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In this episode Dr Joe Stoltz sits down with Library research fellow Iris de Rode to discuss the life of Franois Jean de Chastellux and his relationship with George Washington


First in Books, First in Peace

First in Books First in Peace Kevin Hayes and George Washingtons Personal Library In this episode Mount Vernons President and CEO Douglas Bradburn sits down with scholar Kevin J Hayes to discuss his new book George Washington A Life in Books


How To "Be Washington"

How To Be Washington A BehindtheScenes Look at Mount Vernons New Interactive Experience In this episode we take a behindthescenes look at Mount Vernons newest interactive experience Be Washington Joe Stoltz Matt Briney and Joe Cortina sitdown at Cortina Productions in Maclean VA to talk about creating a stateoftheart exhibit


Where History Has Never Gone Before

Where History Has Never Gone Before Historical Narrative in the Age of New Media In this episode Mount Vernon President amp CEO Doug Bradburn sits down with the Senior Vice President of Visitor Engagement Rob Shenk to discuss the challenges and opportunities of public history in the age of New Media focusing on Mount Vernons newly renovated Revolutionary War Theater


Friends Divided: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson

Dr Gordon Wood discusses his new book Friends Divided John Adams and Thomas Jefferson For more information check out our website wwwmountvernonorgpodcast


Reflections on a Historian's Lifetime

Dr Gordon Wood reflects on his fiftythreeyear career as a historian of early America For more information check out our website at wwwmountvernonorgpodcast


046. Alan Taylor

Dr Alan Taylor is the Thomas Jefferson Foundation Chair and Professor of History at the University of Virginia He has written numerous books on colonial North America the American Revolution and the early Republic Dr Taylor has twice been awarded the Pulitzer Prize in History most recently for The Internal Enemy Slavery and War in Virginia 17721832 which was also a finalist for the National Book Award and the George Washington Prize In this episode he discusses his book American...


045. Louisa Thomas

Louisa Thomas is a graduate of Harvard University and former fellow at the New America Foundation think tank She is also a former contributor to the sports and pop culture blog Grantland and contributing editor at Newsweek In this episode Ms Thomas discusses her second book Louisa The Extraordinary Life of Mrs Adams Ms Thomas spoke at the second of three Michelle Smith Lectures on April 20 2017


042. Erica Armstrong Dunbar

Dr Erica Armstrong Dunbar is the Blue and Gold Distinguished Professor of Black American Studies at the University of Delaware where her teaching focuses on slavery racial injustice and gender equality In 2011 she was named the Inaugural Director of the Program in African American History at the Library and her book A Fragile Freedom African American Women and Emancipation in the Antebellum City was the first to chronicle the lives of African American women in the urban north during the...


039. John Avlon

John Avlon is is EditorinChief and Managing Director of the Daily Beast and is a CNN political analyst His book Wingnuts How the Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking America was praised by President Bill Clinton as providing a clear and comprehensive review of the forces on the outer edges of the political spectrum that shape and distort our political debate Mr Avlon discussed his newest book Washingtons Farewell The Founding Fathers Warning to Future Generations at a Ford Evening Book Talk on...


037. Laurie Halse Anderson

Laurie Halse Anderson is a New York Times bestselling author Her first historical fiction novel Fever 1793 received multiple awards and is used in curriculums in classrooms around the nation Chains the first book of her trilogy set during the Revolutionary War was a National Book Award finalist received the Scot ODell Award for Historical Fiction and received the ALA Best Book for Young Adults award She discusses the challenges of teaching history and slavery in a meaningful way through...


036. Lydia Brandt

Dr Lydia Brandt is Assistant Professor of Art History at the University of South Carolina where she teaches the history of American art and architecture as well as methods of historic preservation She was a member of the inaugural class of fellows at the Washington Library the work she did during that time led to the publication of her first book First in the Homes of His Countrymen George Washingtons Mount Vernon in the American Imagination in 2016 She discusses how replicas and...


031. Leadership Lecture with James Comey

The George Washington Leadership Lecture was held on October 3 2016 and features a conversation with FBI Director James Comey who will discuss leadership lessons learned throughout his personal pathway to becoming the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as his particular style of leading the nations premiere federal law enforcement agency The Lecture is held in partnership with the University of Southern California Sol Price School of Public Policy and was made possible...


028. Mary Sarah Bilder

Dr Mary Sarah Bilder is the Founders Professor of Law at Boston College Law School where she teaches in the areas of property trusts and estates and American legal and constitutional history She discusses her book Madisons Hand Revising the Constitutional Convention which was a finalist for the George Washington Book Prize Dr Bilder spoke at a Ford Evening Book Talk at Mount Vernon on September 15 2016


025. Michael Blaakman

Michael Blakeman is a PhD candidate at Yale and was the Amanda and Greg Gregory Fellow at the Washington Library for the 20142015 academic year During this Lunch and Fellowship Program recorded on August 19 2015 Michael discusses his doctoral dissertation Speculation Nation Land and Mania in the Age of the American Revolution Over the course of the discussion youll hear Michael explain how the market for land speculation grew in the 1780s and 90s why speculators purchased such vast...


024. Patrick K. O'Donnell

Patrick K ODonnell is a combat historian author and public speaker who has written ten books recounting Americas wars He is an expert on elite and special operations units and irregular warfare and expert on the Office of Strategic Services Americas special operations forces during WWII and forerunner of the CIA He discusses his latest book Washingtons Immortals The Untold Story of an Elite Regiment who Changed the Course of the Revolution Mr ODonnell spoke at a Ford Evening Book Talk on...


023. Stephen Brumwell

Dr Stephen Brumwell is the author of numerous books and articles about early American History He discusses his book George Washington Gentleman Warrior which explores Washingtons role as commander of the Continental Army Highlights how Washingtons place in Virginia society influenced his ability to command how important Lawrence Washington was to his brother George and Washingtons place in history as a military commander


018. Nick Bunker

Nick Bunker is the author of Making Haste From Babylon a History of the Mayflower Pilgrims A former investment banker and journalist for the Financial Times he served for many years on the board of the Freud Museum London In this episode he discusses his book An Empire on the Edge How Britain Came to Fight America for which he won the 2015 George Washington Book Prize Mr Bunker spoke at the Michelle Smith Lecture Series at the Washington Library on March 16 2016

016. Lindsay Chervinsky

Lindsay Chervinsky is a PhD candidate in history at the University of California Davis whose research explores how key government institutions evolved beyond the boundaries of the United States Constitution in the Early Republic Her work examines how George Washington drew on American perceptions of the British cabinet executive precedent established in the state governments and his own military leadership experience to shape the first presidential cabinet She was a research fellow at the...

013. Colin Calloway

Dr Colin Calloway is John Kimball Jr 1943 Professor of History and Professor of Native American Studies at Dartmouth He served for two years as associate director and editor of the DArcy McNickle Center for the History of the American Indian at the Newbury Library in Chicago He also spent seven years teaching at the University of Wyoming In this episode he discusses his book The Victory with No Name The Native American Defeat of the First American Army Dr Calloway spoke at a Ford Evening...
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