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This podcast is about the screwball relationship between a ventriloquist and his dummy. Because it's an audio podcast, Steve works on the honor system. There's also plenty of music and well known guests such as John Sebastian, Peter Schickele and many others.

This podcast is about the screwball relationship between a ventriloquist and his dummy. Because it's an audio podcast, Steve works on the honor system. There's also plenty of music and well known guests such as John Sebastian, Peter Schickele and many others.
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This podcast is about the screwball relationship between a ventriloquist and his dummy. Because it's an audio podcast, Steve works on the honor system. There's also plenty of music and well known guests such as John Sebastian, Peter Schickele and many others.




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CWMD 54 The Store 4 and Bob Berman on Mars

The CWMD store is open again and for those who remember the last time it was, it has anything and everything. You wanna hole for instance? What kind? Pinholes, blackholes, mouseholes, Andy Warhols, keyholes, doughnut holes, knotholes, holes for your sock and holes for your flute. You get the idea. The Store has everything. Plus Bob Berman, astronomer, is talking about Mars on this continuing series on the planets Listen to his podcast Astounding Universe...


CWMD 53 Lost socks and Bob Berman's Earth

Steve decides to give all the socks he's lost over the decades amnesty and they start arriving at the station. Their pair is not always happy about their long lost absence. Oh yea. Plus Bob Berman, astronomer talks about Earth in this continuing series on the planets. Listen to his podcast Astounding Universe


CWMD 52 A mouthful and Bob Berman on Venus

All the songs and routines are real mouthfuls today. Steve and Harry do "Who's on First" and they sing a couple of real tonguetwisting songs. Plus Bob Berman, astronomer talks about Venus in this continuing series on the planets.Listen to his podcast Astounding Universe


CWMD 51 The Store and Bob Berman-Mercury

The Store is open again and this place makes Walmarts look like a little mom and pop shop. You want Gone With The Wind? Which version? You want the one written on sheet metal? The one where all the letters are blurry? the one where Tara is replaced with Flatbush? The one where every other page is missing? The one written upside down, the one where all the vowels have been eliminated or the one in Braille? As we said, the store has everything. Also Bob Berman, famed astronomer begins his 8...


CWMD 50 Valentines Day and Cindy Cashdollar

How appropriate that our 50th podcast is a Valentine's Day card. But also a celebration of the Presidents' birthdays. Harry has a poem about Washington and a song too. And there's lots of love. Also Cindy Cashdollar on dobro helps Steve and Harry sing that rousing number "Washington at Valley Forge"


CWMD 48 Harrys wants Better Roles plus Eric Weissberg

Harry is tired of playing a two dimensional character. He wants roles that let him portray pathos and depth. How about a little Shakespeare? Hilarity ensues. Plus Eric Weissberg, banjo player extraordinaire is Steve's guest. He's helping Steve playing a completely ridiculous song but with great banjo work.


CWMD 47 The Lumberyard plus Lyn Hardy

Harry has decided to work in a lumberyard because he loves wood so much. Only it's dangerous. The carpenters see his luscious wood and want to fondle it. It's @metoo all over again. And Lyn Hardy and Diane Senabria are my guests. They're singing "Life is hard but life is hardest when you're dumb" by Mark Graham.


CWMD 46 3D,4D,5D, 6D and 7D glasses plus Paul Geremia

Harry brings in 3D glasses and then moves up the dimensions to 7D glasses. Wow! What you can see when putting on 7D glasses would blow your mind. Also the great Paul Geremia, blues guitarist, sings Big Bill Broonzy's "Mopper's Blues"


CWMD 45 The Ventriloquist Police and Cindy Cashdollar

The Ventriloquist Police come in to check whether Steve's lips move when Harry talks. When they catch him in the act they take him away to jail leaving Harry to host the show alone. And Cindy Cashdollar, the great dobro player helps Steve sing "Hey Goodlookin'"


CWMD 44 Harry's Dream and Jay Ungar and Lyn Hardy

Harry's having a dream that he's saving his class from certain death when Steve wakes him up. He's got to get back to sleep or else! And Jay Ungar and Lyn Hardy sing a song that Jay wrote "You low down dirty dog". Also Steve sings an original "Spaghetti Slurpin'"


