right now. I address this quite a bit on my blog, but wanted to revisit this issue today. I am doing a facebook live while driving so excuse the background noise. Night Terror ; My book - ; An intruder tried to suffocate me; ; Night terror and paralysis; Dad - Christian dabbling in the Occult; Sin lies at the door - we must rule over it;...


Supernatural Evangelism - Nick Serre

Audio taken from a Facebook live interview with Nick Serre about supernatural evangelism. Warfare before the interview; Street ministering in Ontario Canada; God is moving in Pakistan; Praying before the interview; Being led by the Spirit of God; How God speaks; Examples of evangelism; How Nick got on fire for God!; Encountering the Spirit of God; Freedom and deliverance; The importance of mentors; Two sides to mentoring; Pushing disciples out of the nest; God is raising up sons; The...


Examining Motivation

This spontaneous podcast is about examining our motivations. Judge ourselves 1 Cor 11:31; God searches and tries the reins of the heart; God's grace is so awesome!; God talks alot about the heart; Why and how i got into podcasting; What if no one knew my name?; The wordly paradigm of religion; Samuel defaulted to religion but found God; God is on the move the system can't keep up; The Word cleanses us! ;


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