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A podcast about indie software development for the Mac, iOS and other Apple technologies.

A podcast about indie software development for the Mac, iOS and other Apple technologies.
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A podcast about indie software development for the Mac, iOS and other Apple technologies.






Episode 319: I’m Going, Always

Daniel and Manton talk about Apple's announcement that WWDC is officially happening in San Jose again. Daniel struggles to make a financial case for attending, while Manton continues to believe it's essential to at least be in town for a few days. They talk about the possibility that other conferences would be a better use of time and money. Finally, they indulge a little speculation about WWDC and whether the promo art ever hints at any of the actual news to be announced.


Episode 318: Kind Of A Litmus Test

Manton and Daniel celebrate Sunlit 2.0's release, and talk about the decision to make it a free app that supports the platform. Daniel admires Manton’s proclivity for shipping new things, and they both despair the difficulty of canceling existing projects. Daniel rants modestly about the difficulty of getting his MacBook Pro keyboard repaired, and finally, they discuss the App Stores and the ongoing disparities between Mac and iOS versions of them.


Episode 317: Everything Is A Tradeoff

Daniel and Manton react to Apple's open-sourcing of SwiftNIO at the trySwift! conference. They catch up on their respective enthusiasm and lack thereof for Swift. Manton prepares to ship Sunlit 2.0, supporting direct publishing to The two compare their philosophies on treating code warnings as errors, to their tolerance for clutter in the workplace and overall organization in real-life.


Episode 316: They’ve Dialed In To Something

Manton and Daniel talk about Daniel’s HomePod experiences so far, including the best and worst of Siri's behaviors. They speculate about how important the audio quality of the device will be to "regular people," and compare it to other qualitative advances in technology. Finally, they bemoan the continued shortcomings of Siri's SDK, and wonder whether Apple will expand upon it at this year's WWDC.


Episode 315: Causes For Celebration

Daniel talks to Manton about starting to use more in earnest, and fleshes out a rough strategy for what "weaning himself off Twitter" looks like. They talk about the struggles of Mac development, and working around bugs in an increasingly buggy AppKit. They reflect on the balancing act of focusing on bug fix releases vs. shifting focus to a more feature-heavy update. Finally, they catch up on Manton’s ongoing battle with his support queue, and look at how he's managing his time...


Episode 314: The World Does Need That

Manton launches a new iOS beta for Sunlit, redesigned with support for Following up on Manton’s support burden. Daniel talks about ambition to follow up with customers after fixing bugs they’ve reported.


Episode 313: While We’re Complaining

Daniel and Manton talk about digging oneself out of customer support debt, and strategies for improving the efficiency of support mechanisms. They react to Apple's disabling of free In-App-Purchases, and speculate about whether it was intentional or not. This leads them into a re-evaluation about the risks of selling on the App Stores, and the lure of selling directly to customers.


Episode 312: Unlock That Mystery

Manton talks to Daniel about just missing jury duty during a busy work week. They talk about the virtues of differentiating a product by both features and personality. Finally, they react to the Stellar cryptocurrency's surprising value, and the potential for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to change the world.


Episode 311: It’s Been A Year

Daniel and Manton react to Intel’s "really bad bug." They talk about Manton's recent surges of PR, and balancing the desire to capitalize on that against the importance of preserving site stability. They talk about Apple's acquisition of Buddybuild and the inherent risks of relying upon fully-hosted services.


Episode 307: Wave Of Disbelief

Daniel and Manton discuss Apple's massive root access security flaw, Apple's reaction to it, and what the internal repercussions at the company might be. Daniel catches Manton up on his ambition to ship MarsEdit 4 as early as next week!


Episode 306: Unbending Wall Of Shame

Daniel commits to wrapping up MarsEdit 4 by December 1. Manton also looks towards wrapping up for a public release. They reminisce about Apple's abandoned system-wide help systems, and review Daniel’s approach to going freemium with in-app-purchases on the Mac App Store.


Episode 305: Every Week I’m Adding Something

Daniel and Manton close in on committing to release dates for MarsEdit and They weigh tough, last-minute decisions about keeping or cutting features. Manton admits to taking on new commitments as an event organizer. Finally, they talk about resources for teaching kids to code including App Camp, Hour of Code, and Swift Playgrounds.


Episode 304: In Your Face, Literally

Manton got his iPhone X, while Daniel patiently awaits his. Daniel admits fault for having been dismissive about Face ID, and Manton concedes the iPhone 8 and X seem to be complementary hits. They talk about Daniel's decision to migrate his web server, and weigh the merits of taking on too many tasks vs. outsourcing to experts. Finally, they talk about the fear of shipping and the consolation that only a subset of all possible customers is ever reached by the news of a major release.


Episode 303: Apparent Lack Of Judgment

Daniel and Manton recap their experience placing pre-orders for the iPhone X, discuss Apple's unusual PR strategy for iPhone X reviews, and debate the appropriateness of Apple firing an engineer for letting his daughter film a YouTube video of his pre-release phone.


Episode 302: I Don’t Actually Have A Boss

Manton and Daniel anticipate the night of iPhone X pre-orders, and the shame of waking in the middle of the night or order a phone. They catch up with their faltering ambitions to ship MarsEdit and, and acknowledge the merit of sharing ambitions with others to help motivate progress. Finally, they contemplate whether eliminating a feature altogether is preferable to shipping it with obvious deficiencies.


Episode 301: I Was A Little Exhausted

Daniel and Manton talk about Daniel's switch from PayPal to Stripe and choosing which version of macOS to require for our apps. Manton catches us up on his time at the Release Notes conference, and the two reflect upon Twitter's latest troubles.


Episode 300: I Just Start Building It

Manton and Daniel celebrating the 300-episode milestone, and announce Core Intuition's new Membership program. They talk about Manton's trip to the Release Notes conference next week, and reflect on the benefits of indie conferences on the developer community. Finally, they feign competitiveness as Manton’s Mac app shapes up to be slightly more MarsEdit-like than he anticipated.


Episode 299: On A Very Slow Track

Daniel and Manton talk about Daniel's struggle to finish and release MarsEdit 4. They compare notes about using the Wordpress API to import content, and Manton reveals he is working on a Mac app for They check in about the impact that increasing competition, or perception of it, on their long-time friendship and collaboration.


Episode 298: Twitter Is Not A Sport

Manton and Daniel react to Twitter's testing of longer, 280-character tweets. They discuss the merits of longer micro-posts, Twitter's product evolution priorities, and the appropriateness of offering the functionality to only a subset of customers, and much, much more.


Episode 297: They Probably Have A Plan

Daniel and Manton talk more about Apple’s new product lineup, and the difficulty of choosing which products to buy, if any. They speculate more about the merits of cellular usefulness on Apple Watch, and compare the iPhone X with the also-great iPhone 8. They also talk about new macOS and staying up to date with latest developer tools. Finally, they touch on the difficulty of making product decisions that even a small percentage of customers will be upset by.


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