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Episode 25: “A vloggin and rompin’ good time” Feat: McKall Willis

Hey Guys! This week we sat down with up and coming vlogger and youtuber Mckall Willis. She’s part of the vlogging phenomenon that has been sweeping youtuber for the better part of the 2010’s. She spent time in China, shows of her fashion and her every day life. We sit down to discuss the life of being a vlogger. We also ask about fashion advice for us men to get a better sense of our opinions in this week’s trend killers. Finally we end on our classic “yahoo answers” segment where we give...

Duration: 01:01:26

Episode 24: “Trend Redemption”

There are some trends and fads that either died to soon or need to be redeemed. In this episode we discuss some of the trends that we feel either need to recaptured in the hearts of the American or to be completely forgotten. 1) Animatronic Characters ​​SMXLL[...]

Duration: 00:58:40

Ep. 23 “Summer Lovin’, plus Conan O’Brien Exposed”

This week we expose Conan O’Brien’s top 20 worst summer vacation spots! As we researched and discussed the spots we discovered that over half of them were made up. We also have two special guest, Lexie and Sophie Underly, as they discuss their summer loves and drug addiction. Yep you heard me right. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:11:52

Episode 19: “The Ultimate Road trip”

Today we’re talking about the classic american road trip! We went through and picked a bunch of our favorite spots west (and a few east) of the Mississippi. There’s millions of places to cover so we decide to only cover a few of our choices. We tell personal stories of things we did for fun and great memories of great to mediocre locations. Anyone remember South of the Border? Hear the tale of Dallas and his mom befriend the restaurant owner of a small mexican restaurant in the middle of...

Duration: 00:59:34

Episode 15: What You Wish They Knew!

This week we cover a somewhat controversial topic. We discuss what girls and guys wish they knew about each other. Maybe its a pretty shallow topic, but hey, we’re shallow people. We come up with 10 different ideas we want to communicate across to the other sex! Why is it that men can’t read women’s minds? Why are men savage beasts? Girls poop? Yeah, that’s right. Girls freaking poop. Its Not About The Nail video

Duration: 00:56:27

Constant Companion Podcast- Episode #13 “The Sound of music Feat: Joe Vickrey”

This week we have special guest Joe Vickrey of Magic Child and the Glass Regime! We discuss his roots and the life of an indie rock star in today’s cold and callous world. After a rough and tumble experience including rejection from an idol, Joe has finally achieved his dream of starting a real band. Its his life and mission now and he was more than happy to share his experience with Conner.

Duration: 00:48:34

Constant Companion Podcast- Episode #12 “Threat Level Imminence: The Zombie Apocalypse”

You and I both know its coming. Its in your favorite tv shows, movies, and other media. The zombie apocalypse always seems to be looming upon each and every one of us. Its certain at this point that we must prepare oursevles for the inevitable. With a plan in place, we both discuss and dismantle the plans we have for the apocalypse. Listen as we give our personal advice to some poor souls on Yahoo Answers. Its time to dig into one of the most important episodes of Constant Companion...

Duration: 00:47:01

Constant Companion Podcast- Episode #11 “A Night of Nostalgia”

Tonight we reminsce primarily in the memories of the mid to late 90’s. As we bask in our childhoods, we share our memories of music, toys, television and many a story. Did your mom ever keep you from watching certain tv shows? Mine did, and it was Captian Planet. Did you ever have a Tamagotchi? You weren’t missing out on much. Wes’s died in its own Feces. The point is, we’re taking you back in time and we’re not asking your permission to do so!

Duration: 00:59:16

Constant Companion Podcast- Episode #10 “Highway to the Danger Zone”

When Kenny Loggins is the intro, you know its gonna be a good time! This episode of Constant Companion Podcast, we discuss the most dangerous points in our lives. From jumping off a deck into a kiddy pool, to driving with a car full of explosives. Did we die? Maybe we did, I guess you’ll never know. Unless you listen to this latest installment of Constant Companion Podcast!

Duration: 01:00:10

Constant Companion Podcast- Episode #9 “A Scout’s Honor”

Did you hear? Club Penguin is over. This is the worst news since the results of the Women’s march, nothing. In this week’s episode, we share a variety of stories from our time as Boy Scouts. We talk about all the great rivalries, friends, and enemies we made during our youth. Being a boy scout may not be all its cracked up to be and its really not cracked up to be much in the first place. Hope you enjoy our latest Episode!

Duration: 00:54:08

Constant Companion Podcast- Episode #6 “New Years Resolutions!”

We’re finally back from our hiatus, and just in time for New Years Resolutions. We catch up on each other’s vacations and what we did over the holiday break. We answer some pressing and complex yahoo questions and finally make predictions for what’s awaiting us in the unknown depths of the year 2017! Thanks for sticking with us, we hope to be able to bring you more content as the year continues!

Duration: 00:54:39

Constant Companion Podcast- Episode #5 “Christmas Movie Madness!”

Hey Guys! Ho Ho Ho, its our token Christmas Episode! This week we sit down with the Moore Brothers of Moore Bros Reviews and discuss Christmas movies. We talk about the classics and not-so-classics of the holiday season! There’s even a special guest appearance from the one and only Mama Kennedy herself! Grab the punch and cookies, because this episode will be the talk of any office holiday party! The audio quality was recorded off of skype this time around so the quality may be low this...

Duration: 01:06:30

Constant Companion Podcast- Episode #4 “Partying with Ghouls and Ghosts”

In this Episode we discuss Paranormal Activity in our life! We kick it off with answering questions from Yahoo Answers and try to give ghouls out there a bit of a human’s perspective. We share ghost stories around the campfire, and even communicate with the twilight realm itself! With Ghostly entities joining us, we have a good time on this brand new episode of the Constant Companion Podcast! Plugs: Majora’s Mask Fan-film: Last of Us 2 Trailer:...

Duration: 00:58:44

The future… It’s closer than you think!

In this episode we talk about the future of the world and our opinions on a article that came out in 1961. We also share an article from Ray Kurzweil, who has made predictions about the future for over two decades and has a accuracy rate of 86%. In the article he shares his predictions for the next 100 years. The future… it’s closer than you think! 1961 Article Ray...

Duration: 00:57:33

Constant Companion Podcast- Episode #2 “Plasma Extravaganza”

Hey Everyone, In this episode we give you all the wonderful updates on the podcast! We’re syndicated on iTunes and have some new content coming to our youtube channel as well as In our first new segment, “Trend Killers” we dictate which new trends and memes need to die, and which will live for another few weeks. We also answer questions from people on Yahoo Answers live on our show to give them the personal love and respect each of their questions...

Duration: 01:03:21

Constant Companion Podcast: Episode #1 “Con-Con’s Croissants and Big D’s Bakery”

Hey Everyone! Welcome to the Constant Companion Podcast! A new show brought to you by former mormon missionary companions, Conner and Dallas. In this episode, we get things started off right with a nice little get to know you game. Dallas shares a special dramatized recipe from Food Network, and Conner shares the story of a recent heartbreak! Buckle in! This is the introductory episode of a hopeful new podcast that will embrace everything from pop-culture, personal stories, to interviews...

Duration: 00:49:28