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Continuing Mission is a podcast dedicated to the way fans keep Star Trek alive through independent series and films, games, art, and more. Host Christopher Jones sits down with fans and pros for an inside look at fan films, projects, and what drives our love of Star Trek.






40: Short-Order Star Trek

Seth Stewart’s TOS Recuts. A tenacious and dedicated Star Trek fan, Seth Daniel Stewart desires to keep Star Trek alive by bringing The Original Series to fans in a unique way. This has led him to develop his own take on Trek’s 1960s origins, editing the original episodes into a collection of very short—but nonetheless easily recognizable—stories. In this episode of Continuing Mission, host Tony Robinson talks to Seth about why he has chosen to do this and what the future may...

Duration: 00:19:51

39: Crossover Origins

Chris Allen Talks Star Trek vs Star Trek. Chris Allen is a very talented filmmaker who, in 2006, brought us the hilarious “Star Trek vs Batman," a film parody like no other. It was possibly ahead of its time when it introduced the ever-popular crossover idea, whereby the crew of the Enterprise gets into a conflict with the unlikeliest of villains from another sci-fi franchise. In this episode of Continuing Mission, host Tony Robinson talks to Allen about his latest venture, a new Star...

Duration: 00:58:58

38: Integrated Circuits

Manu Intiraymi talks the Borg, life, and The Circuit. As part of a growing band of actors forged by their links to Star trek, Manu Intiraymi—Voyager’s Icheb—has embraced the genre of fan films. In this episode of Continuing Mission, host Tony Robinson is joined by Manu to talk about the actor’s new, bold, and exciting project, the fan-funded venture The Circuit. Chapters Intro (00:00:00) Welcome Manu (00:02:42) Implants! Good or bad? (00:02:50) Getting into Acting...

Duration: 00:50:55

37: The Enterprise Incident

Paul Olsen Talks Project Enterprise. Paul Olsen is a prolific and talented artist originally from San Francisco and now residing in Surrey, England. To Star Trek fans all over the world, Paul is best known for his work in bringing the USS Enterprise to life in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, by giving the starship her pearlescent ball gown and making her the Queen of the Galaxy! In this episode of Continuing Mission, host Tony Robinson is join by Paul to talk about the mission he had...

Duration: 00:41:51

36: Trek Another Day

Chance Encounter with Gary O’Brien. Gary O’Brien, director of the recently released Star Trek fan film Chance Encounter, began his filmmaking career in his early teens. His passion for the art led him to the opportunity to work on the James Bond film Die Another Day, on which he was a visual effects technician. In this episode of Continuing Mission, host Tony Robinson talks to Gary about those early days. Along the way, we discuss the product of Gary’s latest filmmaking...

Duration: 00:51:25

35: The Fan Film Factor

Jonathan Lane talks Fan Film Factor blog. Jonathan Lane began his blogging career when he started to document the growth of the Star Trek fan film Prelude to Axanar. Since then, he has created an encyclopedic record of Star Trek fan productions dating as far back as 1974. In this episode of Continuing Mission, host Tony Robinson talks to Jonathan about his journey from those early days right up to the present. Along the way, Jonathan to shares his insights and comments about the...

Duration: 00:51:30

34: Godspeed! Starship Republic

Ray Tesi Talks Starship Republic. Ray Tesi and his crew of dedicated actors have labored long and hard to get Starship Republic, the first Star Trek fan film to be made since the issuance of the CBS guidelines, out of spacedock. Now the film is in production, and Ray has a lot to say about the trials and tribulations of being a filmmaker. In this episode of Continuing Mission, host Tony Robinson talks to Ray about how the story took shape, some last-minute happenings, and the moment he...

Duration: 00:44:59

Continuing Mission 33: Exploring Star Trek Horizon

Tommy Kraft and Actors Look Back. Since it's public launch in February 2016, Star Trek Horizon has become a bigger hit than anyone—especially creator Tommy Kraft—ever expected. The fan film that serves as a follow-up to Enterprise delivers the Romulan War storyline that fans were hoping for from the show's fifth season. Centered on the crew of the USS Discovery NX-04, Horizon is an example of how to make the most of limited resources to create a product that can holds its own against...

Continuing Mission 32: Being Brilliant on a Schedule

Tamerlane. Written by Guy Davis and based on the concept of Star Trek: The Rest of the Federation, this fan-made web comic tells the story of the USS Tamerlane, a Saladin-class destroyer, and its commanding officer, Captain Julia Cochrane. And in this episode of Continuing Mission, Davis joins host Dennis Castello to talk about his characters, stories, where his inspiration comes from, and the demands of "being brilliant on a schedule." ChaptersIntro (00:00:00) What is Tamerlane?...

Continuing Mission 31: Education That's Out of This World

Starship Grissom. Star Trek has a long history of encouraging young fans to take an interest in the sciences; but here's a fan project that takes that to the next level. Written by teachers, these fan films not only take viewers on Star Trek adventures, they also teach actual classroom lessons in science, math, art, and social studies. In this episode of Continuing Mission, host Dennis Castello is joined by Richard Wells, Christina Morris, and Keely Sanchez of Starship Grissom to learn how...

