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Lack of information, misinformation, and purposeful disinformation causes polarization, rigidity of thinking and action, blaming, frustration, and aggression in all human relationships. An atheist, Dr. Rose’s belief in Mutual Respect, is demonstrated in the civil and productive relationships he fosters regardless of their beliefs. His goal is to prove that disagreement can be the beginning of effective compromises when Mutual Respect is practiced. Join Dr. Rose and his diverse array of guests as they focus on modeling to help reverse destructive mindsets and behaviors. Become a change agent!




Controversy, Civility and Compromise – EMOTIONAL BALANCE

What is “emotional balance”? I believe the natural state in ANY relationship is DISEQUILIBRIUM. Every relationship is a constant struggle with each trying to exert more influence or power over the other. This begins at birth and is evident as we travel through family, school, church, and other social organizations. In this conversation Roy Martina,M.D., an internationally famous and effective… Read more about this episode...

Controversy, Civility and Compromise – CURING, ALLEVIATING ADDICTIONS

Pamela Harper spent the first 30 years of her life as the child of alcoholic parents and stepparents. Not surprisingly, she married an alcoholic. She claims to have done every conceivable type of drug and suffered from most addictions. At about age thirty she had an epiphany which changed her life. She went cold turkey and became a registered nurse,… Read more about this episode...

Controversy, Civility and Compromise – Sex, Drugs & Being an Escort

If you’re like me you have visions of young women (and men) being beaten up, cheated out of their money, and forced to do (to us or accurately) unspeakable acts of deprivation. With sexually transmitted diseases that can lead to death or lifetime illnesses, prostitution seems like a terrible choice (when it IS a choice, not coerced). In our… Read more about this episode...

Controversy, Civility and Compromise – MAGNESIUM MIRACLE

Dr.Carolyn Dean is a nationally known expert on the medical uses of magnesium. She believes – and backs it up with scientific research and personal experience – that we deplete our bodies of magnesium because of our lack of knowledge about food choices, environmental issues, and our responses to advertising, which makes us dependent on misinformation that leads to health… Read more about this episode...

Controversy, Civility and Compromise – YOU CAME HERE TO DIE;DIDN”t YOU?

Sherie Labedis, a blonde, naive, 18 year-old college student from the North, went to South Carolina in 1965 to help black adults register to vote. Her experiences changed her life and how she saw the realities of race relations. The black family that took her in became a second family that she still visits yearly with her own husband and… Read more about this episode...

Controversy, Civility and Compromise – ALL MEDICINES ARE POISON

Dr.Kirschner has had a 60 year career in medicine as a doctor, but it has been enriched by his insights as a researcher for the pharmaceutical industry, the insurance industry, and for government health programs. He points who are the culprits in our out-of-control national health crisis. He believes that any medicine can cause serious side effects, even death –… Read more about this episode...

Controversy, Civility and Compromise – WHY MARIJUANA SHOULD BE LEGALIZED

Lanny Swerdlow quotes from research paid for by the U.S.government to prove that marijuana is a dangerous drug. That research and one that followed appears to prove that it is NOT. I brought up many of the objections and fears about its use and he thoroughly dissected each one. I referred to an article from REASON magazine, Feb.2011 that explained… Read more about this episode...