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We are a public library podcast.

We are a public library podcast.
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We are a public library podcast.








Book Pick: Educated by Tara Westover

Susie, Andrea, and Nate recommend a powerful new memoir. They try to put into words why the book had such an impact on each of them. Read Andrea’s original Educated blog post on Shelf Life. Check out Educated from the library


The Year in Film / Oscars Recap

Nate and AV Librarian Becky King meet up once again to talk about the past year in film and last Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony. They discuss the night’s hits and misses plus share a few personal favorites they hope aren’t forgotten. Find out what movies you may have missed and how you can use your…


Authors Out Loud: Chris Harris – I’m Just No Good at Rhyming

Chris Harris is the author of the New York Times bestselling I’m Just No Good at Rhyming: and Other Nonsense for Mischievous Kids and Immature Grown-Ups. This impressive debut of children’s poetry has been making the rounds here at Cook Library and quickly become a staff favorite, provoking unhealthy amounts of laugh out loud moments. We…


The Aspen Drive Library Expansion Project

Library Director David Archer makes his podcast premiere! We chat about the recently announced Aspen Drive Library construction project. Find out what the expanded Vernon Hills library will look like, the needs that will be addressed, and learn what kind of planning and preparation go into a community construction project. Visit the library’s Aspen Expansion…


Reading Resolutions

In December Erica set some reading resolutions for herself, which you can read about in her blog post. We thought we would check in with Erica and get some tips on those resolutions, get some good reading recommendations and get some tips on another common reading resolution – reading more books (she read 150 last…


Our Favorite Books of 2017

Each year Jo Hansen meticulously culls, analyses, organizes, edits, and publishes our selections for the year’s best Fiction and Nonfiction. 2017 produced the library’s largest booklets yet! Jo comes back onto the podcast to talk about how the booklets were compiled, our year in books, and highlight a few of the titles you’ll find in…


Authors Out Loud: Jac Jemc

Jac Jemc is the author of The Grip of It, a deftly told story about a couple who purchase what turns out to be a haunted house. You may think you’ve read haunted house stories before, but you’ve never read any told this well or that does the creepiness so well. The Grip of It is featured in…


Genealogy at the Library

While we like to discuss books, movies and music on our podcast, we also like to share with you all the other great stuff we do here at the library. In this episode we talk with our genealogy librarian, Sonia, and find out how to get started using the library to do family history research.…


Authors Out Loud: Mark Russell – The Flintstones

Mark Russell is the author of DC Comics’ re-imagined version of The Flintstones, one of our favorite comics here at the library. And yes, we are talking about the Yabba-Dabba-Doo Hanna-Barbera TV characters. Russell and illustrator Steve Pugh’s version of Bedrock is a newly established Stone Age civilization just beginning to construct things like economics,…


Ep. 50: Authors Out Loud – Annie Spence: Dear Fahrenheit 451

If you consider yourself a book lover, bookworm, or bibliophile you will love this week’s author interview. Annie Spence is the author of Dear Fahrenheit 451: A Librarian’s Love Letters and Break-Up Notes to the Books in her Life. This collection of insightful and often hilarious letters to books will rekindle (no ebook device pun…


Ep. 49: Authors Out Loud – Gail Lukasik: White Like Her

Libertyville local mystery author Gail Lukasik discovered a family secret that led her on an extraordinary personal journey through America’s complicated racial history. After appearing on PBS’s Genealogy Roadshow, Lukasik began recounting her memories and compiling her research into a book. White Like Her was published last week and Gail stopped by our Digital Studios to…


Ep. 48: The Past is Present – Murder at Cook House?

For a chilling Halloween edition of The Past is Present, Local History Librarian Jenny Barry digs into a mysterious Libertyville legend: the 1885 murder of August Rosine. You may never look at the Cook House the same way again. Listen to last year’s Halloween episode on The Gate.


Ep. 47: Meet the Bookies – Jo

It’s time for another episode of Meet the Bookies, where we introduce our library’s Bookies who can give you great book, movie and music recommendations. This week we are chatting with Jo Hansen, the editor and mastermind behind the extremely popular Favorite Fiction & Non-Fiction booklets we publish every year. Some of Jo’s recommendations from the episode:…


Ep. 46: Teen Lit for Grownups

The library offers several book clubs for you to join, but we wanted to take time with this episode to highlight one of our newer book clubs, Teen Lit for Grownups. We talk with Andrea who runs the book club about teen lit and why adults might want to try reading books. Our next Teen…


Ep. 45: Authors Out Loud – Elizabeth Berg

New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Berg and her dog Gaby join us on the podcast to talk about her new collection of Facebook posts Make Someone Happy and her upcoming novel The Story of Arthur Truluv. Elizabeth also shares how she became a professional writer, insights on the publishing industry, advice for aspiring writers,…


Ep. 44: Bonus Features – Growing Up Smith & One More Time With Feeling

Welcome to another edition of Bonus Features where Nate and Becky highlight two movies currently flying under the radar. Becky shares the cultural coming-of-age tale Growing Up Smith, then Nate shares the Nick Cave making-of music documentary One More Time With Feeling. Both titles are new to the library’s collection and shouldn’t be missed. Note: In our…


Ep. 43: Meet the Bookies – Ellen

Welcome to another episode of our Meet the Bookies podcast, where we introduce you to our library’s Bookies who can give you great book, movie and music recommendations. This week we are chatting with Ellen, reader’s advisor in Popular Services, selector for our Young Adult collection, and a fan of, well, all kinds of books!…


Ep. 42: The Past is Present – Why are we called Cook Memorial Public Library?

Have you ever wondered why the library servicing Libertyville/Vernon Hills is called the Cook Memorial Public Library District? I mean, we’re not even in Cook county! The answers are found in 19th century Libertyville resident Ansel B. Cook. Our local history librarian Jenny Barry returns for another episode of The Past is President. Find out who…


Ep. 41: Meet the Bookies – Lindsay

It’s time for another episode of Meet the Bookies, where we get a chance to hear from one of our recommendation specialists (The Bookie). This week we get to know Lindsay, our Digital Services Librarian, as she shares some of her favorite book genres and titles. Get personalized book, movie, and music recommendations anytime by…


Ep. 40: Locally Sourced – Paul from GRIL talks about Your Best Life Now

It’s time for another edition of Locally Sourced, the podcast series where we ask local business owners to talk about an influential or special book they’ve read. Paul Patricelli is owner of GRIL, a brand new grilled cheese takeout restaurant in Mundelein. Paul shares how Your Best Life Now by Joel Osteen encouraged him to…


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