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I'm Matt and I'm sharing my journey and my mentor in hopes that it will help you shave years off of your learning curve and enable you to pursue your passion. I invite you to join me, bring your dream and let's create lives of purpose and prosperity without compromising who we are or what we stand for. What could you do with the right guidance? What do you want to learn and be a part of?




EP 005 What Is You Concern In Life?

Finding your concern, what truly “bothers” you and you cannot compromise on this endeavor. We get into examples involving Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, Crossfit, and Kombucha. Many people “well that’s life, you’re supposed to do these things a certain way” but life does not have to be done according to the old economy paradigm. The choice and making a choice is within anyone’s power. We all get to make a choice to have fun in life through what we pursue and have it fulfill our purpose and we...

Duration: 01:00:57

Convos EP 004 Winning and Community - Building Your Identity Asset

Starting the convo off with intention and bringing the focus in on small wins through identifying and stacking your wood pile. Winning and winning at what scale are huge questions to answer for ourselves. Being a contribution versus having a job or just pursuing something for the sake of money are two drastically different things. Building your asset of an identity, a reputation for yourself outside of a company position or under someone else’s umbrella, is important beyond words. We also...

Duration: 00:46:23

EP 003 Convos With My Mentor - Flying Private - Want vs Need - Rules of a Game

In this one we go through the Wim Hof story on Tim Ferriss’ podcast and the unnecessary challenges he puts himself through while relating that to the game we all play. We discuss the difference between the last economy and this new economy, where the good life comes from,Fragility vs Antifragility, that we’re all born with a talent or interest, you are not alone We also cover the idea of Want vs. Need - very interesting concept that I apparently was misunderstanding in my opinion. We hit...

Duration: 01:09:15

EP 002 Convos - New Identity, 800 Pound Gorilla, Afflicted With Ambition

This is a shorter convo than the average convo you’re used to seeing, but be not wary of the length, for value awaits you in the delivery. There are a lot of good tidbits including the 800 pound gorilla, leaving your tribe, starting a new identity, and foregoing the cliche self improvement saying of "forget what others think", it’s not as easy nor should it be. And ponder this question we bring up … "how do I naturally add value?"Is it an issue, or your asset?

Duration: 00:20:24

EP 001 Convos - Offers, Your Game, Symptoms vs Causes

In this episode we start out looking at the offer, or the game that someone plays. There are rules to this game and one point Toby makes is to do the things that no one can really copy. We hit on Tim Ferris, Leadership vs. Knowership (Made up word), that learning is risk and behavior change, “who’s opinion of me matters?”, among other interesting threads of conversation. I came away with the major insights of treating root causes vs symptoms and the fragmented circles where I learned I can...

Duration: 00:59:38