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Episode 61: Breeding Amiibles (with SoftHard™ Technology)

Link's CrossFit Training, a Taken roguelike based with randomized "particular sets of skills," a game where the goal is not to rhyme, and toys-to-life but for marbles.

Duration: 00:59:21

Episode 60: Barry Bertical's Uphill Jam

This time around, the boys get all hung up on the idea of a multiplayer cooperative mountain-scaling game — complete with a shaky alliances, werewolf-style lying, and Mountain Justice™.

Duration: 00:56:49

Episode 59: Business and Pleasure (featuring Marina from the Splatoon™ series)

This week, we make DDR Go, a game about adding new bones to your skeleton, and a 4X strategy game about dating world leaders. Also, Marina from Splatoon 2 is there.

Duration: 00:54:09

Episode 58: Lexiconquest

After a few false starts with an anti-tycoon game concept and a Miitomo + Tinder hybrid, we settle into what might be our greatest idea yet: a marriage of Scribblenauts and Bookworm Adventures that redefines what edutainment can be.

Duration: 00:51:11

Episode 57: Exquisite Corpse

We return from E3 chock-full of inspiration, which leads us to design a DDR game for horses, Call of Duty's new wizard class, and a video game loosely inspired by the parlour game Exquisite Corpse.

Duration: 00:48:19

Episode 56: PoolGames Inc 2.0

It's E3 time, which means we're once again, despite our better judgment, getting in a hot tub with some friends and some alcohol and recording a wet and wild hot tub episode, featuring just about every friend we could get our hands on. (For the video version of this episode, head to!)

Duration: 00:25:58

Episode 55: The "V"

This week, we create one of our greatest ideas yet — a skateboarders vs. mall cops MOBA — only to dash it against the rocks for a chance to make some of that sweet Mark Cuban money.

Duration: 00:47:30

Episode 54: MorphCorps

We return from our week of absence to explore Mario & Sonic at the Eurovision Song Contest, Bad Dad Redemption, a competitive news chopper piloting game, and a PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds mod that adds a shapeshifting companion.

Duration: 00:50:35

Episode 53: Angels in the Paint

We take a deep dive in Sonic lore, make a game about One Weird Trick, a Weekend at Bernie's-style Splinter Cell game, and a game about celestial b-ball interference.

Duration: 01:04:05

Episode 52: Property Brothers in Arms: Global Front Door

After kicking things off with an 8-almond challenge, we dust ourselves off and develop some games — including Breath of the Wile E. Coyote, Adjustin' Timberlake and Shrekken.

Duration: 00:57:47

Episode 51: The Prestige Goose

This week, we design a game about a fake zoo, a Spider vs. Man Paragon/Renegade system, an Applebee's based fighting game, and a movie.

Duration: 01:01:41

Episode 50: CoolGames Inc in the City

In this special video episode of CoolGames Inc (available on, Griffin and Nick lay out their plans for Taste Buds, a friends-only cooperative VR food experience.

Duration: 00:18:11

Episode 48: Silhouette of the Big One: Takedown

This week, we set aside some time to address #Cheetogate, introduce the first in our three-part "algorithmically-generated video games" segment, and then do what we do best: make video games inspired by Burnout 3.

Duration: 00:54:02

CGI Jr: Vitality Egg

With Griffin all souped up and Nick reporting in from the South, we've produced a baby-sized episode centered mostly around creating the ultimate proprietary Nintendo peripheral: the Nintendo Vitality Egg.

Duration: 00:36:34

Episode 47: Mr. Bucket's Stroke Wars

This week sees us barrelling headfirst into Easter as we reminisce about our favorite holiday traditions — before making a monstrous classic movie / anime hybrid, designing a Shadow the Hedgehog ending-based birthday quiz, figuring out what S.E.X. Tricky would be, and ultimately designing the ultimate minigolf MMO featuring everyone's favorite discontinued 90's tabletop toy.

Duration: 00:54:32

Episode 46: Munchlax Analysis

We briefly set aside the video games while Griffin pitches us on his new app that's taking SXSW by storm — and then hop back into our game developer chairs to make games about Borrowers in a snack machine, a cover-based shooter where you're invincible but VERY shy, and a game about being an aging film critic trying to review Pokemon: The First Movie in the year 1999.

Duration: 01:03:54

CGI Jr: Oops! All Baileys

Nick is dying of a mysterious GDC ailment that renders his brain non-functional, so we're doing a half-length episode about bear mascots, a sweetlip emperor-based successor to Dolphin Olympics, and a world full of Cash Cabs.

Duration: 00:30:54

Episode 45: The Crew: Wet Country

It's Nintendo Switch launch day, a day that we here on CoolGames Inc treat as a federal holiday. To celebrate, we treat ourselves to a big ol' batch of good, stupid video game ideas, including a game about going to heaven, another about buying a Vita in Reggie Fils-Aime's body, and a alternate history prohibition game so elaborate we don't have time to summarize it in this podcast description text.

Duration: 00:54:04

Episode 44: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The boys set a new landspeed record for crime confessions in a video game podcast, before diving into a Mario Party 6 microphone reboot, a Santana-driven baseball game, and a Skyrim toilet game.

Duration: 00:58:23

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