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K9 Life

In this episode, Keith invites CJ into the studio once again where the two discuss CJ's 15 years in as a K9 handler. What do departments look for in a K9 Officer? What kind of training is involved? Do K9 handlers really have a panic button on them to release the dog from the car? Keith and CJ answer all these questions as well as talk about calls where the dog has been deployed and all kinds of interesting details about like as a K9 Officer. Don't forget you can follow the show on...


A Veteran's Perspective (Pt 2)

In Part 2 of our discussion with 30yr veteran officer CJ, we take a deep look into his shooting. Also, CJ shares with us his experience on television show COPS and we look at some interesting and notable calls from his career. We also cover a few controversial topics including one rare example of a subject we disagree on. Remember you can follow the show at Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Also you can email Keith anytime at Check out the website for more:...


A Veteran's Perspective (Pt 1)

In this first half of an interview with a 30 year veteran police officer, Keith and CJ discuss the changes that have occurred in policing during that time. CJ, who worked all his career in a very large metropolitan police department will chronicle the various units he worked in which included DWI. He will discuss a memorable call where he worked a DWI that involved an officer being killed. Also, CJ will talk about a major injury he sustained while attempting to catch a fleeing suspect....


Social Media Snares

In this edition of CLP, Keith discusses the responsibility and the importance of police officers being extremely careful in their social media posts. Also, we do a little catch-up on some recent calls and Keith, being no stranger to talking about the hot topics of the day gives his analysis of the Philando Castile verdict and the video of the traffic stop that was released publicly. Finally, Keith shares some exciting news regarding upcoming episodes and some listener email. Follow the...


Things I Wish the Public Understood About Cops

In this episode of CLP, Keith discusses a list of things he wishes the public would understand about police officers and policing in general. Also, due to a recent large number of emails from listeners who are either applying for police jobs or interested in a career in law enforcement, Keith gives some tips and pointers for the process and the interviews. Of course, there is also the segment that covers some recent calls including an incident where a supervisor was completely cleared of a...


Tales Of The Tape

In this edition of CLP, Keith takes a deep dive look at a couple of recent popular police videos and gives his analysis....both the good and bad. Also, he discusses a couple of interesting calls from the past couple of weeks and a very interesting conversation with a gentleman who has quite a story to tell. Don't forget to check out the website at You can also follow the show on Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat and you can email Keith anytime at...


A Rookie's Perspective (Part 2)

This week's edition of CLP is the conclusion of Keith's interview with rookie officer Kline. He discusses some interesting and exciting calls he has worked thus far as well as his overall opinion of midnight shift. The two also talk about the importance of maintaining physical fitness and Kline gives his likes and dislikes about police work so far. And finally, Officer Kline gives some advice to those who are considering applying or are currently in the application process for police...


A Rookie's Perspective (Part 1)

In this episode of CLP, Keith sits down with rookie Police Officer Kline to discuss his experience and opinions of the academy, training, and that first year of solo patrol. Also, we hear an interesting conversation with an individual with a wild imagination that Keith met on a call. Two calls are discussed from the last couple of weeks as well as an email from a listener who also happens to be a rookie officer. Don't forget to check out the website at and you can...



It's common knowledge that simply based upon the nature of the job police officers do, there is a great deal of stress involved. Coping with that stress can be the difference between a healthy life with a positive outlook and a very dark and unhealthy existence. In this episode of CLP, Keith gives his formula for dealing with stress and some of the simple solutions he has found for decompressing and keeping a positive outlook on life. Also, we look at a few calls from the past couple of...


Investigating Death

Police officers are also referred to as First Responders. When a death has taken place, whether it be natural, suicide, accidental, or murder it is police that are the ones who are called first and arrive first. There are a lot of responsibilities involved in that process. There is the protection of the crime scene as well as the securing of witnesses. There is the possible search for a suspect and the necessity to be vigilant when it comes to our own safety. Then there is the...


It's About Time!