CWMD 42 The Xmas Show with Kim and Reggie Harris

Harry is doing his annual stint at Santa's workshop dealing with the toy rejects. He brings in a bunch to see if anyone wants one. Also Kim and Reggie Harris do a really, really funny song "You ain't gettin' Diddly Squat cause you really screwed up this year" And Steve and Harry sing "Xmas in Killarney" and "I Wanna Be an Elf"


CWMD 41 The Show is Broke! and the Vanaver Caravan

Harry accidentally broke the show and Steve has to operate on it with the help of Nurse Harry. Ask me how Steve comes up with this stuff. Don't ask. And Bill and Livia Vanaver are guests. The Vanaver Caravan has been around for decades dancing, playing and singing up a storm with songs from around the world. And Steve sings "Modern Major General" from Pirates of Penzance. And he knows it by heart! What a nut.


CWMD 40 Tom Chapin plus Shrinkage

Today we got Tom Chapin on the podcast. Tom's been around forever winning grammy awards and hosting his own TV show. He plays for kids and adults alike. A total class act. He's doing a song called State Laughs. Also Harry's sweater has shrunk which leads him to want to shrink other things. And he does, oh yes he does. Steve plays a song he wrote on the piano, "When I play piano I give it a fast kick". It's a doozy. And did you ever hear the "Who's on First"routine with a knock knock joke?...


CWMD 39 Bruce Ackerman plus counting sheep

Bruce Ackerman is the guest. Bruce is a rennaisance man. Sculptor, painter, cartoonist, musician, bon vivant. And on this show he's playing a tasty arrangement on the guitar of Mairzy Doats and Dozy Doats. Also, Harry, Steve's dummy, needs to take his afternoon nap and decides to count sheep like you've never heard anyone count sheep before. Hilarious. From Steve's Best of... CD's volume 4, there's a routine from his stage act performed live of Harry putting him down. What more could you...


CWMD 38 Thanksgiving Show with Lyn Hardy

It's our Thanksgiving Show! Harry is up to his usual shenanigans and Lyn Hardy and Diane Senabria sing "Turkey in the Straw". Also Bear from Bear in the Big Blue House sings Steve's song "Family Tree". And since it's Thanksgiving, thank you for everyone who listens.


CWMD 37 Trout Fishing plus Bananas

Trout Fishing in America are Steve's guests. Nothing to do with fishing mind you. They hail from Arkansas and are so loveable and fun to hang out with. Great musicians, great songwriters, great sense of humor. They've won so many awards and today, here for you now they'll be singing "Baby's got the carkeys". Lots of you will relate. And Harry wants more bananas on the show. Why? Because they're funny. He also reads an essay about the similarities and differences between the banana and the...


CWMD 36 Barry Polisar plus Dinosaur Bone kit

Barry Louis Polisar is Steve's guest today. He wrote the theme song to that great movie Juno "All I want is you". He's also written some great children's songs. You get a funny title and the song writes itself. How about "My brother threw up on my stuffed toy bunny" or "You can't say BPPPP on the radio". Anyway he's singing a song that was featured on Sesame Street "I Gotta Dog and my dog's name is cat" Harry won a dinosaur kit at a Paleontology Festival and is putting up a life size...


CWMD 35 Bill Keith plus The Juice Bar

Today on the show is Bill Keith. Such a banjo player this guy was. He played with Bill Monroe. Bob Dylan, Jim Kweskin’s Jug Band, Judy Collins and about a million other people. He’s helping Steve do one of his favorite songs “Bully of the Town”. It’s sad Bill passed away not that long ago. But Steve is honored that he got to play with him. Plus Harry's been visiting a juice bar and then a salad bar. You want puns? This is the home office for them. And Steve and Harry do an Untrue Facts...


CWMD 34 Halloween with Daniel Pinkwater

It's our annual Halloween show and our guest is Daniel Pinkwater, award winning children's author and long time commentator on "All Things Considered" and other NPR broadcasts. We're reading his book "The Frankenbagel Monster". Also Harry's upset that Steve wants him dressed as a ballerina for the holiday.


CWMD 33 Jay and Molly and The Door

Jay Ungar and Molly Mason are Steve's guests helping Harry sing a Richard Morton song "How would you like to be made of wood". Jay and Molly are the best. Both were in the Prairie home Companion house band. They've played with everyone and anyone. Jay wrote the theme song to Ken Burns' Civil War documentary on PBS that became a big hit. Fantastic fiddle player while Molly plays a great bass. Plus the door is acting up. You know the old trusty sound effect of the door opening and closing...


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