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How to Generate More Revenue Without Working More Hours with Tony Signorelli

I’m joined today by the CEO of Signorelli Consulting Group, Tony Signorelli. His consulting group focuses mainly on sales enablement and marketing, and they have been in the business since 1995. In this episode, we talk about the path that led Tony to sales and consulting, and he shares insights into creating a successful consulting firm within the corporate world. We examine the importance of taking action when securing new clients, and he shares the mistakes he’s made — that you can learn...


Doubling A $400,000 Revenue Model with Business Trainer Blair Enns

Self-described “recovering consultant” Blair Enns is the CEO of Win Without Pitching, a sales training organization for creative professionals in the design, advertising, and public relations fields. When he wasn’t satisfied with his $400,000 business, he decided to expand it into an organization that now makes exponentially more money that he once thought possible. In this episode, we are talking about ways that you can effectively position yourself as an expert in your field, how to get...


Positioning Yourself As The Expert — How To Develop A Consulting Voice That Clients Will Listen To with Ron Carucci

Today I’m joined by seasoned consultant and passionate leader Ron Carucci. Ron and his partners at Navalent help companies that are in pursuit of a substantial transformational change, whether it be strategic formulation, organizational design, cultural shifts, or executive leadership behaviors. His work has taken him to over 20 countries in four different continents, and he is the author of several consulting and leadership books as well as a regular contributor to and the...


How To Gain A $100,000 (Or More) Rate of Return on Your Business Investments

On this episode we’re switching gears to talk about my newest book. The Elite Consulting Mind: 16 Proven Mindsets to Attract More Clients, Increase Your Income and Achieve Meaningful Success was recently released and today I want to share with you a glimpse of what’s inside. This book is full of principles — all proven by elite consultants — that you can use to overcome challenges, remove obstacles, and grow your business significantly. In this book you’ll learn how to build confidence...


Less Marketing, More Consulting — How To Win Projects Within Your Network with Stuart Friedman

Today I’m excited to be joined by Stuart Friedman from Global Context. This Silicon Valley-based previous electrical engineer with a passion for theater studied at Carnegie Mellon, then started his career in product marketing and sales before becoming a VP General Manager. He had climbed his way to the top of the corporate ladder when a piece of luggage knocked a profound truth into him — literally. After months of stuttering and having speech and cognitive therapy, Stuart realized that...


Liz Kislik on The Lucky Breaks That Bring Greater Consulting Success

If your consulting business has more than one employee, chances are you have run into conflict with your partners or coworkers. On this episode of the Consulting Success Podcast, I’m joined by Liz Kislik, the owner of Liz Kislik Associates, with nearly 30 years of nationally acclaimed consulting management experience. Liz is an expert on conflict management, handling everything from operating issues to communication problems and inter-departmental conflicts. Liz started out as a college...


The Secret to Landing Six-Figure Consulting Projects with Dauwn Parker

On this episode of the Consulting Success Podcast, I’m joined by Dauwn Parker. She founded Precision Partners in 2013 with a focus on helping healthcare and higher education organizations take their fundraising to the next level by streamlining, optimizing, and using the right technology for their operations. Prior to her work at Precision Partners, Dauwn worked for various consulting firms in customer relationship management software. From her work with the financial industry and high...


Sales Systems That Equate to Success with Bob Burg

Bob Burg is a sought-after speaker at company leadership and sales conferences around the world. He has shared the platform with everyone from seasoned business leaders and broadcast personalities to a former U.S. president. He is the author of numerous books, and the best-seller that he is best known for is The Go-Giver: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea, which he co-authored with John David Mann. Their book has sold over half a million copies, has recently been re-released...


Answering the Call to Consulting with John Murphy

John Murphy is the man behind John Murphy International, a France-based business that is focused on helping global companies create winning teams. Originally from Dublin, Ireland, John started his business in Ireland 13 years ago and moved to the south of France after realizing that one of the great perks of consulting was that he could base his business anywhere. Prior to starting his business, John was climbing the ladder in the corporate world. He began as a door-to-door salesman, and...


Taking Greater Risks to Enjoy Greater Rewards with David Baker

David Baker is a consultant who has been working with marketing firms and advertising agencies since the late 1980s. He is an author, a speaker, and an adviser who helps companies make high-quality business decisions. David focuses on finances, benchmarking, performance, and positioning of firms, as well as PR, advertising, and more. Having spent the majority of his childhood living in a Mayan Indian tribe, David didn’t attend formal school until he was nearly 18 years old. It was during...


