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Eddie, Garnik, John and Raul are lifelong friends who love basketball and all have various experiences with the sport. They discuss multiple topics about the NBA and how basketball impacts their daily lives.

Eddie, Garnik, John and Raul are lifelong friends who love basketball and all have various experiences with the sport. They discuss multiple topics about the NBA and how basketball impacts their daily lives.
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Eddie, Garnik, John and Raul are lifelong friends who love basketball and all have various experiences with the sport. They discuss multiple topics about the NBA and how basketball impacts their daily lives.




018 - March 19, 2018

The team has a new starting five, as Vehid joins John, Raul, Garnik and Eddie for today's episode. The guys get out to a big lead in their first topic, as they discuss the Charlotte Hornets Franchise, and what to do with Kemba Walker. Next, the team goes on the fast break with a discussion about what it takes to be a leader in the NBA, and whom on the Chicago Bulls can become the team's leader. Lastly, the players get low in a defensive stance as they take on a hall of famer/lamer topic...


017-March 16, 2018

The Starting Five is in the place to be tonight, as Garnik, Eddie, Raul, John and Mike are in for this episode. The guys start off with a discussion about the Washington Wizards and whether or not John Wall should be a trade candidate. The second quarter has the team discussing the crop of restricted free agents this summer in the NBA, and whether or not their respective teams will re-sign them. After halftime, the team comes out firing about the NCAA tournament, and players that they would...


016 - March 12, 2018

Eddie, Garnik and Raul are the tripod for this episode. The trio discuss the Chicago Bulls unfortunate circumstances of being forced to play two starters who were benched, along with what it would take for each guy to not be a Bulls fan anymore. Then, it's the first week of the fantasy basketball playoffs, so the guys touch on strategies that anyone can exploit to put themselves in the best position to win. Lastly, in the final thoughts segment, Eddie compares Kris Dunn and Zach Lavine to...


015 - March 9, 2018

Only Eddie and Raul are on the pod for episode number 15. The two start their conversation discussing the recent hot streaks in the NBA, and which of those teams has had the most successful season to date. Then, the two move the conversation into a discussion about the possibility of the NBA revising its playoff format into a 1-16 seeding for all teams in the playoffs. The guys finish their conversation with some Chicago Bulls talk and debate just how far the organization has to go to become...


014 - March 5, 2018

It's the starting 5 on this episode of Contested Layups, as Raul, Eddie, John, Mike, and Garnik are on the floor for tonight's matchup. In the first quarter, the guys discuss the Bulls recent win against the Mavs, and whether it was a good win for the development of the players on the squad, or if it was a detriment to the organization's chance at obtaining a high lottery pick. The second quarter is a Hall of Famer or lamer discussion about Shawn Marion. After halftime, Eddie calls out the...


March 2, 2018

Raul, Eddie, John and V are in on this episode, and the guys weigh in on the latest NBA and Bulls news. They tackle the topic of tanking in the NBA, and why Mark Cuban was fined $600k. The guys then rate the job that the Bulls front office has done this season, and then take a cumulative look at how the front office has done since Gar Forman was hired. The last segment of the show is a debate of which 25 players should be added to the list when the NBA celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2021.


February 25, 2018

V, Raul, Eddie and Garnik are in on this episode, as they jump back into the NBA regular season. The guys discuss whether Fred Hoiberg has done a good job as the coach of the Bulls this season, and they assess how he's progressed as a coach since he was hired as Head Coach of the Bulls. Then, former Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau gets called out in the "You're an idiot" segment. The final segment is this weeks Fantasy Forecast, and the guys discuss how fantasy Ranks are compiled.


February 18, 2018

John, Eddie and Raul are on the mic for this episode. Eddie and Raul re-ignite their discussion from the previous episode about which NBA team is in the best position to win multiple championships within the coming years. Then, the guys discuss their favorite parts of the all-star weekend. Lastly, the guys address the Laura Ingraham viral video that bashes Lebron James and Kevin Durant, and why athletes should continue to speak their minds from their platform.