Cop Life returns for a brand new year! In this episode, Keith gets caught up on a lot of listener email and Facebook messages and questions. Some of those emails include questions about applying for police officer positions and a unique medical condition. Also Keith answers a listener question about being the wife of a police officer. As usual, we highlight some calls that have taken place since the last episode. And finally, Keith is not stranger to diving into hot topics discusses his...


Rookie Blues

After two weeks of training a new recruit, Keith gives an update and even a glimpse inside the patrol vehicle for a couple of debriefs after the recruit made traffic stops. Life can be stressful for a new recruit learning the ropes and this episode is a real time update to all that's been going on. Also included is listener email as well as an example of Keith's own errors(yes he is human) and a recent news story about a cop that has no business wearing the badge! Don't forget you can...


Catching Up

Welcome Back! Yes it's been almost a month and in this episode Keith plays catch up on what's been going on. We will dive in to some listener email and then Keith is going to talk about two of the hot topics in the news right now: National Anthem Protests and the two recent police shootings in Tulsa and Charlotte. Don't forget to check out the website: for the videos mentioned and you can follow the show on social media there. Also, you can email Keith at...

Domestic Disturbance

Today Keith guessed it....a very common and potentially dangerous type of call....the domestic disturbance! This happens to be one of his least favorite calls and he will explain why. Keith will also talk about a few memorable domestic disturbance calls that he has been on in his 15 plus years working the streets. Also, Keith discusses being back from vacation and the enjoyment he had while being away from "the job". A listener poses a question about proper behavior when...

Camera Craze

In this week's episode, Keith dives into the subject of cameras. These days everyone is carrying around a quality camera in their pockets and many of them are eager to use them to record the police. What is Keith's opinion of these people's actions? Also, Keith discusses some of the antics of various "Cop Block" groups and some of his co-workers' interactions with them. Finally, he will discuss his opinions of in-car cameras as well as body cameras being worn by police officers. All this,...



In the wake of the mass shooting of police officers in Dallas, Texas last week, I've experienced several things in the aftermath. This weekend, I'm doing an episode on what is typically an "off-week" for the show. I wanted to record and get this out while the memories and experiences are still fresh. This week, I talk about the overwhelming show of support from our nation and our area. I had the opportunity to work in downtown Dallas last Tuesday for the memorial service that included...


Police Under Attack

At 8:58pm on Thursday, July 7, 2016 during a protest and march in downtown Dallas, Texas, 12 police officers were shot by what was believed to be more than one gunman posted at elevated positions nearby. Sadly, 5 of those officers paid the ultimate price and lost their lives. In this week's episode, we take a look at that tragedy while the wound is still fresh. Keith will talk about the current political climate of anti-police rhetoric and where we go from here. We will tackle the...


The Fear Factor

Fear. What is it? Is it a bad thing? Or can it be a good thing? On today's episode, Keith takes on a listener's question about coping with fear as a police officer. Keith discusses the benefits of fear and how it can be mastered and used as a benefit while working patrol. He also looks back at a couple of calls from the past two weeks and answers two listeners emailed questions. Don't forget to check out the website: and you can follow the show on Facebook, Twitter,...


The Schedule

What is the work schedule like for the street cop? When someone says "Have a good weekend!", does that really mean anything to me? The life of a street cop on patrol involves working holidays and weekends. These days end up being like any other. Keith discusses this and more on this week's episode. Also covered are the week in review and the questions of the week. Don't forget you can follow the show on the website: You can also contact Keith directly at:...


So You Want to go to the Police Academy?

Is that you? Are you wanting to go to the Academy? Or are you just curious about what it's like? In today's episode of Cop Life, Keith gives and in depth look at both of his stints in the Police Academy. The first time was as a new recruit. The second time was as a mentor to the recruits. How tough was it? What kind of work was involved? Is the physical training really as tough as they say? All these questions are answered in this episode. Don't forget you can email Keith anytime at...


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