How Nicholas Kusmich Leaped from a $30,000 Salary to a $2 Million Salary Via Facebook

Nicholas started out as a pastor who was committed to not relying on his congregation for his salary. That commitment required a side hustle of some sort, which is when Nicholas turned to the internet marketing world. When he started using Facebook as a major advertising platform for his work, he quickly became one of the most recognized agencies/consulting businesses in the market. But that was just the beginning. You won’t want to miss the story of the million-dollar road that this side...


Landing Your Next Six-Figure Project with Adam Cooper

Adam started out as an electrical apprentice while in college pursuing an electrical engineering degree. After 20 years in construction management, he decided to make the leap to consulting, as a way to give back to the construction and contracting community. He attributes his decision to make this transition into consulting, in part, to The Consulting Success System — How to Become a Successful Consultant. Adam has now been growing Ascent Consulting for three years. He calls these years a...


Gain Greater Success by Diversifying Your Career with Dorie Clark

Dorie Clark has transformed herself from a grad school reject to an expert in her field. She is a marketing strategy consultant, professional speaker, and frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review. The New York Times described her as an “expert at self-reinvention and helping others make changes in their lives.” Dorie is the author of several popular business books — Entrepreneurial You, a guidebook about how you can make money doing what you love, Reinventing You, a book on...


Turning Today’s Proposal Failure into Tomorrow’s Consulting Success with JT Badiani

JT Badiani is the founder of Focused Improvement Consulting, and his business has been built on the failures that he turned into his success. He started out as a MBA/chemical engineer with years of experience in the design field and great success in operations, but decided that his talents and passions could truly be put to use when he pursued his dream of helping companies achieve success. He has been in the consulting business for over four years, and has learned a few things along the...


Elliot Begoun and The Power of Betting on Yourself

Elliot Begoun is the principal of The Intertwine Group, a consulting group which works to help food and beverage brands grow. Elliot spent over 25 years working in the food industry before his wife challenged him to pursue his dream of becoming a consultant. On this episode of Consulting Success Podcast, Elliot shares how he made the leap from the safety of a big company and experienced the incredible satisfaction that comes with working for yourself. He shares his ideas on retainer fees,...


How to Capitalize on Your Setbacks to Propel You Toward Success with Mitch Russo

Mitch Russo is a certification business model expert who specializes in working with companies that are looking to quickly grow substantially in size. He understands that making small, calculated shifts in your thinking can change everything for your business and your success. This is a lesson Mitch learned when his career took a sudden turn toward success — even though he was faced with what initially looked like a major setback. He shares the story of his success and the mindset that...


Stefan Drew on The Magic of Specializing So You Can Turn Requests for Work Away

My guest on this episode is UK-based consultant Stefan Drew, who is also known as the Marketing Magician. He works mainly in the education sector, but he has a wide breadth of experience — from international environmental organizations and national membership organizations to web design for local companies. He is known for producing great ideas “out of thin air,” and his clients rave about the ROI that they receive after working with him. He has many years of experience and wisdom, and on...


A Consultant’s Guide to Crisis Management with Jonathan Bernstein

On this episode of Consulting Success, I’m joined by Jonathan Bernstein of Bernstein Crisis Management. Jonathan is the author of “The Manager’s Guide to Crisis Management,” a great book that provides the basic skills and knowledge to deal with the crises that inevitably occur in any business, no matter the size. At first I wasn’t sure if crisis management really applied to consultants, but Jonathan quickly proved otherwise. He describes crisis management as the “art of avoiding trouble...


Collaborative Consulting and the Power of Consistency for Consultants with Jacob Morgan

Jacob Morgan is the principal and co-founder of Chess Media Group, a management consulting and strategic advisory firm focusing on the future of work and collaboration. Jacob works with organizations that are looking to understand how changes in technology and behavior are impacting the way we work. From the wide variety of new technologies available to companies, to the the millennials that are entering today’s workforce, the future of business and technology are shifting dramatically....


How to Write a White Paper That Wins Consulting Projects: An Interview with Gordon Graham

There are few people that can consider themselves as great an expert on white papers as Gordon Graham. Gordon is a white paper writer and consultant who has has worked with Google, Oracle, Intuit, and many other Fortune 500 companies. He’s interviewed over 200 C-level executives and written over 170 white papers. He considers himself a B-to-B copywriter. His career path took him from software company technical writing and journalism to a marketing executive in a software company before...


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