February 15, 2018

John, Raul, Garnik and Eddie meet prior to All-Star weekend! The quartet discuss what they're looking forward to for All-Star weekend, and who got snubbed for the festivities. Then, the guys speak on what to expect for each conference for the rest of the season. Lastly, they have a debate about which team is best poised to make a "Warriors" like run within the next few seasons.


February 11, 2018 podcast

Raul, V and Eddie gather to discuss recent happenings in the NBA. First up, the NBA trade deadline gave way to several players going to new teams, which lead the guys to a discussion about the Cleveland Cavs and their multiple deals. Also, the guys discuss the winners of the trade deadline. Then, the guys discuss Zach Lavine's latest great game, and if he can be the Bulls number one option. Lastly, on "You're an Idiot", the guys call out the Cavs for trading Kyrie Irving for a 1st round pick.


2/8/18 Podcast

It's a solo show tonight, as Eddie leads you into the weekend. Eddie discusses the Bulls minor deals that were made at the trade deadline on Thursday, and the outlook for the Bulls young players for the rest of the season. Then, the rest of the NBA had some trade deadline deals, particularly the Cleveland Cavs. Eddie gives his opinions on those deals also, and more!


February 4, 2018 podcast

It's another full house as Eddie, Garnik, John and Raul are joined by the legend himself, Mike! The guys discuss Zach Lavine's outlook for the rest of the year, now knowing how he fits in, and what the Bulls should do with his situation. Then, Mike brings leads the discussion about loyalty in the NBA and the difference in public perception when a player gets traded versus when a player leaves in free agency. Finally, they dispute how to view pickups in fantasy basketball for the rest of the...


February 1, 2018 podcast

Another full house this week as Garnik, John, Eddie, Raul and V all gather to talk about a multitude of basketball topics. First up is the Chicago Bulls big trade of Niko Mirotic, and what to expect for the rest of the season. Then, the guys discuss the Blake Griffin trade and how it will affect the NBA. In this week's "YOU'RE AN IDIOT", Raul nominates an NBA franchise for the award. Lastly, Garnik introduces a new segment, "Hall of Famer or Hall of Lamer?"


January 25, 2018

It's a full house for the first time in several weeks, as V joins Garnik, Eddie, John and Raul as they discuss the Bulls recent two game losing streak, "fights" in the NBA, coaches that should be fired, and which NBA team offers the most likely fantasy success for this season.


January 20, 2018 Podcast

Garnik makes his return from multiple DNP-CD's, and joins Eddie and Raul on a three man episode. The guys discuss the Chicago Bulls recent win against the Atlanta Hawks, loss to the Warriors, and likely trading scenarios for the franchise. Then, the Tough Call for the week has to do with the Cleveland Cavs and how the Eastern Conference is shaping up for the final half of the season. Lastly, the guys tackle the fantasy forecast for the week and dispute which players will be breaking out in...


MLK Day Podcast

John, Raul and Eddie discuss Zach Lavine's debut and the Bulls big wins over the Pistons and Heat. Also, the trio have a change of heart about Niko Mirotic trade rumors. Then, the gentlemen dispute which current lottery team is best set up for future success. Lastly, the guys give an outlook on fantasy basketball for the week and potential sell high candidates.


January 11, 2018 Podcast

Raul, John and Eddie gather to discuss the Bulls thrilling win over the Knicks on 1/10/2018, Mirotic trade rumors, and the return of Zach Lavine. Next, Raul makes a bold suggestion to ail the problems of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Lastly, the guys talk injured players returning to their teams and the impact they'll have in fantasy basketball.


January 7th, 2018 Podcast

V joins the guys as a special guest, and they discuss the Bulls recent slide, Niko Mirotic trade rumors, and their top 10 All-Star players for the new NBA All-Star format. Also, they discuss their fantasy basketball teams in the league that they are all in together. Tweet and Follow us on twitter @contestedlayup1!


New Year's Podcast

Garnik, Eddie, John and Raul gather on New Year's day to discuss the Bulls recent stretch of losses, Zach Levine's potential impact on the team, and their thoughts on the season thus far.Tweet and Follow us on twitter @contestedlayup1!


11/27/2017 Podcast

Eddie, Raul, John and Garnik discuss Derrick Rose potentially retiring at an early age. Tweet and Follow us on twitter @contestedlayup1!


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