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Ep 16 - Shanea Nelson

Have you ever wanted to serve your community by working in local government? This week's guest never did. In fact, she wanted to steer clear of being involved in any form of politics. But in this episode, Dr. Shanea Nelson talks about how her career path challenged her to impact others through the role of Director of Community Development for Lafayette Consolidated Government. Dr. Nelson also does a GREAT job of really breaking down what this complex department does so that we can understand...

Duration: 00:28:09

Ep 15 - Ruben Henderson, Asst Director, Student Engagement and Leadership, UL Lafayette

Skyra Rideaux talks with Ruben Henderson, Assistant Director of Student Engagement and Leadership at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. For years Ruben has made it a priority in his life to volunteer with community organizations that he believes in. Because of his passion for giving and his dedication to his community Skyra is not surprised at how his career has unfolded. Ruben spends his days working with college students, helping them explore their individual skills and talents...

Duration: 00:23:21

Chris Waters, Founder/Executive Director,Three Sixty Collective

Chris Waters, Founder/Executive Director,Three Sixty Collective by Skyra Rideaux

Duration: 00:19:08

Robin LeBlanc, CPA

In this episode, I speak with my dear friend, Robin Leblanc. She shares the journey she took that helped her build a successful business. And let me tell you, she ended up in a very different place than when she started out, but through it all she remained very passionate about helping others. One of my favorite takeaways from this conversation is how Robin describes her leadership style. She leads by doing. She discovered at a young age how important it is to take action and that her...

Duration: 00:21:39

Ep 12 - Stephen Bartley, CEO, Bartney & Co. Financial

In this episode Skyra talks with Stephen Bartley who shares an experience he had when he was young. Someone in his hometown made the decision to create opportunities for teens to provide services in his community like cutting the grass for elderly people, painting park benches and picking up litter. This lesson, the importance of giving back to your community, left a mark on Stephen. All through college and into his professional career he remembered what it felt like to do good things for...

Duration: 00:25:20

Ep 11 - Ashley Mudd, Director, Leadership Institute of Acadiana

This weeks episode is with Ashley Mudd, Executive Director of Leadership Institute of Acadiana. A couple of years ago she reached out to Conversations with Leaders host, Skyra Rideaux and simply asked to connect with her. Once the two were able to get to know each other, Skyra learned a valuable lesson. Ashley showed Skyra that she understood the importance of learning from a diverse group of people. In this episode, Ashley will share her journey and discuss why she is very intentional...

Duration: 00:44:12

Ep. 10 - Zach Barker

In today’s episode Skyra chats with someone who played a very influential role in helping her connect with others and understand why it’s so important to get involved. Skyra connected with Zach Barker a few years ago when he was President of the705, a local organization for young professionals. When she expressed interest in the group, he quickly took action and capitalized on her enthusiasm. The result? A few months later she was in the running to be elected to the Board of Directors. She...

Duration: 00:46:49

Ep. 9 - Jason El Koubi, CEO of One Acadiana

Jason El Koubi is the guest on the show this week. He is the President and CEO of One Acadiana. He led the organization through a major change, shifting from old-school Chamber of Commerce to a regional economic development powerhouse. Even though Jason has done great things for Lafayette our conversation isn’t centered around One Acadiana news. During our conversation Jason really opens up about his story, why he wasn’t satisfied with his career after college and what he did to change it.

Duration: 00:32:22

Ep. 8 - Tina Shelvin Bingham

This week Skyra talks with Tina Bingham. Tina is one of those people who believes that if we want a better world, it's up to us to take action. And she did. She is working with her neighbors in the McComb-Veazey neighborhood to do things like create a community farm, build a neighborhood park and coordinate educational programs. And she has a wonderful, warm and welcoming personality.

Duration: 00:28:03

Corey Jack

This week Skyra sits down with Corey Jack founder of Youth Literacy Foundation of Acadiana. Corey identified a need in our community that was not being met and took action to make a difference. Youth Literacy Foundation of Acadiana is focused on helping children in impoverished communities with limited resources. He has a passion for providing children with books that they can relate to by featuring characters that look like them. He also strives to provide positive relationships and...

Duration: 00:27:22

Ep 6 - Missy Andrade

In this session, Skyra talks with Missy Andrade, Vice President of Investor Relations & Development for One Acadiana. Missy shares some challenges she’s faced and how she’s overcome them. She talks openly about what she learned when dealing with people who are averse to change. And she has a very interesting story about an eye opening moment when she realized she was a leader.

Duration: 00:27:39

Ep 5 - Carlee Alm Labar

Skyra talks to Carlee Alm-Labar, Director of Planning, Zoning and Development for the City of Lafayette. Carlee discusses how planning and zoning codes affect how our cities are built. She also shares her experience in working to implement the Unified Development Code so that the citizens of Lafayette can live, work and play in the city they want.

Duration: 00:20:26

Ep 2 - Alex Lazard

In this Conversations with Leaders episode Skyra speaks with Alex Lazard, business owner and community leader. Alex talks about the strong, positive influences he’s had in his life that guided him to where he is today. He recently started his own business and shares some of the most insightful business advice...ever.

Duration: 00:37:00

Ep 2 - Cydra Wingerter

Skyra Rideaux speaks with young professionals in her community who are passionate about making a difference. In this episode she chats with Cydra Wingerter who talks about her experience in the nonprofit sector.

Duration: 00:24:07

Ep. 1 - Ahmed Siddiqui, Founder of bckstry.org

Ahmed Siddiqui is an award winning filmmaker and Executive Director of bckstry.org, a non-profit organization that provides youth mentorship and job training to aspiring creative professionals. To date, over 30 of bckstry's mentees have gone on to work in either big Hollywood productions or local projects. If you want to get involved Learn more at www.bckstry.org and check out their killer podcast at www.bit.ly/bckstrypod Follow bckstry: Facebook - www.facebook.com/bckstry Instagram -...

Duration: 00:26:28