Continuing Mission 30: DIY Fan Film Kit

Starbase Studios. Have you ever dreamed of making your own Star Trek fan film, but don't have sets, costumes or props—and don't know how to make them yourself? You're not alone. Many fans have faced this creative obstacle, and have overcome it thanks to Starbase Studios. In this episode of Continuing Mission, host Dennis Castello is joined by Richard Wells and Scott Johnson of Starbase Studios to learn about their standing TOS sets that they make available to any fan group that wants to...

Continuing Mission 29: We Made That Together

Robin Heirt Talks Star Trek Dark Armada. A group of fans from the Netherlands are hard at work making Star Trek fan films and proving, once again, that Star Trek fandom crosses all borders. In this episode of Continuing Mission, host Dennis Castello interviews Robin Heirt, the executive producer of Star Trek Dark Armada, to find out what it's like to be a Star Trek fan in the Netherlands. Robin also talks about the learning curve they went through making their past episodes, why they...

Continuing Mission 28: The Explorer’s Heart

Tommy Kraft Talks Star Trek Horizon. Tommy Kraft has labored for three long years as the main creative force behind the film Star Trek Horizon. Now the film is about to be released, and Tommy has a lot to say about the rigors of being a one-man-band filmmaker. In this episode of Continuing Mission, host Dennis Castello is joined by Brandon-Shea Mutala as they interview Tommy to find out how he almost died making the film, learn about some of the good things that happened to the project...

Continuing Mission 27: A Maritime Vibe

Pacific 201. During the forty years following the cease fire that ended the Romulan War, mistrust, and a general wariness of the unknown led humanity to withdraw and turn away from exploration. But as the children of those who fought in the war grew tired of hiding from the galaxy, Earth began to regain its confidence and make a new name for itself. This era was marked by the launch of a new flagship—the Starship Pacific NCC-201—to embark on a bold mission towards a mysterious and...

Duration: 01:05:15

Continuing Mission 26: Opening Up The Cage

Star Trek: Captain Pike. He was captain of the Enterprise before Kirk, but remained little-known to Star Trek fans for years. Even after the release of Star Trek’s original pilot “The Cage” in 1988, fans had to rely on books and comics to learn more about the character played by Jeffrey Hunter. Then came J.J. Abrams, who put Pike in the center seat—for a bit. Thanks to this, even casual Star Trek fans are now familiar with the officer that die-hards have longed to see fleshed out. In this...

Duration: 00:36:06

Continuing Mission 25: That’s Just Her Being Sassy

The Red Shirt Diaries: Season Two. Through their comedic web series, The Red Shirt Diaries, actress Ashley Victoria Robinson and filmmaker Jason Inman have taken us on a comedic journey through Star Trek. Set aboard the Enterprise during Kirk's five-year mission, the series gives us a glimpse of life aboard the ship from the point of view of a lady who may just be the luckiest red shirt in Starfleet, Ensign Williams. Season One, which is comprised of the first ten episodes of TOS, has been...

Duration: 00:57:21

Continuing Mission 24: It’s All About the Lighting

Star Trek: Horizon Virtual Set Design and Video Production. On a previous show we talked withStar Trek: Horizoncreator Tommy Kraft in broad terms about shooting and processing video, working with green screens, and creating visual effects. In this epsiode ofContinuing Missionwe're joined once again by Tommy to talk about how these techniques apply to creating an actual Star Trek film, including building virtual sets on the NX-04Discovery, integrating theDiscoverycrew with these...

Duration: 00:58:36

Continuing Mission 23: Prescott Returns to the Farragut

Starship Farragut: The Crossing. The Original Series time period is a popular one for fan series, but that doesn't always mean Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise. There were more ships out there during the time of the five-year mission, and Starship Farragut takes its queues from this fact. The series premise, simply put, is “New Ship, New Crew, New Adventures—but all based on the era of Classic Trek.” Conceived of in November 2004 and officially launched in 2005, Starship Farragut is one of...

Duration: 00:53:39

Continuing Mission 22: I’ll Do It If You Add More Tyranny

Shadows of Tyranny. The Mirror Universe, despite being visited only eight times on screen—with most of those on Deep Space Nine—is a fan favorite. The classic episode "Mirror, Mirror" has been hard to top in terms of sheer fun and intrigue, but TOS never told us what happened once Mirror Kirk returned to the ISS Enterprise. That story has been left for novelists and screenwriters to pick up on the fan side, and many have done so with fascinating takes on the Terran Empire. But while the...

Duration: 00:58:27

Continuing Mission 21: By the Hand of Gertrude

The Red Shirt Diaries. Everyone knows that, in the 23rd century, if you're name is called for away mission duty you don't want to be wearing red. Many unfortunate crewmen lost their lives while donning the crimson threads. But there were a lot of other people aboard the Enterprise who managed to survive the five-year mission despite their attire. What was life like for these men and women? In this episode of Continuing Mission we're joined by Ashley Robinson and Jason Inman to talk about...

Duration: 00:58:07

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