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Join the conversations Join the conversation on faith, family, music, fitness and productivity
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Join the conversations Join the conversation on faith, family, music, fitness and productivity






True Love Overcomes

Today's episode discusses the true meaning and the true identity of Love as the Bible reveals to us in 1Corinthians 13 and 1John 4 and 1John 5. Knowing that Love has an identity makes us think differently about how we use this 4 letter word/name. Love is God and God is Love.


Tithing & Giving With Bayo Adekola Part 2

Here's Part 2 on the topic of Tithing and Giving with my special guest Bayo Adekola. Bayo Adekola shares his new book called "Tithes? The truth about tithes, offerings and freewill giving." He shares his own personal study on the topic and what God was saying to him on this critical area of our relationship and obedience to God. How will this conversation impact your approach to giving to God? Bayo would love to hear your responses to his book. You can email him for a FREE pdf copy here...


Tithing & Giving With Bayo Adekola Part 1

Today's episode is Part 1 on the topic of Tithing and Giving. This two part conversation is sure to spark an emotional, spiritual and habitual response in how you give and how you read the Word of God. Many of us have been taught how to give but may not have paid close attention to what the Scriptures actually say on the topic in it's proper context. Bayo Adekola shares his new book called "Tithes? The truth about tithes, offerings and freewill giving." He shares his own personal study on...


Righteousness & Reproach

In reflection on the civil unrest in our nation and the recent events in #charlottesville we turn to the Word of God and the guidance of Proverbs 14:34. Our faith extends beyond the 4 walls of the Church and touches the hearts and lives of our communities. We cannot celebrate our successes without addressing our failures. Only then can we heal. Share, Comment #join the conversation


Donavan Henry Interview

Join me today at 1PM EST/10AM PST for an awesome interview with Worship & Arts Pastor and long time friend Donavan Henry ! Don't miss what he has to share on Church culture and "Trickle-Down" theology in Christian music! Check out some info from Donavan's new music release "One Touch" here:


Worship & Culture part 2

Do you have a multicultural church? How often does your congregation get to hear and experience their own culture in your worship service? Are you locked into one way of experiencing worship? Mix it up a bit! I put some quick loops together that represent a few styles of music. It doesn't take much to flip a song. Here's part 2 of our discussion on the impact of culture in worship. Subscribe to my podcast here: or here:


Worship & Culture part 1

This week we shift focus to discuss the impact of culture on worship and the need for more than one dominant form of expression in the worship music industry. God will often use culture as a means to be known and experienced, but He will always transcend culture to express Himself. I believe we are lacking greater authenticity and genuine worship music because we've adopted patterns and templates from dominant cultures instead of allowing God to reveal something new and fresh through the...


Bishop Anthony Pelt Bridging Gaps

Good afternoon #conversationalists I have a special treat for you all today! I got to interview a dynamic leader in the Church of God--Bishop Anthony T. Pelt Sr.ony T. Pelt Sr. He is the State Administrative Bishop of the Florida Cocoa region. We, Selwyn & Michelle, got to spend some time with Bishop Pelt during their campmeeting and we got a chance to share some of our music. The FL Cocoa region is rich in cultural diversity and lots of heritage. I interviewed Bishop Pelt to understand...


The Pride between Fathers and Sons

As #fathersday weekend approaches I want to share some personal thoughts on my relationship with my Dad In Honor of Dr. Selwyn Arnold Sr. Bishop Jakes said it best when he said, "It's not you leave TO your's what you leave IN them." I honor what my Dad left IN me and I'm extremely proud to be his son and I seek to live my life to honor his pride in me. Whatever you decide to do in life, don't damage the pride that you and your fathers have in each other.


Why Not Me Why Not Now

I'm so happy to share today's conversation with Wayne Edwards & Deon Edwards of "Why Not Me, Why Not Now?" Ministries! They share their faith journey in ministry, the necessity of building a committed ministry team and what God is doing through their ministry team.


Bishop Patrick Kelly - The Roles of Church Members

Today I get to share a great conversation with Bishop Patrick Kelly the Pastor of Cathedral Church of God in Deerfield FL. We discuss his new book "The Church Member's Manual." You may be aware that ministers have a manual but have you ever heard of a manual for church members? This book is a must read. #jointheconversation #cws


Dr. Muriel J Arnold - Strong Women in Ministry Part 1

Calling all mothers, strong women and women leaders (and those aspiring)! This one is for you! #mothersday is right around the corner and I was so happy and proud to interview my mom Dr. Muriel Arnold. We talk about her call to ministry, her missions work in Ghana, Nigeria, England and the US and her encouragement to young women aspiring to ministry and leadership.


Playing the Pauses

Have you ever tried yelling quietly, or talking in complete silence? How about Playing the Pauses? Musicians do it all the time. Pauses or Rests are written into music to indicate when we need to stop temporarily and prepare to resume playing the music. Growing up I had a bad habit of using my musical ear instead of reading the music and I was caught out by my piano teacher because I wasn’t “playing the pauses.” In life we can assume we know things well enough without having to pay...


Phil Miller - Musicians Integrity

Guys! I had the pleasure of interviewing my friend, big brother and amazing musician, producer and music teacher, Phil Miller. I look up to him musically and really enjoyed interviewing him. Tag your church musicians in this post and fire off some questions for Phil! He offers great advice and perspective from the musicians' side of things. You can also follow him through his Facebook profile and his music page Virtual Music Institute and Twitter @philmiller74 or @govmi


Rest Part 2

This podcast episode is part 2 of our biblical discussion on the word "Rest." I'll also discuss how God does the heavy lifting in our Christianity.


RESET - Pastor Heston Williams

Here’s a portion of an episode that everyone needs to hear! #RESET with Pastor Heston Williams of Purpose Life Church. Checkout the complete interview here: TuneIn radio: Youtube:


Rest Part 1

This podcast episode is a biblical discussion on the word "Rest." I'll also discuss how to apply God's rest to our everyday Christianity.


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